Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hangover II

So after I watched Captain America, I bought the tickets to watch Hangover II. 2 movies in a row did hurt the pocket a lil but its OK lah. End of the month edi ma... Dah lama tak buat movie marathon edi and I had FUN! Oh btw I took half day leave to go to the dentist 1st. XD Luckily it was fast & I managed to watch 2 movies in a row.

Anywayz, back to the movie. Hangover!!! I 1st know bout this movie at the MTV Movie Awards 2010. But I didnt had the chance to watch it until a month ago when Meng downloaded the movie for me... Hehehe freaking hilarious! Ketawa sorang2 dlm bilik till my parents thought I was crazee... XD

When I heard there was a sequal, I was delighted! (LOL) Definately must watch movie! plus Bradley Cooper is in it :P

This movie was released in the USA in May. But now in July baru they nak show in Malaysia... =.= so lame... So since we are in M'sia some scenes were cut off. I bet those scenes were freaking funny...

Oh btw, I have read the reviews. The critics werent too pleased with the sequel. But that didnt stop me from watching. I gotta see it to believe it.

And to be honest, I had fun watching it. I laughed like a mad lady (no one was beside me XD) and I enjoyed the movie. Yes it wasn't really original coz it basically had the same story line. In other words Hangover 1 & Hangover 2 had the same M.O (modus operandi).

The cast were all still the same. We have the foul mouth Phil (Bradley cooper), goody-goody Stu (Ed Helms), and the over grown baby kinda crazy Alan (Zach Galifianakis). Of course there's Doug (Justin Bartha) who always misses out the fun.

So in Hangover 2, instead of going to Vegas, the Wolfpack went to Bangkok, Thailand. But this time it was Stu's wedding. Stu's future lil brother-in-law, Teddy also joined them together.

The Wolfpack

So if you watched the 1st movie, u know the drill kan? Before the big wedding they had a Bachelor's Party, they got drunk, & the next day, they dont remember anything and ONE PERSON GOES MISSING.

The lucky person was Teddy, Stu's future brother-in law.

Its kinda funny when they wake up the next day... All of them literally looked like crap. Hahaha then Alan woke up bald, Stu woke up with Mike Tyson's tattoo on his face... XD They are some messed up people... Just dunno why Phil didn't really screw up. In both movies all he does is get injured. In 1st movie he was scratched by a tiger & in this movie he got shot.

Then instead of a baby, they found a drug dealing monkey. XD Such an adorable lil creature.

Monkey with a Rolling Stone Jacket... Cool leh?

Hehe the monkey is super cute. Just look at her when she went to the Hangover 2 Premiere.

Diva Extraordinaire!

Haha then this time instead of kidnapping a tiger, they kidnapped a monk! Haha karma is soo gonna kick their a$$.

A much sober Wolf Pack returning the monk.

And just like both movies, they had to show Mr. Chow's a$$! XD

Chow (Ken Jeong) was freaking hilarious. XD

Then Stu would sing a hilarious song about their F-ed up situation... & he somehow will get linked to a prostitute/stripper.

Then after all the drama & hassle to find lil Teddy, the Wolfpack finally gave up. Then just when they thought they have totally F-ed up, they figured out where Teddy was... & as usual the missing person is actually at the place they woke up. Buat susah je pegi jauh2....XD

So they found Teddy, & straight head to the wedding. Happy ending with a unexpected special guest star singging "One Night in Bangkok". XD

And again the story ended with them watching all the pictures they took during the wild night...

LOL the pics seems nasty... XD

So yeah, the story line is pretty much the same. But i had a great laugh eventhough the actions of Stu & Alan is kinda terover -over & fake a lil. But either way I got the good laugh that I needed.

In conclusion, rating: 3 stars... I enjoyed it, but I wished that the storyline would be something more different.

But there are rumors bout Hangover 3! Lets just all together pray that it would happen ^__^

So thats it from me. Lets say goodbye Mr. Chow's style, well sort of...

"Sayonara bitches!!!!"

Hahahahaha... peace out!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

Wooohoooo! Thats right people, the moment that we all have been waiting for... Well I know I have XP...

Finally, I get to watch Captain America: The First Avenger ^__^

For those who are in Malaysia, this movie opens today (28/7/2011) and I just came back watching it... ^__^ Over excited much? Heehehhee how could I not???


