Friday, August 26, 2011

Regret of the Moment

Ape kabar people!!!

Just a short RANDOM post for today... hehehehe~

N the topic for today is..... REGRET... of the moment...

Hehehe dont get me wrong, I do live life with no regrets.... but have u just ever regret about somthing for just a short while?

For example, u go jalan2 cari makan... u ordered a bowl of Laksa.... then the person who sat beside you had a very wangi plate of Wan Tan Mee that makes u go "Aiyaaa!!! menyesal tak order Wan Tan Mee.... smells sedap gile weh!!!"

Or when you go shopping, u saw a pretty top that cost about 25 bucks... So u happily bought it thinking that its a good deal. But then u go to the next shop and saw the same top but with nicer softer fabric with the same price... Sure you were like "Alaaaaaaaaa menyesal I beli at that kedai"

Hahaha get what I mean? So why suddenly I had the urge to write about this topic?

Hehehe last few days ago I saje saje oni lah go open Job Street... Saje oni~

Then I came across an Job Ad for HR:

Japanese Speaking HR Officer
  • We are looking for Japanese Speaking HR Officer
  • Must be willing to work in Merlimau, Melaka. >>> ok le tu...
  • The salary offered is about RM2500++ >>>>> WAAA!!!
  • Age 25 - 45 years old. >>>> =.=

So why regret? I'm gonna fail the age requirements anywayz... aku kan above 45 XD... But then its not easy to find someone who can speak Japanese leh I'm sure if I do know how 2 speak they are willing to bend the rules a lil...

I've learned Japanese before back in college. I even got an A for my test... And I do know how to speak Japanese wat... "Anata wa totemo baka des ne!!!" and "Watashi wa totemo kawaii des!" HAHAHAHAHA~~~ OK maybe not...

Huhuhuhu menyesal aku x belajau bahase Jepon baik baik... If not dapat lah aku keje there yg ade gaji enak tu... n not to mention dealing with Japanese people... ^__^ hohohoho u know what I mean...

So in conclusion, my Regret for the Moment is *drumroll*.... being lazy and didnt study Japanese dengan penuh perasaan n jiwa... XD

Hohoho... regret kejap oni... soon it would pass lah... will be long forgotten... UNLESS I go & learn Japanese now, then in 3 years I'll be 25 years old & my Japanese should be pro... like a Japanese XD But of course I gotta pray hard that in 3 years, still akan ade vacancy :P

Hahaha~ tgk lah camne... Oh btw, I'm cruising through JobStreet for fun oni... manalah tau kan terjumpe somthin good... Tak salah scouting for something else kan? Besides in life, you gotta have Plan B... Just in case Plan A backfires ma...

So tats all I've gotta say...

Just another random post...

Hehehe BYE!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

Koboi & Makhluk Asing...

Interesting kan?

So yesterday me & the gang went for this movie. No hidden agenda, no particular actor that I minat (though Daniel Craig is hot) I wanted to watch coz its kinda a good combo. And the trailer looks cool too~

Arent you curious on how the cowboys fight aliens? Heck, have you even think that these two would fight each other? I know I didn't... Not in a gazillion years I would put Cowboys & Aliens together... XD KEsian Cowboys tu sume kan? Oni lawan with senapang while the aliens have high tech weapon that can kill u in one blow... XD Not fair leh~

So the movie, how was it? OK lah~ Not as teruk as the rakyat said... It was OK for me... My fren Kim was shocked when she found out I'm the person who chose this movie... =.=" At least I didnt choose Rasuk :P

Note to self: Go watch movie alone next time... nobody judge you based on the movie u chose... PLUS, you wont be late for the movie :P (they sampai lambat... AS ALWAYS)

Movie Poster
Haha I remembered seeing this poster for the first in early 2011. I thought it was a cartoon with an alien wearing Cowboy outfit.... XD

Hahaha daamnn I was wrong.

Turns out to be a story about Aliens invading the Cowboy's town. XD The movie itself was quite star studded. Ade James Bond & Indiana Jones leh...

Daniel Craig & Harisson Ford

Then theres also the doctor from House/chick from Tron Legacy.

Olivia Wilde... So pretty... *jealous* :P

Hehehe so let me tell you the Synopsis... Vriesia Evans style: Huahauhaua~

So the story began with Daniel Craig waking up in the middle of a dessert.

Check out his cool bracelet.

When he wake up, he didn't remember anything. Dont know anything but English XD. N he sure can fight. He end up killing 3 dudes who wanted to kill him.

Then he curi the dudes baju & horse & galloped to the nearest town he could sampai.

Sampai the town, yada yada~ turns out hes a WANTED man (Of course he is, he's Daniel Craig). His name was Jake Lonergan, wanted for stealing gold and those rompakan stuff. Then he kena masuk jail...

