Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Prank Your Friend?

During our PD trip, we got nothin 2 do, so our "Game Master" Saran, has planned a "game".

Its either I forgot wat its call, or there was no name for it. EITHER WAY, it was HILARIOUS!

So for this "game", u need a few victims, but in our case we only had 2. 2 naive guys named Ashok & Pirakash@Supen...

Saran actually wanted 1 guy & 1 girl but non of us galz wanna participate bcoz knowing Saran, there's always udang sebalik the mee.

The "game" is simple. The victims will need to go through obstacle course that is made of any rope (we used tali raffia). Oh btw, they will totally be blind folded.

So prank of this "game"????

Hehehe when they were blind folded, we completely removed the tali! Hahaha!

Simple kan? All u need are d victims. 1 camera man/women, tats me! & the rest of the group need to pegang the tali.

Hehehe if u dont get it, just scroll down & see wat we did... XD

Saran preparing the tali...

The rest of the gang discussing & creating the obstacle course.

Then we let the victims have a lil test drive without blind folds.

Pira goes 1st.

Ashok next.

We let them jump...

Lompat si katak, lompat....

We let them berguling... XD

Rolling in the deep.... XD

Rolling down the river.... XD

Then after the test through, we blind fold them!
.HAhaha Shaline's hostage!

So first we let them try before removing the tali...

Then this is the FUNNY part. We removed the tali & just sit back, relax, & enjoy the show.

HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Funneh eh? Syok sendiri je budak-budak nie struggling through the obstacle. And the best part? Is when we showed the guys the videos. Their facial expressions were PRICELESS! Ashok even asked "Eh, where's the tali???"

Hahahahaha... so hope u peeps enjoyed this post. XD I know I did. Maybe u can use this to ur frens too... haha...

So thats it from me.

Take it easy on the pranks k...



ken said...

lol. this is interesting.. quite a nice prank too.. haha :)

Elaine said...

so... that's how it works... no wonder la.. I've been wondering.. hw come the 2 victims sudi buat mcm tu. I was thought it was a punishment for any particular game. hahahaha...

vee-sia said...

ken: haha tq 4 visiting... yeah u should c it live... cant stop laughing XD

ee lin: hahaha sape lah yg sudi berbuat begitu... XD mmg kecian d both of them... XD

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