So this year has been a year full with comics/superhero movies hitting the cinemas. From X-Men to Thor, and also the over rated Transformers. Everyone was so jakun to watch Transformers, tickets were sold out the 1st week. Then viewers end up with disappointment (HAHA). But mostly the guys says it sucked coz Megan Fox wasn't in it... *rolls eyes* MEN!

ANYWAYZ, I was quite looking forward to watch this movie... Why?

One reason and ONE HELLUVA GOOD reason too...


*Ahem... Ahem....*

MY CHRIS EVANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to watch this movie ever since I heard that he was gonna star in it.


So yeah that was my reason... Can you blame me? Have u ever seen him?

Men in uniform... me likey :)

Loads of buzz sayin that casting Chris was a bad decision coz he was Human Torch in another MARVEL comic, Fantastic Four... I say "SCREW THEM"... I bet those people are just jealous... The F4 franchise is dead anywayz... who cares... its just a movie!

ANYWAYZ, here's my oh-so-humble, NON BIASED, very honest, review on Captain America: The First Avengers.

*** So since we are being honest & all, I just wanna say that I wasn't really a fan of Captain America... Coz the name itself is kinda cheesy. Not so cool like Batman or Spider-man. Plus I think Captain America is kinda plastic.. Not plastic as in too fake but more to plastic as in too perfect. Well thats my true confessions. Please read on for the review :)***

SO as usual we'll start with the synopsis first....

Vee-sia's version of the story: The movie started with a troop of army who have found a spaceship. Then when they went inside, they saw Captain America's shield. Kinda confusing but then the scene goes back to 1940's where the whole war thing started.

Then theres this story about a lil keding (skinny) guy named Steve Rogers. He is so dedicated to fight for his country, he volunteered to enter the army. Just 1 problem, he was too skinny and weak so he kena reject. But luckily at his 5th attempt he was spotted by Dr. Abraham who had somthing special in mind. So Steve got accepted...

After running few test, the doctor decides Steve is THE ONE to do a lil experiment on.

What kinda experiment? An experiment that can make a guy look like this...

Skinny Chris is actually kinda cute... but his head is kinda big for the body... but cute!

To this hunky "super soldier" with HAAAAWWTTT BODY....

*wipes drool off*

Now u know why I wanna watch this? :P

Hehehe so yeah, after the experiment Skinny Chris became hot Chris thanx to Dr. Abraham with the help of Howard Starck... Name sounds familiar... heheehee Iron Man nye bapak lah... But sadly after the procedure, the doctor got shot! & that made Steven Rogers very mad...


Hehe no worries... this is not the hulk. Hehehe so to cut the story short the villain of the story is Red Skull/Schmidt.

Looks cool huh? I like his logo on his arms. He even had a key chain shaped like the logo. COOL!

Red Skull was the leader of Hydra. Yes that Greek Myth Hydra where "each head cut off, it grew 2 more".

He was the crazy evil dude who believes in the power of gods. But in the end he got his a$$ kicked anywayz XD.

For the ending, the Captain had to choose either to live & see his girlfren (whom I've forgoten her name) or save innocent lives of America. The dude is Captain America of course he chose his country kan? But he did manage to set up the date with the chick through the radio, then the radio was cut off.

After a pitch black screen, we can see the GORGEOUS blue eyes of Captain America, waking up in a room. A lady in a uniform came to check on him. Then a baseball game was on the radio, but guess wat, its from a game that he had been to before. Its not live! Then he burst down the wall, ran out of the building & see sky high modern buildings at the streets of Time Square New York. Then comes out Samuel L. Jackson & tells him that he have been asleep for 70 freaking years. So much for a date huh? HAhA!


So the whole story was kinda fast paced. Few humor lines were thrown but not so much. The ending is not your usual happy ending. Captain America had to make a lil sacrifice that he did not make it for a date. (HAHA)

I must say the ending was unexpected. Something that I always look for in a movie. An ending that is not cliche.

Just a lil advice, do stay after movie ends coz there was a post credit scene that I MISSED OUT! T__T Oni found out after I walked out of the cinema... celaka...

So overall did I had fun? OKAY lah... Or maybe I was too focused on the Captain's hotness that I forgot about the movie? HELLZ nooo... I'm a "professional" lah... Besides, HONESTLY, Chris doesn't really looks as hot as he usually does... I bet its the hair, o izit his goody2 attitude? I liked it when he played Human Torch. Super short hair with the bad boy attitude... ^__^

Hahaha... So overall how many stars would I rate this movie? I'm torn between 2.5 - 3 stars... The movie was OK but it didnt make me go "WOOOW" or "Holly SHATZ!" like X-Men did. It was just, AVERAGE.

