Monday, June 13, 2011

Test Update

Yes, I received a bad news last week. Well, bad things happens all the time, but life must go on kan...But still, I also received good news... Another old skool fren is getting married pulak... Well I guess thats how life goes kan? As for me, I'm still young... I dont wanna go through any of those stuff... I'm too young to die, & I'm too young to get married... All I wanna do right now is watch cartoons & eat ice cream for b'fast XD


So we all know last week, I had a test... Not pregnancy test tau... HAHAHAHAHA! Ehem~ Ehem~ Anywayz.... Its a test if I've fully upgraded or not... To see if I have accomplish of being a NEW ME....

So did I succeed?

Or did I failed miserably?


If I would to rate myself, I'll give a C+... In college if u get a C+ means ngam ngam loo~ Pass dgn cukup markah oni... or should I say "pass with flying taiks"... XD

But BIG A+ for effort! XD Markah kesian tu... If the old me, I dont think I got the balls to do it... I might even take MC on that day! So kira OK lah... even my senior said "Overall OK lah... fast macam bullet train BUT, OK lah"

So "OK" is good enough for me... 1st time ma! 1st time conduct TWO DAYS of orientation! siaow ah~~~ The nite b4 I had to do orientation, I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. I couldnt sleep... Bile tido pun kejap2 bangun... XD PARANOID habis!

Then on the day itself... no need to say lah... FUH! FUH! Cuak to the MAX! Nervous gile~ So as usual when I'm nervous, I'll talk fast... Talk fast till I dunno wat I was talking.... Talk fast till I don't have anything else to talk. I finished the 3/4 of the session in half day. =.= I was suppose to elaborate more but when I'm out there, I've got the Patrick Star Syndrome.


Hahahaha ok... I didn't look like that, but I got BLUR. SO BLUR I got nothin to say... Tu pasal cepat habis... XD

So there's another session next month.... @__@

SOOOOO gonna freak out again... But who knows, I might... MIGHT overcome my cuak-ness... :P

So tat's it from me... Oh before I forget, I just wanna wish someone special a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday boo!

Lots of LOVE!

Au Revoir!


Anonymous said...

Hei gratz fot passing whey... I am sure u did a kick ass job.. Hei chill gurl dun need cuak 1.. "u got this"...

Anonymous said...


vee-sia said...

haha Mr.Commander17... TQ yer...

yuliang photography said...

gary rules!