Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Teary Mother Bear Killed Her Baby and Committed Suicide – A Heart Breaking True Story

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So I came across this article posted by my cousin on Facebook & I decided to share with y'all this story...
Traps were laid in the wild illegally. When the bear was trapped, she lost not only her paws and four limbs for a good fortune of money, but she was locked up in the cage and had to endure daily torture of bile collection up to 25 or 30 years. This bile collection process requires a hole to be cut in the bear stomach and an iron pipe inserted into the bear gall bladder. Bile was then taken several times a day. The entire procedure was done without anaesthetic in order to save cost. The pain was excruciating. The bear could not bear it and attempted to kill herself by punching her stomach. However, human prevented this suicide act by forcing the bear to wear an iron vest. With this iron vest, her movement was restricted; committing suicide was an impossible task. A mother bear knew it too well. When the bear worker wanted to open up her cub’s stomach, the mother bear broke open the cage and went after the cub. After failing to release the chained cub, she hugged the cub. The mother bear then killed the cub to save it from a life of hell.

Tat was the introduction of the story. The full story is available at the link below...

A Teary Mother Bear Killed Her Baby and Committed Suicide – A Heart Breaking True Story

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So have fun reading it... I doubt you'll have fun anywayz XD... coz I simply didnt. The story damn sad weh...

For those who did not click the link, the story is about bear bile extraction. How they do the bile extraction. How much PAIN the bears have to go through when the MO-FOs conduct the bile extraction surgery.

Ughhh, typical China people... =.= Can u blame me for forgetting where I came from?

Such a sad story... makes me feel so powerless too coz theres nothing I can do about it. So just another story that I wanna share with u guys... Maybe u guys can share bout it too... Lets create some awareness instead of thinking what to blog about so that can earn u money.


So thats it from me... just another random post to create awareness...

& till then, dont do cruel stuff to animals k!


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