So in the end, I think I'll just settle for 2.5 stars.

XD Well its just my humble & honest opinion. If u wanna argue with me, go watch it & yes, bring it on... Nak gaduh? Jom! ^__^

Hehhee... so other than Captain America, I also watched Hangover 2. Hehehe freaking hilarious! Will do a review on that soon.

Hehehe... So thats it from me. I should take a break from this movie marathon stuff... XD

SO BUH BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OOOH! BTW, I soooo cant wait for The Avengers! Captain America+Iron Man+Thor+Hulk... haha, that should be interesting... Nanti kita tgk sama2 ye... ^__^


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Teary Mother Bear Killed Her Baby and Committed Suicide – A Heart Breaking True Story

Hi people! How r u doin? Good? I sure hope so...

So I came across this article posted by my cousin on Facebook & I decided to share with y'all this story...
Traps were laid in the wild illegally. When the bear was trapped, she lost not only her paws and four limbs for a good fortune of money, but she was locked up in the cage and had to endure daily torture of bile collection up to 25 or 30 years. This bile collection process requires a hole to be cut in the bear stomach and an iron pipe inserted into the bear gall bladder. Bile was then taken several times a day. The entire procedure was done without anaesthetic in order to save cost. The pain was excruciating. The bear could not bear it and attempted to kill herself by punching her stomach. However, human prevented this suicide act by forcing the bear to wear an iron vest. With this iron vest, her movement was restricted; committing suicide was an impossible task. A mother bear knew it too well. When the bear worker wanted to open up her cub’s stomach, the mother bear broke open the cage and went after the cub. After failing to release the chained cub, she hugged the cub. The mother bear then killed the cub to save it from a life of hell.

Tat was the introduction of the story. The full story is available at the link below...

A Teary Mother Bear Killed Her Baby and Committed Suicide – A Heart Breaking True Story

No worries, its no virus or anything.
~Aku xde kuase nak buat benda2 mengarut gitu~

So have fun reading it... I doubt you'll have fun anywayz XD... coz I simply didnt. The story damn sad weh...

For those who did not click the link, the story is about bear bile extraction. How they do the bile extraction. How much PAIN the bears have to go through when the MO-FOs conduct the bile extraction surgery.

Ughhh, typical China people... =.= Can u blame me for forgetting where I came from?

Such a sad story... makes me feel so powerless too coz theres nothing I can do about it. So just another story that I wanna share with u guys... Maybe u guys can share bout it too... Lets create some awareness instead of thinking what to blog about so that can earn u money.


So thats it from me... just another random post to create awareness...

& till then, dont do cruel stuff to animals k!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Conversation with my 13 year old self...

Haaha funny title ek? So again I was insipired y the song in my old mp3... This time it it P!nk's song - Conversation With My 13 Year Old Self...

Pretty deep eh? So dont worry, when I was 13 I was quite in good shape emotionally. I started to get messed up when I was 16. XD But would I go back in time to give little miss Vsia some advice? HELLZ YEAH!!!!

So lets just go back in time for a while... Ikut Doraemon naik the Time Machine... hehe..

Do De Doo Doo De Doo...
I really dunno wat sound effect is that... hantam je XD


Year 2002 - December 13...