Then tibe2, his bracelet berbunyi... "Teet~ Teet~ Teet~"

Then KA BA BOOOOM!!!! Alien datang!!!

Oh lord, what the hell is that???

The Aliens: They came, they kidnapped, they conquered.

Then suddenly Jake's bracelet activated then he tembaked at the Aliens.

Mcm Iron Man pulak XD

So after the Aliens left, Indianna Jones lead the remaining dudes to find the Aliens so that they can get back their love ones who was kidnapped. And in Mr. Jones case his son named Percy... LOL made me teringat bout Percy Jackson... & I am proud to admit that I've read ALL the Percy Jackson series! HEhehehe~

KK back to the movie... Then the search for Aliens begins loh! And the only person who knows where to find the Aliens is Daniel Craig. Just one problem, he doesn't remember. But no worries! The Red Indian crew have a cure for amnesia! Problem solved, they go attack the Aliens!

The battle was kinda brutal. Maklum lah, they oni have guns, spears, & bow n arrows. The Aliens ganas gile n susah nak mampus pulak tu... & they have really gross 3 fingered hands that would come out from their body to get you... XD

Oh btw, FYI: The Aliens come to Earth for wat? For gold... Wat for? I pun tatau~ XD They didnt really explain... Or did I missed out the reason? Hahaha sape2 yg tau tlg bagi tau yer~

So yeah thats it... The ending: Everybody happy ending coz they dapat jumpe their loved ones again... except for Mr. James Bond... sedih~

No worries, I dont mind temaning u... XD

Hahahaha... so thats my so called synopsis Vriesia Evans style... XD

So the rating? HHHHMMMMMMMMMM~ I'm giving it a 2.5 Hahah~ Why? There were few boring moments that made me yawn... there are moments where I laughed.... quite funny jugak lah tis crite... then there were explosions & tembak tembakan... quite cool lah jugak! so kesimpulannye 2.5 stars ^__^

It was an OK movie... not bad... go lah tgk... then tell me wat u think k?

So thats it from me...


I know loads of "people" say Daniel Craig is ugly... But then I notice those "people" are the ones who minat sissy pale dudes like Super Junior, Justin Bieber, the Twilight cast or even Ryan Reynolds XD...

Hahaa~ Daniel Craig is HOT! He's the ultimate macho man. If he's ugly, I wish my boyfriend would be THAT ugly :P... Yes he's old & all but he still got it...

Strong jaw line, wide broad shoulders, big strong arms and those smouldering piercing blue eyes.... *faint* sexxaaay~ XD He dont even talk much too, so mysterious ^__^ And he always had that macho face but when he smiles... *FAINT* sooo MAN leh~~~

Hahaha so yeah, he's not ugly... u just have bad taste :P OKOK maybe not bad taste... U just like cute lil boys XD

Daniel Craig... the MACHO man! not ugly~



Itu saje... Sekian, Terima Kasih~

Upbeat Song, Dark Lyrics

Elloo peeps!

Its time to chill with some cool tunes again!

So ditch those petty work you're doing and lets rock to this tune.

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People....

I cant get this song out of my head... LOL so this song is officially the Song of the Week I guess... Hahaha~

Cool song kan? But do u understand the lyrics? It took me few times to actually get it coz the way the singer sang it was kinda slurry... So in the end i had to look it up online...

Robert's got a quick hand.
He'll look around the room, he won't tell you his plan.
He's got a rolled cigarette, hanging out his mouth he's a cowboy kid.
Yeah he found a six shooter gun.
In his dads closet hidden in a box of fun things, and I don't even know what.
But he's coming for you, yeah he's coming for you.

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun.
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

Daddy works a long day.
He be coming home late, yeah he's coming home late.
And he's bringing me a surprise.
'Cause dinner's in the kitchen and it's packed in ice.
I've waited for a long time.
Yeah the slight of my hand is now a quick pull trigger,
I reason with my cigarette,
And say your hair's on fire, you must have lost your wits, yeah.

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun.
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

Haha pretty dark eh? Rumour has it this song is about the Westroads Mall Shooting. But as explained by the band its actually written from the perspective of a troubled kid. Its to create awareness about gun violence & all. Cool leh?

I'm kinda addicted to this song right now. Cant stop humming to it since the first time I heard it. Now everyday I must listen to this song. Its like a drug that made me go high... XD This song literally made me wanna dance.... XD thats very RARE!

Hahaha so thats it for this post... I wanna continue grooving to this song ^__^

Audios Amigos~

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Defending Lady Drivers All Over the World

Good Morning PEOPLE!!!

How are you doing today? Me? BLUR habis! XD I cant really get good sleep these days... dunno why... ANYWAYZ,

The topic for today is inspired by a FRIEND of mine whose name should not be mentioned. MUAHAHHAHA~

So did he do till I was SOOOOO inspired?

