Friday, June 10, 2011


Hahahaha okok... I know this movie came out like AGES ago... but I have this in my draft, so I HAVE to write about it. :P

ANYWAYZ, its Limitless. I bet some of u peeps dont even know this movie... shame on u people! Haha anywayz I watched tis movie alone.... yeap! just me.... XD Its not sad ok? Its cool 8) Why didnt I ajk my frenz? Well 1st they dont know the movie & 2nd, they have their own life. XD

So its just me... I went to watch it after my work, me-release-kan tension. In the cinema I had THE BEST seat.... right in d middle... just me & Bradley Cooper, face 2 face, baby! HAHA he's HAWT!!!

Did I mention he was KINDA the reason I watch this movie.... KINDA & of course the trailer is quite convincing... kan? kan??

Anywayz the story is basically about Eddie who is a writer but is suffering from writer's block. No inspirasi to write XD so his GF left him, his life is DOOOMED!!! but then he met his ex-brother in law who is a drug dealer.

Edie before he ate NZT

Then the dude introduces him to NZT, a drug that lets u have full access to ur brain. COOL eh? I could use some of that. Then Eddie became a smarty pants and basically finished his book, became a neat freak, had the ability to learn any language he wants in an instant and basically started looking even more hotter than ever XD....

Edie after eating NZT: Awww~ so cute :P

Hahhaa then he also started to venture into stock market.... then in 10 days he made 10 MILLION BUCKS!!! daaymnnn ~I REALLY NEED THAT DRUG! But of course there's a down side to tat drug.... which I wont tell... I'm no spoiler... :P So tats wat the story is about...

The ending giler wei!!! Unexpected! Sort of XD... haha~ But still listening to Bradley Cooper talking in Chinese is definately worth watching.... HAHA! Remember Keanu Reeves speak Chinese in tat alien movie that I dont remember? HAHA FUNNEH!

So overall how much do I rate it? 3.5 stars oni lah... It isn't really MIND BLOWING but GOOD.. hehe... but maybe I'm just distracted & "drowned" in Bradley Coopers gorgeous blue eyes.... hahaha...

So this year byk cerita yg I'm dying to watch... CAPTAIN AMERICA! MUST WATCH! I'll even go the the midnite preview! XD semangat ni! hehohehoheho!

Cant wait cant wait.... ^__^ Klah tu je yg I mau cakap... Limitless, pretty awesome! Watch it! BYYYYYEEE!!!!

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