*CV: Current Vriesia **LV: Lil Vriesia

CV: Eh budak kecik! I am from the future! Muahahahaaha! I am here 2 give u some advice... So shut & listen... or else...
LV: =.= wat the.... Do I have to?
CV: If u dont wanna screw up ur life, YES!
LV: =.= fineee...
CV: First of all, you will look less dorky in the future. N if u wanna look even better, u might wanna take care of your eye sight so that u wont have to wear glasses. And dont always rub ur eyes lah! Bad habit tau...
LV: U still do that?
CV: Yeah... All ur fault lah!
LV: =.= U are here to blame me or somthin? Tell me the goods! Studies, family... love? ^__^ hehe...
CV: Ish, kecik2 think about love edi... belasah baru tau... Lets start with studies 1st. No 1 advice, if u really wanna be a veterinarian, I suggest u study science kow kow... If that doesnt work out, then its really up to u. Just so u know, the future YOU studied hotel management. Konon-konon nak jadi chef but then it involves too much animal cruelty so u end up being a bartender.
LV: Bartender??? COOL leh!!! So I did all the baling2 stuff?
CV: Of course COOL lah... FYI, the baling2 is called flaring... & u totally sucked at it... hahahaha!
LV: =.= sedeh.... Then u're still a bartender?
CV: NOPE! I'm a HR Coordinator now... No longer in F&B... Though i kinda miss bartending dearly... thats y in the future, our room will have a mini bar... & u will jadi kaki botol XD
LV: HR? Apa tu? Mini Bar??? Awesome!!! Kaki botol??? Super AWESOME!!!
CV: Human Resource lah bongek! Eh shut up & listen! Where was I? Right bout work... U will go to this AWESOME place called Club Med... There u gonna meet someone special... & guess wat, hes Japanese!!!
LV: =.= aku x mau Jepon... French la best!
CV: X__X cekik darah budak nie... He's a good guy, doesnt matter where hes from k... btw in college, u'll learn Japanese so u'll have the Japanese fever...
LV: Why didnt u learn French?
CV: *smacks LV's head* Shut up!
LV: For an old lady, u sure have loads to say... & strength too...
CV: Celakak! I'm 22... eh 21 oni k... December oni 22... BLUEK!
LV: 21??? Eh how was ur party? Get a lot ang pow not?
CV: Not really lah... Cikit je... but u'll have a beach party, how AWESOME is that???
LV: ceh... not much ang pow mana best... banyak bebel lah u nie...
CV: Watanabe u!
LV: Wat nabe? apa tu? Like bad word oni???
CV: Sounds like bad word kan??? Muahahaha I'm so not gonna tell u the meaning XD. ANYWAYZ, wat topic next? FAMILY! Hmmm where do I even begin? Oh those bitchy aunties we have, there will be a big war coming!
LV: Ehhhh how could u use such word?
CV: Wat word? Bitchy? Hohoho... Dont be so innocent lah... Besides it is the best word to decribe them...
LV: *nods head* Saya setuju!
CV: Then there will be some deaths in our family... But u managed to handle it all very well. Just a lil advice... Kong Kong had a few false alarms... BUT dont ever ignore them. Even if Survivor Finale was on TV. Go & see him every chance u had... or else you will regret it... Then for Mama Mahjong... yes shes quite pilih kasih sometimes. U are not even her favourite... but in the end u did a good job taking care of her... So even when shes healthy do treat her well. Even if she turns on the TV so loud, u cant even concerntrate on your homework sometimes... No matter what shes still our gma... Who cares if u're not her fav... janji kita x buat dosa...
LV: Oh... OK...
CV: Other family member OK kot... nothing major... So I'll let u find out urself... SO next topic! LOOVE...
LV: Why must u say it like that?
CV: Suke hati aku ler... So where do I even begin? Well as dorky as u look, u still ade peminat jugak XD
LV: Ermmmm... thanx?
CV: Hahaha kk ur 1st bf... U regreted agreeing to bercouple with him. So my advice is, no matter how long ur frenz say he waited, 3 years ke, 3 gazillion years ke, JUST SAY "NO"! U nie senang nak dipengaruh... Ur besties washed ur brain with cerita sedih then u terus cair. Then in the end, u end up with a 5 days relationship.
LV: 5 days???? Wat happened?
CV: You were young & dumb... U dump him bcoz u werent ready... U suddenly dont feel like having a bf... XD Then tat bastard x puas hati nak cover malu, he told everyone in skool tat u bercouple for months.... Bodoh kan?
LV: Mcm tu pun boleh?
CV: Yeler... so kesimpulan nye belajar rajin2! Bile sekolah dont pikiak about LOOVE....
LV: Fine... fine... Handsome tak? Seekor je?
CV: =.= Boleh ler tahan...Ade lagi seekor... Seekor Ah Beng... XD U met him at work... My advice this time is just take things slow. But u were smart enough to dump him. So its a good thing. Just so u know, breaking up with him was the best thing that happened to u. U grew stronger & better... besides he's too clingy lah...
LV: Hahahaha Ah Beng??? Eeeee!!!
CV: U laugh now, but when u dah suke mmg u didnt care... But he's not completely Ah Beng lah... Just Cinak-educated...
LV: Handsome ah?
CV: Boleh ler... Btw another advice is, if he nak beli kan u barang, amik saje... Let him put his money where his mouth is... XD buat muka tebal sket... hahaha!
LV: Ish mata duitan!
CV: BONGEK! No money how u mau survive? Another advice: MONEY IMPORTANT GILER! U'll be depressed if no money. So u better jimat2 sket! UNDERSTAND???
CV: Madam ur head! U're such a brat... Eh another important thing... Ur frenz... Lets just say when u're 16, u will know who your REAL frenz are...
LV: Really? Wat wrong with them?
CV: U'll see... Oh ya, u will have an arguement with one of ur fren's bf. N for the record, it was totally his fault... His kinda a jacka$$. But in the future the both of u are kinda OK...
LV: U forgive him?
CV: A cat forgives but never forgets...
LV: Cat?
CV: Haha nvm... Hmmmm wat else to tell u ah?
LV: Gua mana tau lu...
CV: Hehe no worries... I got write down what I wanna tell u...

