Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Last Friday, me & the guys (Meng, Ashok, & Saran) pegi tgk XMEN!!! Its X-Men! How can I say no? Plus ade 3 ekor body-guard to accompany me... haha why not rite?

*Oh guess wat? 1 of them actually discussed how cute Magneto is.... Awwww~ who needs gal palz when u have sensitive guy frenz too right? HAHAHAHAHA!!!*

Hehehehe... ANYWAYZZZ.... ^__^

Ashok actually asked me if I watch this movie coz I minat any of the actors?

I know, HOW DARE HE KAN??? THis is X-Men we are talking about! Besides none of the actors are kinda hensem... eventhough Magneto is kinda hot... & he speaks French.... XD


I've been watchin X-Men since I was a kid... Remember X-Men The Animated Series?

Then X-Men Evolution?

Miss those cartoons siot!

N X-Men First Class is about the old people of X-Men. Professor X and Magneto! Move over, u overrated Wolverine. Its time for Professor X & Magneto to be in the spotlight ^__^

So this movie brings us back to the olden days where Professor X still has his hair, Magneto is still young, kinda hot and doesn't have his helmet on, then The Beast (One of my fav character) is not yet blue, big, & fuzzy XD, & Mystique is not so dangerous and deadly.

Cast of X-Men: First Class

I must say that the movie is AWESOME! Love every minute of it! But the movie adaptation does makes me confuse if nak compare to the original story of X-Men in the comic book. In the comic book, the character Havoc is the younger brother of Cyclops and Emma Frost is also somehow connected romantically with Cyclops after Jane died. Soooo kinda confusing coz at that time Cyclops not around..... but still, WHO CARES! its a GREAT movie!

Overall I give it 4 stars! Sape yg nak tgk tu, pegi lah tgk. Worth every bucks! The action was awesome, storyline wasn't boring, in conclusion: GO WATCH IT LAH!

Confirm x rugi! Hehe tats it from me~ X-MEN ROCKS!



Anonymous said...

Fitnah-fitnah!!!! hahah

vee-sia said...

=.=? Apa yg fitnah? izit the FACT that U SAID Magneto is cute?

HAHAHAHAHA~ Nak appear anonymous pulak... u're the only 1 among the guys who read my blog lah... kantoi~ XD

Anonymous said...

siapa ni ashok ni??? x kenal.... apa la hahah....

vee-sia said...

Ashok: The wooo~man yg said Magneto is kinda CUTE.... HAHA~