Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Malam Seribu Impian

Tuan-tuan, dan puan-puan serta para hadirin sekalian, (wah ceh ceh XD), welcome to the Night of Thousand Dreams!!!

*clap-clap* ~ Wooooooooo Woooo ~ *clap-clap*

This Malam Seribu Impian is actually a concert held by SMK Bukit Baru, the sort of awesome skool that i studied in.

"Bersih segar nyaman nye udara, SMKBB termasyur nama nya"
Sob.. Sob... I miss skool...

ANYWAYZ, it was held a Dewan Sri Negeri Melaka, last last Saturday... hehe sorry lambat post ek...

Dunno why his face was there but not our skool logo... hish~

But I must say that this year punye concert is much more extravagant compared to the 1 we went in 2009. View HERE.

But we paid 30 bucks for this concert so it better be better... Of course this time is much more expensive coz food was included. And the venue lebih high class ma...

U see, siap ade chandelier lagi...

Arriving at the hall was definately meng-cuak-kan. Meeting the familiar faces of our teaches whom I have not met in YEARS (4 year++ oni)... On the bright side, they were kinda busy, so they didnt ask much ^__^. But most of them say I look different. I'm no longer the dorky looking kid! XD

So we entered the hall, and we sat at out table... Khas untuk bekar pelajar SMKBB. But then our table had 1 seat empty so dunno which budak nye mother sat with us... Looks so garang, so we TERPAKSA behave ourselves... KINDA... XD

Our fren Ah Hoon, booked the table for us.

Hahaha notice somthin funny?

HAHAHAHA they spelled her name wrong... HON! HON! XD

Ms. Tan Lee HON says "Eeeeeeeek~ Why they spell my name wrong???"
Hahaha, notice Ee Lin's chingkak smile? XD

Ee Lin ketawa pun nak cover-cover... XD

So we arrived quite early which means we have 2 wait till the concert starts. Biase ler tunggu VIP datang mesti lambat kan?

So kita amik lah gambar... but sadly my camera nye bateri was almost dead. So oni cikit pictures were taken.

Our ticket for the night. They were supposed to tear off the red part on left for the lucky draw BUT dunno who yg x tau jaga ticket didnt =.=

So no lucky draw for us... But our tickets had 4-digit numbers on it so I told the gang to buy 4D... & guess wat???

Last week, my number came out FIRST PRIZE but terbalik lah... HUHUHU... kenapa lah aku bukan kaki judi?? T__T


The food we had that night was nasi briyani with lauks...

Sikit giler... XD

After VIP sampai, we sang Negaraku & Melaka Maju Jaya accompanied with the NOTORIOUS SMKBB Choir.
Why notorious? State Champion since 2003 - 2010... Power leh? Tgk lah sape ex-choir member die org :P

Dah lama x dgr lagu Melaka Maju Jaya... XD rinduuu~

Then we wait for the boring speach...

The gang waiting...

We waited so long till Chee Han started to be gay...
Or maybe he tgh imagine that Saran is a roasted chicken or somthin... XD

Knowing Chee Han he must be hungry... He siap curi makan the kuih!

Haha kuih x sedap... XD

I actually thought other seniors would come too... but we only saw a few of them. None of them in groups like us.

We seniors are soo cool, even the juniors wanna sit with us.

The junior (on d left), sitting with Ashok & Mathan.

After boring speech, ITS MAKAN TIME!!!

Makan~ Makan~

This is how little I ate... oh ya food sucked too~

Then the show started too... The concert kicked off with Dondang Sayang sang by dunno who. Coz we were too busy eating... XD

Then there's this gal, from AF (Akedemi Fantasia)Didnt know that show is still alive...

Forgot wats her name but i know they call her & her sisters the "Jebat sisters"

AF contestant from SMKBB!!! WOOoooo~

The food finished fast. The guys sume x cukup makan...

So Chee Han & Mathan invaded Lee HON's parent's table and habiskan their food...

Food Invaders XD

Then the show goes on with loads of performances, & of course announcement of the lucky draw winners that we CONFIRM tak menang... XD

Gamelan performances... I MISS GAMELAN T__T

Body Percussion... XD

STOMP performance... The best performance of the night...

Then theres dance performance too...

Tradisional Indian dance...

Kipas dance... with Mr.Yong singing Yee Lai Siang... super sporting teacher... XD

Of course there were other performances as well, but no pic lah... hehe

Then the show was OVER~

Everybody lets do the joget~

We even had the chance to rate the performances... ^_^

We were actually quite strict but not like Simon Cowell lah...

We were more like Randy Jackson... XD

Siap ade komen lagi... haha~

Hahaha, so overall did I enjoy it? Actually I did... compared to the 2009 punye of course this one is better lah... Even performance wise, this year is much more better. But izit worth 30 bucks? ............ :P

Oklah tu... 30 bucks boleh jumpe kawan, jumpe cikgu, tgk concert, makan tak kenyang... OK lah tu...

Hahaha... dont care lah if worth it or not. I had a great time. Support SMKBB ma... hehe...

So after the concert, we hang out at mamak pulak. It has been a while since we all get together so we pun lepak mamak loh.

Besides, sume makan x kenyang. Pegi mamak makan 2nd round... haha... I had a big plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung... ^__^


~The End of Concert Malam Seribu Impian~

So I shall end this post with our group pics...

Concert Malam Seribu Impian 2011

Fusion of Music Concert 2009
Haha so much difference kan? Style berubah, some missing faces & also picture quality XD

Hopefully there's another concert next year... & hopefully the rest of the gang are still around...

So till the next post,

So long & Goodbye!




Elaine said...

awwww.... i really miss gamelan.. huhu.. i want to play gamelan!!!!

vee-sia said...

OMG Sandra Azwan! TQ for dropping by my blog ^__^

Elaine: ask Pn. Choo lah if we can play gamelan again... huhu...