*Takes out list from pocket*
1. When u buy 1st car, buy SUZUKI JIMNY! Dont buy Kancil!
2. When take driving test, go do the computer test as soon as after u finish that super boring class. If not u had to attend that BORING class twice bcoz of ur lazy a$$!
3. Frenz come & go... Dont be so upset when they go...
4. If Mummy ajak go tengok nasib, DONT GO!!!!
5. A fortune teller said dont belanja orang. They wont appreciate our money... So xyah nak belanja org k... Simpan duit tu...
6. Dont gamble much in 2011
7. Yeah u have bad skin problem, so dont always tukar cleanser.
8. When u go to PLKN, dont 4get 2 bring baldi... & have some cash with u so that u cant buy the cool PLKN hoodie...
9. Dont ever watch Rasuk U WILL REGRET IT... Oh & Seru too....
10. U might wanna brush up on your communication skills... & public speaking...
11. U might wanna try to control anger a lil bit...
12. Jangan lah malas sangat!
13. U wont be having frequent nose bleed anymore coz the Ah Beng would constantly remind u 2 drink more water...
14. Its Ok if u did not make it in the choir team this year (2002) coz they didnt win XD. U were in the folowing years & kita State Champion siot!
15. Dont eat any porridge with Century Eggs... Dont eat Century Eggs lah! U'll have a major food poisoning that made u puke like crazeee!

~*End of List*~
CV: Well thats all I cant think of... Nah, give u keep...
LV: Errr thanx?
CV: Oh few more things to say...
LV: X habis lagi?
CV: A bit more oni lah! Keep a diary if u feel sucky... it helps! So any questions?
LV: Diary? Malas lah nak tulis... Errmmm I have a question... Can u speak Chinese?
CV: HELLZ YEAH! "Wo pu ke yi chiang hua yi"...
LV: =.= thats it?
CV: Cine ler tu... Well u will learn itsy bitsy Chinese when u watch those Chinese dramas. But dont tell peeps that u know itsy bitsy Chinese so that whenever those Ah Liens tries 2 bitch-talk about u, u know wats going on... Then u can totally tembak them...
LV:Okay... 1 more question... Hows the future lookin?
CV: Well u're lookin at her now... XD
LV: Eh u're 21 edi, still actin like a kid. Dont u ever grow up or somthin???
CV: Lolz grow up so fast 4 wat??? Take ur time being a kid. Being old is no fun at all... Just so u know, the future is kinda alright lah...
LV: Hmmm ok... Thats all I wanna ask. So else u wanna tell me?
CV: 1 important thing... Look out for a person name Chris Evans...
LV: HUH? Sapa tu?
CV: He's ur future husband... HAHAHAHAHAA!
LV: =.= Pegi balik lahhh....
CV: CElakak! Halau me??? Fine fine one last advice k... Just be yourself in whatever situation. Dont follow ur heart, USE YOUR BRAIN... Think 1st b4 doing anything... Yes life will be tough... but dont ever give up... And just when u think you're lonely & u dont have anyone else to talk to, u will alwayz have someone AWESOME looking after you...
LV: Who?
CV: Me lah! duhhh.... Didnt know I was so dumb XD
LV: =.= can u go now?
CV: Fine fine... aku belah! Take care budak kecik! ^__^

2011 - July 19

Lolz.... I'm crazeee... I'm delusional... I talk to myself... But it was fun... XD Dont u think it will be great if the future YOU gave u survival tips right now? I know I would... but nothing can change the past. So we should just move on loh... Yes we do make some mistakes sometimes but we are only human ma... adat manusia mesti ler buat kesilapan... hehe...

