Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm in Movie Mania mood again!

I've been watching lots of movies lately... @__@ Kalau i write a review on every movie I watch, sakit tangan aku menaip nanti.

So if I write a review on a movie, it either sucks or it is super awesome! (Like X-Men!)

So recently I watched Seru... Haha yeap a Malaysian movie... HORROR pulak tu... Lolz my sister bought the DVD =.= so tumpang tgk sekali loh...

SOooo, how do I feel about Seru? Good? Bad? OKOK?

All I can say is it sucked! Sucked so bad it made me puke.... literally.

The story is basically about a film production called Jangan Bernafas and during the production, 2 of their crews kena rasuk. Funny thing is, orang dah kena rasuk but they still selamba can record, & their producer siap can jadi "host", explaining to the camera what is going on.

If u are afraid to watch horror movies, this movie aint so scary lah. No creepy lady with long hair crawling or anything... No creepy ghost face like Insidious... the image of the lady still terpahat in my brain XP...So luckily theres nothin creepy, just the lady kena rasuk attacking the people, tats all. Oh, of theres LOADS of BLOOD~ Then the camera keep on shaking, mabuk siot~ tu pasal buat muntah X__X

Storyline was pretty simple lah... Their cast are some actors yg x kenal punye. & sebaliknye, their extras are popular actors XD haha~

So the verdict: Dont watch it... If mau tgk pun sila kan... BUT dont watch sambil minum a whole bottle of root beer. If not u will puke out nasty black liquid... bluek~ Overall: 1 star... XD sedeh~

Hahaha so far the worst movie I've watched this year... Common Malaysia, u can do better than this lah... Like "Sini Ada Hantu"... Hahaha loved that movie, scary & funny at the same time... NICE! Ooooh~ I'm also looking forward to watch Karak... the trailer looks very scary @__@

Dont believe me? See urself loo~

Scary leh? Hehehe, so tats it from me. ^__^ Gonna watch Super 8 2nite! Hehehe...


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