Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hangover II

So after I watched Captain America, I bought the tickets to watch Hangover II. 2 movies in a row did hurt the pocket a lil but its OK lah. End of the month edi ma... Dah lama tak buat movie marathon edi and I had FUN! Oh btw I took half day leave to go to the dentist 1st. XD Luckily it was fast & I managed to watch 2 movies in a row.

Anywayz, back to the movie. Hangover!!! I 1st know bout this movie at the MTV Movie Awards 2010. But I didnt had the chance to watch it until a month ago when Meng downloaded the movie for me... Hehehe freaking hilarious! Ketawa sorang2 dlm bilik till my parents thought I was crazee... XD

When I heard there was a sequal, I was delighted! (LOL) Definately must watch movie! plus Bradley Cooper is in it :P

This movie was released in the USA in May. But now in July baru they nak show in Malaysia... =.= so lame... So since we are in M'sia some scenes were cut off. I bet those scenes were freaking funny...

Oh btw, I have read the reviews. The critics werent too pleased with the sequel. But that didnt stop me from watching. I gotta see it to believe it.

And to be honest, I had fun watching it. I laughed like a mad lady (no one was beside me XD) and I enjoyed the movie. Yes it wasn't really original coz it basically had the same story line. In other words Hangover 1 & Hangover 2 had the same M.O (modus operandi).

The cast were all still the same. We have the foul mouth Phil (Bradley cooper), goody-goody Stu (Ed Helms), and the over grown baby kinda crazy Alan (Zach Galifianakis). Of course there's Doug (Justin Bartha) who always misses out the fun.

So in Hangover 2, instead of going to Vegas, the Wolfpack went to Bangkok, Thailand. But this time it was Stu's wedding. Stu's future lil brother-in-law, Teddy also joined them together.

The Wolfpack

So if you watched the 1st movie, u know the drill kan? Before the big wedding they had a Bachelor's Party, they got drunk, & the next day, they dont remember anything and ONE PERSON GOES MISSING.

The lucky person was Teddy, Stu's future brother-in law.

Its kinda funny when they wake up the next day... All of them literally looked like crap. Hahaha then Alan woke up bald, Stu woke up with Mike Tyson's tattoo on his face... XD They are some messed up people... Just dunno why Phil didn't really screw up. In both movies all he does is get injured. In 1st movie he was scratched by a tiger & in this movie he got shot.

Then instead of a baby, they found a drug dealing monkey. XD Such an adorable lil creature.

Monkey with a Rolling Stone Jacket... Cool leh?

Hehe the monkey is super cute. Just look at her when she went to the Hangover 2 Premiere.

Diva Extraordinaire!

Haha then this time instead of kidnapping a tiger, they kidnapped a monk! Haha karma is soo gonna kick their a$$.

A much sober Wolf Pack returning the monk.

And just like both movies, they had to show Mr. Chow's a$$! XD

Chow (Ken Jeong) was freaking hilarious. XD

Then Stu would sing a hilarious song about their F-ed up situation... & he somehow will get linked to a prostitute/stripper.

Then after all the drama & hassle to find lil Teddy, the Wolfpack finally gave up. Then just when they thought they have totally F-ed up, they figured out where Teddy was... & as usual the missing person is actually at the place they woke up. Buat susah je pegi jauh2....XD

So they found Teddy, & straight head to the wedding. Happy ending with a unexpected special guest star singging "One Night in Bangkok". XD

And again the story ended with them watching all the pictures they took during the wild night...

LOL the pics seems nasty... XD

So yeah, the story line is pretty much the same. But i had a great laugh eventhough the actions of Stu & Alan is kinda terover -over & fake a lil. But either way I got the good laugh that I needed.

In conclusion, rating: 3 stars... I enjoyed it, but I wished that the storyline would be something more different.

But there are rumors bout Hangover 3! Lets just all together pray that it would happen ^__^

So thats it from me. Lets say goodbye Mr. Chow's style, well sort of...

"Sayonara bitches!!!!"

Hahahahaha... peace out!


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