But sometimes I cant help myself to ask "What If?"

Hehehe itu kita lain kali cerita k...

So yeah... That was my delusional conversation with my 13 year old self.

Hehehe... Feel free to tumpang Doraemon & go nasihatkan your mini lil self sometimes. Makes you go through a trip down memory lane. I LIKE!

Hehehe... So tats it!


Monday, July 18, 2011

B'day celebration + Ikan Bakar

Firstly, let me just start by saying "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Ashok!

Hehehe... since almost everyone is in town, we decided to belanja him makan. Besides since we had the "NO PRESENTS" policy, the only way we show our "love" to our frenz is by belanja-ing them makan. XD But then so far, Ashok is the first person we belanja-ed makan. XD But we did bought for Kuhan cake :P

So our Policy kinda failed, but WHATEVER lah~

ANYWAYZ, Ashok party was suggested by Meng. He kira the organizer juga lah... After pecah kepala on where to go, we finally decided on IKAN BAKAR!

Where else ikan bakar if not Umbai... I forgot where was the place that I always go to, so we let Chee Han guide the way...

Drive2, we sampai at Nakhoda Seafood. Personally, I wouldnt choose to go there but dah sampai dah ler... x yah complain2 lagi kan? *rolls eyes*

So we reached there & we settled down. I LOOVE their table but after a long time & due to the sempit-ness, i hated it. Scroll down for the picture.

So as we settle with our drinks order, we proceed to order our seafood.

Seafood for us to choose....

The guys choosing the food...

So while waiting for the food, chit chat loh... sort of~ *rolls eyes*

ANYWAYZ, the peeps who were there are:

The Mandrin Clan: Siew See, Pav (OMG shes alive!), & Jerad@Porky... + Mathan but not in pic...

The English XD Clan: Kim with her signature "Colgate" smile & me with my signature "the silent pandang slack"

Then of course theres The Lovey Dovey Clan...

The "Happy" couple: Chee Han & Yan Yee
*Wedding Bells ringging*

The Lovey Dovey besties....

Then theres The Lovey Dovey.... hmmm... i let u be the judge...

Saran: Cha~ gimme some love~~~

Ashok: Saran~ kan I dah cakap not in public! XD

Hahahahhaha~ KK, enough fooling around!

Time to get into some serious business... FOOODIES!!!

Some of the images might cause u to drool. Sediakan lah tissue sebelum air liuh meleleh!

Total there were 12 of us... All wanted Nasi Lemak, (kalau x mau pun majority says Nasi LemaK) so they gave us a big plate of Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak - Besau punye...

Nasi Lemak - Individual plate...
They say like "heart" shape... yeke? Mcm "D" shape got lah... X pun kepala ikan if u tilt ur head to the right... XD

Total plates of Nasi Lemak we ordered was 4 big ones & 2 individual plates... Their rice was quite fragrant but I personally LOOVE those Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaf & newspaper... baru ade feel ikan bakar maaa~

Then the food starts to flow in...

Lapau nyer~

Kankung Belacan...

Kupang masak halia...

I think its Garlic Prawns...
Udang besar 1 kilo 77 BUCKS! OMG~ we ordered 400g at first, but then x cukup so we ordered 2nd round... total about 900g kot...

La~ La~

Sweet & Sour Fish
I didnt try this dish coz I'm not really a big fan of Sweet & Sour... Plus by the time the fish came to me there wasnt much left XD

Ikan bakar... dunno wat fish...but my fav dish of the night ^__^

Ikan Pari bakar...
Didnt really like this coz it was kinda overcooked & no taste... Not the way I like my ikan Pari...

And finally Sotong Goreng Tepung...

A lil too oily for me & again TASTELESS...

KK, u can wipe off your drool now...

After membaham all the foodies,

It's cake time!!!

Korean Chocolate Cake...
Bought by the Korean Wannabe Meng ^__^

So thats it!

Ashok says" Tu je? Thats all?


After makan we went for a movie... T!AAP... Haha T!AAP as in Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak!!! Due to the silliness of the movie, oni Ashok, Meng, Kim & yours truely went to watch it... Others were "Too "COOL"" to watch the movie... *rolls eyes* Dont bother askin me why I watch it... Coz I'm gonna tell u the reason anywayz... XD

I watched T!AAP coz the Birthday Boy requested maaa~ How could u say no?