Please scroll down...

*Sorry the pictures arent so good :P*

Just in case y'all cant see the words properly it says:

"Feel annoyed with old d smart lady drivers tat goes to market in d morning.. Causing huge traffic jam with their dumb parkings"

"N fear 2 drive small spaces.. Horn org lain pandai.. JPJ SHOULD BAN WOMEN FROM CARS"

JPJ ban women from cars???

Haha to all lady drivers out there, please chill. I understand your anger. When I first saw this, all I wanted to do is langgar him and drive over him gazillion times with my baby Viva.

This dude actually tumpang my car a few times. I'm the person who drove him safely on our PD Trip and also on the way to Ikan Bakar.

How dare he say like this about lady drivers? Just because of ONE bad lady driver, all other AWESOME lady drivers are equally horrible?

Just because of ONE bad lady driver, all other SUPER AWESOME lady drivers are supposed to be banned from driving???

Just because of ONE gal broke your heart, all the girls in the world are evil???
*Oops terlanjur :P*

Hahhaha... MEN! Think they so great... PUI! Even MEN are horrible drivers OK! Bunch of ROAD BULLIES TOO! Always say lady drivers are the worst, TAK SEDAR DIRI!

So to all the MEN yg say lady drivers are the worst, SEDARKAN LAH DIRI ANDA!

We're are all human. Doesnt matter what your gender is, we are all equally the same.

So to all my lady drivers out there, drive safe! Show the MEN that we are good drivers. And who cares if we sucked? THEY SUCK TOO!

Besides, accidents happens... Malang tak berbau~


Hahaha so yeah~ This is my post to defend all the lady drivers out there. Do press "Like" to spread the word.

As for this FRIEND of mine, dont worry... I wont reveal your name... hehehe~ You're lucky I'm feeling kind on such a lovely morning :P

Hahaha klah~ Drive safe peeps! BYE~~~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mysterious Image on Google Map

Wooo~ Wooo~

Wassup peeps! Happy Hungry Ghost Month! XD N to the Muslims, Happy Puasa people! So its the 7th Month in the Chinese Calendar... Hungry Ghost Month... For 1 whole month the hell's gate is open for the spirits to lurk around freely and do watever they want to... woooo~ woooo~~~

So did u peeps experience anything this month? Luckily for me (*touch wood*) unlike last year, so far so good... setakat mimpi2 pelik, nothing bad happened lah... FOR NOW... hehehe~


My cousin asked me to search somthin on google maps. The way she said it sounded creepy... but I'm a curious cat, of course I'll check it out.

So heres wat u do:

Step 1: Go to Google Map.

Step 2: Key in the following digits: 47.110579,9.227568

Step 3: Click the Green Arrow then click on Street View.

Step 4: Move around to the right. Then you'll see....

OMG! Apa tu???

Closer View

First thing that came to my mind was those Chinese Gods. N normally when I see those supernatural images, I would get goosebumps. But surprisingly for this picture, I didnt.

So what is this image? A prank? Izzit even real? It does look kinda creepy though... The black figure looks kinda like the Ripper...

Macam biase, hidup kita diselubungi misteri~

Do leave a comment & discuss whatever it is... maybe its a prank? Hehehe we shall see then...

Let your creative minds run free peeps!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeling.... lifeless....

Hey peeps... just a quick entry today... Sorry lama x update. Macam biase, "Busy loh", and I was feeling kinda uninspired. Inspirasi tu tak sampai.... Anywayz I nak emo kejap if y'all dont mind... Nak clear my mind from all the BS that happens around me...

So the title of this post... Lifeless... I wanna say Dead but Dead is a strong word. I dont wan this post to be my last u know.

Dont know why, but I'm kinda feeling lifeless. Its not that I dont have a life or anything, but it kinda feels dull. And my surroundings arent really helping me to cheer me up either. Menambahkan the suckiness ade ler... Dont know why I'm feeling this way... Maybe I'm tired? Maybe I'm sleepy? I'm always grumpy whenever I'm sleepy... So the problem is not enough sleep? I dont think so...

Either way, this feeling SUCKS! Sucks so bad I'm too darn lazy to do anything... I dont even feel like making my day better with De-Stress Thursday or Great Escape wat so ever... All I wanna do curl into my comfty bed and exile myself from the world...

I'm just tired... Tired nak layan orang... Layan my kucing lagi baik~

So yeah, another meaningless emo post... I think I should get some good sleep. Maybe I would feel better after that.

Klah, enough emoing... time to bitch slap myself to stop feeling lifeless. Dont know how I'm gonna do it but we'll see...

That's from Emo Vee.... byeee~