Saturday, June 18, 2011

Majlis Perjumpaan Bekas Pemain Bola Sepak Negeri Melaka

OOOlllaaaaa peeps! Welcome to the 1st event that I've attended as a blogger!

Hehehe sort of... more kinda like SELF-INVITED blogger... XD Syok sendiri nak blog bout this.

I've attended this in April... Now dah June edi leh... But ok wat, coz Star paper oni published this last Thursday.

Besides I'm busy... I got soo many things to blog about (wall climbing activity, PD Trip, Manilla trip) No time leh... dah ler laptop kapoot~ Hehehe if my blog is my job, i've probably got fired! XD

HOhohoho~ ANYWAYZ... The event was on a Saturday. Suppose 2 work but I took half-day instead... huahuahua~

Oh, it was at Malacca Club... in Melaka... duh... XD

The awesome part bout this place is that it was next to the sea... Me like!

I forgot what time we arrived but it was tea-time. So Got "high-tea" le sket... really SIKIT... XD

I was too full from lunch (ate udang masak lemak with nenas... SODAP!) So instead of eating, I jadi paparazi & take pics.

U see the khemah? There is where they sign in...

See someone famous?

Haha... failed paparazi shot: Yeah tats Datuk Soh Chin Aun

So what am I doing at this event? Well bcoz of dad of course... But dad didnt really mind if we come or not. But basically mum is the 1 who dragged me & my sis along.

Hahaha... guess what was reason she dragged us there?

Just bcoz of these babies....

In fact dad's number was the 1st number to be called... XD

Lucky No. 1?

Haha & guess what we got?

Hamper! Full with Energy Drinks.... Hampeh~ XD

So the event started off kinda late... People I dont know keep on giving speeches... & we were all waiting 4 the VIP. Maklumlah... VIP, tak lambat tak sah rite?

Forgot wat time he arrived, but late lah. But the cool thing is when he arrived he came up to everyone & shook our hands.

So we listen to another speech....

Another paparazi shot: Dad with a few legendary football players & coaches... i think... XD

After finish speech, then its play time!

Yeap they played football... All the veterans played. But in those veterans theres the newbies & oldies... i mean senior & junior... somthin like tat lah...

So kita ke padang!

Yeah tat uncle was actually smoking b4 d game... he pancit-ed after 10 minutes.

So remember peeps, SMOKING IS BAD

Mr. Jersey No.8

Seniors in red...

I'm a paparazi... So I dont go depan2 take picture XD Haha...

The juniors in yellow... prepping up...

Another paparazi pic... XD

Then the kick off starts!

Haha... padang got air...

Keeper power~

Oit! Haha...

Forgot how long did the match last but in the end the score is: 0:0


So while waiting for the dudes to freshen up, we go jln2 around the club.

Then there's a board of old newspaper clippings about the footballs stuff in the old days...

Then mum pointed out a familiar face :)

Mr. Jersey No.8

Haha... bapak sape tu???

Then we had dinner (x sedap sgt) & the event finished about 9-ish.


Didn't really had fun, but the event wasn't for me anywayz... XP

Hahahahaha~ tats all I wanna say... will update more soon... I promise...

*pinky promise*


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