Hahaha, we went home about 2 somthin AM... I went to work the next day looking like a drug addict panda... XD My mata bengkak sampai my colleague thought I went clubbing =.= Do I really look like a clubbing whore person?

Anywayz, to Ashok:

Hope u had fun! Semoga happy & sihat selalu... Semoga bahagia kat Penang tu *ahem-ahem* Then cepat lah belanja kita makan eh... HAHAHHAHA~

SO thats it from me... It was quite a night I must say... The night where I can see the future of our gang... How "wonderful"... Oh well, watever!

BTW, Credits to Tan Lee Hon... *cough- cough* I mean Ah HOOn... XD Our photographer for the night...
TQ for the DROOLING pics....


Friday, July 15, 2011

Top 5 Songs of the Week....

I love music!

It heals the soul, & if theres no music I would rather be deaf coz I would rather hear music than listening to people membebel & bergossip.

So just these few days I had few songs stuck in my head. Whatever I do, its like I have a mini radio in my brain that has its own playlist, playing the songs non-stop. XD What a crazee brain I have... A crazee brain that plays good music... ME LIKEY!

So just to share with u peeps, the top 5 songs played by Mr. Crazee Brain this week.

No 5. Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts

Yeah I would love to make Adam Levine my radio. Hehehe... But its a catchy song. No wonder Mr. Crazee brain wont stop singing it...

No 4. Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger

Hehe fine fine I'm crazee for Adam Levine. BUT its totally a coincidence that he had 2 songs in my top 5 playlist. Just for this week maaa.... Anywayz, this song had a retro feel to it. Makes u wanna move. Btw can Adam Levine sound more sexier? XD Oh nt to forget bout Christina Akugila, I mean Aguilera... hehe... Her voice mmg power lah... Good addition to the song... Either way, I just cant wait for the music video. Wanna see how Adam moves like Jagger... HEHE~

No 3. Skylar Grey - Invisible

Kk... time to emo emo sket... I LOOOOOOVE this song... I somehow can relate to this song... itsy bitsy bit lah... I like Skylar Grey. Previously known as Holly Brook, shes a really good song writer. She co-wrote Love the Way You Lie leh... Her songs always have a deep meaning to it. N her voice is really soothing & kinda haunts u sometime. I LIKE!

No 2. Bruno Mars - Count On Me

Video so lovey dovey..... ish~
Another fabulous song by the genius Bruno Mars... This song is just so heavenly... But would I dedicate this to anyone? Dont thing so... Past experience says "Dont count on anyone but yourself" So I guess I'just dedicate this song to myself huh? XD Sedih je... EITHER WAY, LOOOOVE this song!

Then finally song No 1 is...

The Wombats - Techno Fan

I first heard this song on the radio. Kudos to Fly.Fm for playing this song. LOVE it! The lyrics especially.

"Shut up & move with me, move with me, or get out of my face"

Hahaha... good song. Cant get those lyrics out of my head! XD

Oh btw, I'm really not a techno fan... hehe...

So thats my Top 5 songs of the week. Suddenly feel like sharing. I guess u can say I'm feeling generous today... Haha...

So thats it!

May your soul is healed by AWESOME MUSIC!!!

Peace out yo~

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Malam Seribu Impian

Tuan-tuan, dan puan-puan serta para hadirin sekalian, (wah ceh ceh XD), welcome to the Night of Thousand Dreams!!!

*clap-clap* ~ Wooooooooo Woooo ~ *clap-clap*

This Malam Seribu Impian is actually a concert held by SMK Bukit Baru, the sort of awesome skool that i studied in.

"Bersih segar nyaman nye udara, SMKBB termasyur nama nya"
Sob.. Sob... I miss skool...

ANYWAYZ, it was held a Dewan Sri Negeri Melaka, last last Saturday... hehe sorry lambat post ek...

Dunno why his face was there but not our skool logo... hish~

But I must say that this year punye concert is much more extravagant compared to the 1 we went in 2009. View HERE.

But we paid 30 bucks for this concert so it better be better... Of course this time is much more expensive coz food was included. And the venue lebih high class ma...

U see, siap ade chandelier lagi...

Arriving at the hall was definately meng-cuak-kan. Meeting the familiar faces of our teaches whom I have not met in YEARS (4 year++ oni)... On the bright side, they were kinda busy, so they didnt ask much ^__^. But most of them say I look different. I'm no longer the dorky looking kid! XD

So we entered the hall, and we sat at out table... Khas untuk bekar pelajar SMKBB. But then our table had 1 seat empty so dunno which budak nye mother sat with us... Looks so garang, so we TERPAKSA behave ourselves... KINDA... XD

Our fren Ah Hoon, booked the table for us.

