Monday, July 11, 2011

Rasuk - Review

Olaaa~ Since I'm back blogging, I've decided to do a movie review. Like I've said before, I only do a review if the movie was really good like X-Men, or sucked really bad like Seru. Just 2 remind u people, Seru was so bad it made me puke. LITERALLY!

So can u peeps guess if Rasuk is good or bad?

Wooo poster looks scary ek???

Nampak aje... =.= I watched this movie in a cinema. Paid RM 10 for it. 10 BUCKS wei! Can makan McD doh. XD So why did I even watch this movie anywayz???

Just so u know, I went there with my frenz. We ORIGINALLY planned to watch Ladda Land. But due to some stuff, we had to change plans. From Blitz, to KL Gangster & finally we decided on Rasuk.

Konon nye nak support Malaysian movies. But then agak2 ler... At least watch lah KL Gangster ke? Btw I went to d movies with Ashok, Saran, Meng & Lee Hoon. Who chose Rasuk? Adelah si budak PD tu... tau lah u in love sekarang... XD

Hahaha ANYWAYZ, wat is this story about?

Vsia' version of the Synopsis: A couple went to a kampung. There was a GIGANTIC rumah kampung yg very cantik. Then the agent told them the lady (forgot wats her name) inherited the house. The couple was very happy coz they have a big lovely house. Then they met the care taker of the house Pak Somthin (I forgot the name XD). The old dude looks scary. He wont event talk. He just go "Ahhh... ehhh... Ooooohhh" with a monkey which kinda reminds me of Johnny from Club Med. XD Then weird things happened when they move into the house.

THe review: Movie sucked! Nothing visually scary. To be honest I was kinda nervous when the movie started. Coz this is the first time for me watching a horror movie in a cinema. But nasib baik nthn scary. Just really loud sounds of wind blowing and people breathing... "Wooooooo~ WOooooos~" & "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" kinda sound.

The whole story was lame. The couple was so gedik-ly lovey-dovey, I just wanna scream "EH GO GET A ROOM lah!!!". Then the doctor... or should I say, the stupid doctor... keep on laughing like mad. "Hahahaha bini kamu sakit... HAhahahaha Die x cukup vitamin... Hahahahaha.... And gile sket kot... Hhahahahahahahaha" I'm sure that all of us agreed that we wanna smack the doctor's face.

Then the Pak Somthin whom I've forgotten his name, suddenly can cakap properly pulak. He told the real story about the hauntings & all. Turns out the ghost is actually a perverted Japanese soldier back in the old days. He kena tangkap when he tried to do hanky panky stuff with a lady who had the same name with this currently lady. Nak take revenge le tu. The funny thing is when the Japanese dude was caught, he said "Watashi wa akan balas dendam des".... WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... TOTEMO BAKA NEH!!!! XD Jepun pun tau cakap rojak???

So overall the movie sucked. Hands down, the worst movies ever. The ending pun entah ape ape je. But there are some good lessons to be learned from this movie.
  1. Dont simply open a sword that u found while gardening...
  2. Always read your al-Quran... In conclusion, JUST PRAY lah!
  3. Kalau nak gedik2 please masuk bilik... Org tgk pun geli lah~ :P
Hehehe... Oh ratings! I'm torn between 0.5 to 1 stars... XD I'm feeling kind today so, 1 star je lah!

Btw its July edi!!! Cant wait for Captain America & Hangover 2. Both movies come out on the same date... I am soo gonna do a movie marathon... MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

So till the next post... ADIOUS AMIGOS!!!

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