Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Super Lapan 8 XD

Pada hari Jumaat yg lepas, saya jadi tiang lampu.... XD

Hahahaha~ KK, last Friday me & few frenz of mine went to the movies. We watched SUPER 8!

Just that this time, I wasn't accompanied by 3 ekor bodyguards BUT yg bersama2 tgk wayang are Lee Hoon & her BF, Chee Han & his GF, and si ikan (Meng)... So basically me & Ikan jadi lamp post menyibuk with the couples... =.="

Kalau I tau ade couples, mungkin I x pg kot... but then for sure si Ikan will kill me XD

Now u peeps know why i prefer watchin movie alone? If go alone, it is just me & the movie, no other distractions beside u... especially if u sit with couples, can dgr all those "cutesy-goo-goo-OMG BARF-baby talk". XD Nasib baik Ikan yg duduk beside them, but despite that I still can dgr those stuff. Dah le cinema tu sejuk, dgr those stuffs gave me chills siot~ XD

OKOK back to the movie... SUPER 8! What izit about??? Before I watch the movie, I have NO CLUE what the movie is all about. So I thought maybe the trailer would help...

Lai lets watch the trailer...

Kereta api terbabas... kenapa? macam mana? Ape benda yg kat ending tu???? Wat the *t000t*!!!

Hahaha...Hahaha... then kite pegi website GSC n tgk the movie nye synopsis which says:
In 1979, the US Air Force closed a section of Area 51. All materials were to be transported by train to a secure facility.In the darkness of night, the cargo train endures a spectacular crash before it reaches its final destination; the cargo and its fate remains a mystery.

Hahahaha... sungguh tak membantu... So wat izit REALLY about??? Word of mouth says its about aliens. But then kenapa the movie is called Super 8? Izit about 8 super duper aliens? or since the casts sume budak2, izit about 8 kids with super powers?

Hehehe in the defense of the movie title after doing a lil research: Super 8 is actually a motion film picture format just like the one is used by the kids in the movie.

Hehe...I'm not gonna give out much so i suggest u curious cats out there to watch the movie and find out for urself what the whole movie is all about.

But I must the the CGI effect mmg power giler... The explosions when the train crash... PERGGHHHH... POWER... MAkes u go "HOLY SHIT" when u watch it...XD~ Loads of BOOM - BOOM - KABOOM!!! here & there... Imagine a small suburban town jadi macam battlefield... BOM sini sana with army tanks & all... fuh! fuh! Besides, its a Spielberg movie leh... SPIELBERG!

As for the story line, its quite simple lah... & quite heart warming at the end too.... awww~ I yawned a few times but maybe is bcoz I'm sleepy. 10.10pm nye movie ma... end at 12 somthin, balik drive pun mcm zombie sket :P hehe~

So this movie is quite recommended. Overall I'll give 3.5 stars! Yeah 3.5 oni... dunno why, but I just felt like there's somthin missing... Doesn't make me grin like how X-Men does... XD

But here's an advice... don't go out too early when the movie ends... just wait a few seconds when the credits starts rolling. Hahaha then u'll see a movie that i personally would give 5 stars! Hahaha...

Oh & another advice: Jangan jadi lamp post.... XD



shopaholic love said...

haha lamp post! such a funny term! yeah, i once used to be a lamp post oso. and man, its better to go alone! hehe


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vee-sia said...

woohoo got ppl support going 2 d movies alone! ^__^

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