Hahaha notice somthin funny?

HAHAHAHA they spelled her name wrong... HON! HON! XD

Ms. Tan Lee HON says "Eeeeeeeek~ Why they spell my name wrong???"
Hahaha, notice Ee Lin's chingkak smile? XD

Ee Lin ketawa pun nak cover-cover... XD

So we arrived quite early which means we have 2 wait till the concert starts. Biase ler tunggu VIP datang mesti lambat kan?

So kita amik lah gambar... but sadly my camera nye bateri was almost dead. So oni cikit pictures were taken.

Our ticket for the night. They were supposed to tear off the red part on left for the lucky draw BUT dunno who yg x tau jaga ticket didnt =.=

So no lucky draw for us... But our tickets had 4-digit numbers on it so I told the gang to buy 4D... & guess wat???

Last week, my number came out FIRST PRIZE but terbalik lah... HUHUHU... kenapa lah aku bukan kaki judi?? T__T


The food we had that night was nasi briyani with lauks...

Sikit giler... XD

After VIP sampai, we sang Negaraku & Melaka Maju Jaya accompanied with the NOTORIOUS SMKBB Choir.
Why notorious? State Champion since 2003 - 2010... Power leh? Tgk lah sape ex-choir member die org :P

Dah lama x dgr lagu Melaka Maju Jaya... XD rinduuu~

Then we wait for the boring speach...

The gang waiting...

We waited so long till Chee Han started to be gay...
Or maybe he tgh imagine that Saran is a roasted chicken or somthin... XD

Knowing Chee Han he must be hungry... He siap curi makan the kuih!

Haha kuih x sedap... XD

I actually thought other seniors would come too... but we only saw a few of them. None of them in groups like us.

We seniors are soo cool, even the juniors wanna sit with us.

The junior (on d left), sitting with Ashok & Mathan.

After boring speech, ITS MAKAN TIME!!!

Makan~ Makan~

This is how little I ate... oh ya food sucked too~

Then the show started too... The concert kicked off with Dondang Sayang sang by dunno who. Coz we were too busy eating... XD

Then there's this gal, from AF (Akedemi Fantasia)Didnt know that show is still alive...

Forgot wats her name but i know they call her & her sisters the "Jebat sisters"

AF contestant from SMKBB!!! WOOoooo~

The food finished fast. The guys sume x cukup makan...

So Chee Han & Mathan invaded Lee HON's parent's table and habiskan their food...

Food Invaders XD

Then the show goes on with loads of performances, & of course announcement of the lucky draw winners that we CONFIRM tak menang... XD

Gamelan performances... I MISS GAMELAN T__T

Body Percussion... XD

STOMP performance... The best performance of the night...

Then theres dance performance too...

Tradisional Indian dance...

Kipas dance... with Mr.Yong singing Yee Lai Siang... super sporting teacher... XD

Of course there were other performances as well, but no pic lah... hehe

Then the show was OVER~

Everybody lets do the joget~

We even had the chance to rate the performances... ^_^

We were actually quite strict but not like Simon Cowell lah...

We were more like Randy Jackson... XD

Siap ade komen lagi... haha~

Hahaha, so overall did I enjoy it? Actually I did... compared to the 2009 punye of course this one is better lah... Even performance wise, this year is much more better. But izit worth 30 bucks? ............ :P

Oklah tu... 30 bucks boleh jumpe kawan, jumpe cikgu, tgk concert, makan tak kenyang... OK lah tu...

Hahaha... dont care lah if worth it or not. I had a great time. Support SMKBB ma... hehe...

So after the concert, we hang out at mamak pulak. It has been a while since we all get together so we pun lepak mamak loh.

Besides, sume makan x kenyang. Pegi mamak makan 2nd round... haha... I had a big plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung... ^__^


~The End of Concert Malam Seribu Impian~

So I shall end this post with our group pics...

Concert Malam Seribu Impian 2011

Fusion of Music Concert 2009
Haha so much difference kan? Style berubah, some missing faces & also picture quality XD

Hopefully there's another concert next year... & hopefully the rest of the gang are still around...

So till the next post,

So long & Goodbye!