Thursday, June 30, 2011

PD - Part 2

Part 2 of crazee PD trip!

After we makan our yummy lunch (Nasi Kukus Ayam Panggang), us gals went to the beach again & naik basikal! Just us gals coz the guys naik main computer game... I know, WTF kan? Macam Melaka xde compooper game... =..=

So we went to the Eco-Ride centre.

They have the eco-ride thingy where u become a lazy ass & just stand on the thingy & it will move. But it cost about 20 or 30 buck just for 15 minutes. Mahal gile... didnt know it will cost that much to be a lazy ass... XD

So we rented a non lazy, healthier option, the bicycle. RM30 for 1 hour. All 5 gals shared for 2 bikes XD... oklah tu...


Haha all of us kinda forgot how 2 ride a bike. But luckily no one fell of. Or else it will be awesomely funny! hahahah~

So there were 2 bikes. 1 red, 1 black. The red 1 is slightly lower so all the shorties ride that. I personally prefer the black 1 coz its taller. Maklumlah, saya lebih tinggi... huahuahua~

Ah Hoon pendek naik basikal merah... XD

So my competitive side kicked in so I challenged Kim to race! Why Kim? Bcoz she got the strong Bak Kut Teh/KFC legs which makes her a good competitor... HAHAHAHA! NOOO lah... coz shes the only 1 who accepted the challenge... haha~


But unfortunately the race was canceled coz the black bicycle nye chain asyik tercabut... I had to fix it TWICE!

XD ~ ganas sgt kot ~ XD

Mechanic basikal... XD

Too bad the race was canceled. Or else of course I would have won... HAHA!

So then we ditched the bikes & we headed to the beach.

Even the compooper game geeks were there. We enjoyed the sunset there & we even took some pics. Its from my non DSLR camera. If not lagi lawa loo~

Silhouettes of the gang...

Then Meng & Saran did something nasty... XD

Supposed to be "Kiss My A$$" but it looked like "Sniff My A$$"... haha~

Haha crazee people~

Then the game begins!

Dunno wat game they played but, its kinda like the monkey game... but in groups... XD

I didnt join coz I didnt wanna get wet... so that my car wont get wet... XD Yelah kereta baru... XD

Do~ Re~ Mi~

Juara Bola Jaring MAS Airlines... XD

Awesome pic leh? Tgk lah sape yg amik...

Kim main kotor... XD

Put ur hands up in the aaaayeeer!


Lolz... Meng says "Kim rogol saya"

Then it started getting late, so we decided to go home...

Saran: I dont wanna leave!!!! XD

So everyone went home, mandi then we prepare ourselves some BARBEQUE!!!

Chicken GOOD~

All prepared by our Exec Chef: Mr. Ashok...

Blood on his hands.... eee~

Si Meng tlg tengok... XD

Of course everyone else helped also lah... Some oni... Some yg tukang makan oni...

Saran jadi pakar bedah ikan... Shaline jadi nurse... XD
Aren't they a cute couple? Sadly they're not :(

Then BBQ over. We packed up & we head up back to the apartment. Then there is where we played the game... HOHOHO~

U can view it HERE.
Or u can just scroll down. XD

Then after that some of us watched Insidious while others played Monopoly.

We slept at 3am...


The next day we woke up at 9. Had b'fast then off to Melaka!

Haha bile drive pun rase blur blur... I have proven that zombies can drive car too XD

So overall the trip was OK lah... had fun... but there were times when I feel like driving home. XD Hopefully next time, we'll have another trip. Confirm will go for another trip just dunno when lah. This PD trip pun susah/tension gile nak plan...

Biase lah gang tersayang aku nie...

So tats it for OUR PD trip. Got nothin else to say so, BUH BYEEE~


Elaine said...

Hey.. after that BBQ u all ada sakit perut x? coz i saw u all put the sabun cuci pinggan with the food.. or.. is that ashok's secret ingredient? hahahaha.. :P

vee-sia said...

HAHAHA ya hor! No sakit perut but no wonder so sedap XD