Sunday, July 10, 2011

Izit really necessary?

Wooo hoo i'm back blogging!!! My laptop has gone kapoot so tats y I havent been updating lately. Now pun I'm usin my sister's lappy. Sedih...

So whats up??? Well if u're in our oh so wonderful Malaysia, apparently theres some "spring cleaning" going on... XD

People are busy CLEAN-ing in KL... Bcoz of this, roads are being closed, bus terminals are shut down, shops are closed too which caused innocent civilians to loose money...

So why are they CLEAN-ing anywayz??? Honestly, i dont get it. What are they fighting for again?

To me its kinda meaningless. But who am I anywayz? What do I know about politics? Besides I tend to avoid watever political decision even in my everyday life. In skool, college, PLKN, and even at work. All I know is that I do whatever is right, & move on with my life.

So izit really necessary to do this "spring cleaning"??? But most importantly did they achieve their goals????

And why do u people call urselves "clean" when all u do is mengotorkan KL & also mengotorkan our country's image?

It's cool that you people are fighting for what u believe in but izit really necessary to create such a big fuss? Cant u just ask nicely? =.=

Oh well, it is wat it is. It happened edi... Theres nothing much to say kan? Well just wait & see what is the outcome then.

So thats it from me. Just a humble lil "kid" who wishes to live in a peaceful country. So till the next post, lets just all be good boys & girls. Dont do anything stupid... crazee is acceptable... just not stupid.... ^__^

Toodles peeps!

& Salam 1Malaysia!!!!

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