Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

Wooohoooo! Thats right people, the moment that we all have been waiting for... Well I know I have XP...

Finally, I get to watch Captain America: The First Avenger ^__^

For those who are in Malaysia, this movie opens today (28/7/2011) and I just came back watching it... ^__^ Over excited much? Heehehhee how could I not???


So this year has been a year full with comics/superhero movies hitting the cinemas. From X-Men to Thor, and also the over rated Transformers. Everyone was so jakun to watch Transformers, tickets were sold out the 1st week. Then viewers end up with disappointment (HAHA). But mostly the guys says it sucked coz Megan Fox wasn't in it... *rolls eyes* MEN!

ANYWAYZ, I was quite looking forward to watch this movie... Why?

One reason and ONE HELLUVA GOOD reason too...


*Ahem... Ahem....*

MY CHRIS EVANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to watch this movie ever since I heard that he was gonna star in it.


So yeah that was my reason... Can you blame me? Have u ever seen him?

Men in uniform... me likey :)

Loads of buzz sayin that casting Chris was a bad decision coz he was Human Torch in another MARVEL comic, Fantastic Four... I say "SCREW THEM"... I bet those people are just jealous... The F4 franchise is dead anywayz... who cares... its just a movie!

ANYWAYZ, here's my oh-so-humble, NON BIASED, very honest, review on Captain America: The First Avengers.

*** So since we are being honest & all, I just wanna say that I wasn't really a fan of Captain America... Coz the name itself is kinda cheesy. Not so cool like Batman or Spider-man. Plus I think Captain America is kinda plastic.. Not plastic as in too fake but more to plastic as in too perfect. Well thats my true confessions. Please read on for the review :)***

SO as usual we'll start with the synopsis first....

Vee-sia's version of the story: The movie started with a troop of army who have found a spaceship. Then when they went inside, they saw Captain America's shield. Kinda confusing but then the scene goes back to 1940's where the whole war thing started.

Then theres this story about a lil keding (skinny) guy named Steve Rogers. He is so dedicated to fight for his country, he volunteered to enter the army. Just 1 problem, he was too skinny and weak so he kena reject. But luckily at his 5th attempt he was spotted by Dr. Abraham who had somthing special in mind. So Steve got accepted...

After running few test, the doctor decides Steve is THE ONE to do a lil experiment on.

What kinda experiment? An experiment that can make a guy look like this...

Skinny Chris is actually kinda cute... but his head is kinda big for the body... but cute!

To this hunky "super soldier" with HAAAAWWTTT BODY....

*wipes drool off*

Now u know why I wanna watch this? :P

Hehehe so yeah, after the experiment Skinny Chris became hot Chris thanx to Dr. Abraham with the help of Howard Starck... Name sounds familiar... heheehee Iron Man nye bapak lah... But sadly after the procedure, the doctor got shot! & that made Steven Rogers very mad...


Hehe no worries... this is not the hulk. Hehehe so to cut the story short the villain of the story is Red Skull/Schmidt.

Looks cool huh? I like his logo on his arms. He even had a key chain shaped like the logo. COOL!

Red Skull was the leader of Hydra. Yes that Greek Myth Hydra where "each head cut off, it grew 2 more".

He was the crazy evil dude who believes in the power of gods. But in the end he got his a$$ kicked anywayz XD.

For the ending, the Captain had to choose either to live & see his girlfren (whom I've forgoten her name) or save innocent lives of America. The dude is Captain America of course he chose his country kan? But he did manage to set up the date with the chick through the radio, then the radio was cut off.

After a pitch black screen, we can see the GORGEOUS blue eyes of Captain America, waking up in a room. A lady in a uniform came to check on him. Then a baseball game was on the radio, but guess wat, its from a game that he had been to before. Its not live! Then he burst down the wall, ran out of the building & see sky high modern buildings at the streets of Time Square New York. Then comes out Samuel L. Jackson & tells him that he have been asleep for 70 freaking years. So much for a date huh? HAhA!


So the whole story was kinda fast paced. Few humor lines were thrown but not so much. The ending is not your usual happy ending. Captain America had to make a lil sacrifice that he did not make it for a date. (HAHA)

I must say the ending was unexpected. Something that I always look for in a movie. An ending that is not cliche.

Just a lil advice, do stay after movie ends coz there was a post credit scene that I MISSED OUT! T__T Oni found out after I walked out of the cinema... celaka...

So overall did I had fun? OKAY lah... Or maybe I was too focused on the Captain's hotness that I forgot about the movie? HELLZ nooo... I'm a "professional" lah... Besides, HONESTLY, Chris doesn't really looks as hot as he usually does... I bet its the hair, o izit his goody2 attitude? I liked it when he played Human Torch. Super short hair with the bad boy attitude... ^__^

Hahaha... So overall how many stars would I rate this movie? I'm torn between 2.5 - 3 stars... The movie was OK but it didnt make me go "WOOOW" or "Holly SHATZ!" like X-Men did. It was just, AVERAGE.

So in the end, I think I'll just settle for 2.5 stars.

XD Well its just my humble & honest opinion. If u wanna argue with me, go watch it & yes, bring it on... Nak gaduh? Jom! ^__^

Hehhee... so other than Captain America, I also watched Hangover 2. Hehehe freaking hilarious! Will do a review on that soon.

Hehehe... So thats it from me. I should take a break from this movie marathon stuff... XD

SO BUH BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OOOH! BTW, I soooo cant wait for The Avengers! Captain America+Iron Man+Thor+Hulk... haha, that should be interesting... Nanti kita tgk sama2 ye... ^__^


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