Friday, July 15, 2011

Top 5 Songs of the Week....

I love music!

It heals the soul, & if theres no music I would rather be deaf coz I would rather hear music than listening to people membebel & bergossip.

So just these few days I had few songs stuck in my head. Whatever I do, its like I have a mini radio in my brain that has its own playlist, playing the songs non-stop. XD What a crazee brain I have... A crazee brain that plays good music... ME LIKEY!

So just to share with u peeps, the top 5 songs played by Mr. Crazee Brain this week.

No 5. Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts

Yeah I would love to make Adam Levine my radio. Hehehe... But its a catchy song. No wonder Mr. Crazee brain wont stop singing it...

No 4. Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger

Hehe fine fine I'm crazee for Adam Levine. BUT its totally a coincidence that he had 2 songs in my top 5 playlist. Just for this week maaa.... Anywayz, this song had a retro feel to it. Makes u wanna move. Btw can Adam Levine sound more sexier? XD Oh nt to forget bout Christina Akugila, I mean Aguilera... hehe... Her voice mmg power lah... Good addition to the song... Either way, I just cant wait for the music video. Wanna see how Adam moves like Jagger... HEHE~

No 3. Skylar Grey - Invisible

Kk... time to emo emo sket... I LOOOOOOVE this song... I somehow can relate to this song... itsy bitsy bit lah... I like Skylar Grey. Previously known as Holly Brook, shes a really good song writer. She co-wrote Love the Way You Lie leh... Her songs always have a deep meaning to it. N her voice is really soothing & kinda haunts u sometime. I LIKE!

No 2. Bruno Mars - Count On Me

Video so lovey dovey..... ish~
Another fabulous song by the genius Bruno Mars... This song is just so heavenly... But would I dedicate this to anyone? Dont thing so... Past experience says "Dont count on anyone but yourself" So I guess I'just dedicate this song to myself huh? XD Sedih je... EITHER WAY, LOOOOVE this song!

Then finally song No 1 is...

The Wombats - Techno Fan

I first heard this song on the radio. Kudos to Fly.Fm for playing this song. LOVE it! The lyrics especially.

"Shut up & move with me, move with me, or get out of my face"

Hahaha... good song. Cant get those lyrics out of my head! XD

Oh btw, I'm really not a techno fan... hehe...

So thats my Top 5 songs of the week. Suddenly feel like sharing. I guess u can say I'm feeling generous today... Haha...

So thats it!

May your soul is healed by AWESOME MUSIC!!!

Peace out yo~


ken said...

i like stereo hearts only because adam levine's voice :P

shidi shah said...

nice it too

vee-sia said...

ken: haha Adam Levine hot! XD

shidi: TQ.. TQ ^__^