Friday, June 24, 2011

De-Stress Thursday - Henry's Crime+Nadeje+Ice Cream

Life is gets stressful sometimes... so wat do we do about it???


Why Thursday???

Coz I'm always free on Thurdays! XD sort of...

ANYWAYZ... I felt like crap last week... it was a hell of a week... crappy crappy week! So crappy that I had to turn to something that cure my stress away... Alcohol... XD I've been controling my alcohol intake but last week really beh tahan so I had to drink.

I even created a rhyme for it!

"Hey cute bartender pour me a drink... My life's a crap today so I need a drink"
Nice song leh... Copyright: Vriesia Evans Ng XD

I kinda have my own mini bar in my room, so I have access to booze anytime I want to ^__^ & I guess u all know who is the cute bartender I'm referring to.... HAHAHAHA~

So last Thursday was THE day for me to release all the tension & anger I have... So I decided to watch a movie!

Sadly no interesting movie for me to watch. Most of the movies either dah tengok or macam not attractive. & I refuse to watch Green Lantern coz it looks kinda lame & fake with all the CGI...a lil too much CGI dont'cha think? Plus even the trailer looks lame... & Ryan Reynolds is so not hot lah... n I dont think he's right for the role... Bcoz whenever I see him, I only think of the dude from Two Guys, A Girl, & a Pizza Place. XD

AND HOW could he win that role over Bradley Cooper? MY Bradley Cooper!!! :P

Hehehe... ANYWAYZZZZ....

I've decided to watch Henry's Crime instead... I'll watch Keanu Reeves over Ryan Reynolds any day...

I went there after work... N guess wat??? When beli ticket, I was the first person to buy the ticket! XD The whole theater was empty... So I chose THE perfect seat... Right in the middle, ngam ngam not too far, not too near the screen... mmg PERFECT gile lah...

BUt then after buying the ticket, my minds start to imagine spooky Coming Soon-ish kinda situations... Hohohoho~ but luckily when I went in got 2 Ah Bengs is already in there. 2 guys watching Henry's Crime instead of Green Lantern... Hmmm I wonder if they're gay... XD

So what is Henry's Crime is all about? I read a review that says watching Henry's Crime IS THE CRIME... Hahaha... Anywayz here's how the story goes:

Henry (Keanu) is a dude with no dreams. He works in a toll both, married to a nurse with no kids. He is kinda blur-ish, goody-goody type of guy.

So one day, his old fren came 2 his house n ajaked him to a baseball game. N they asked him to drive them there. But they stopped at a bank & ask Henry to wait in the car while they go rob the bank. This Henry pulak macam dunggu wait in the car & he got caught by the security guard.

Did I mention Henry was a dunggu? XD he didnt give up his fren's name when the police ask him. So he ended up in jail for 3 years... for a crime tat he didnt commit! Tsk tsk.... Oh & when he was in jail, his wife left him & married another dude... The same dude who caused him to go into prison!!!! XD bodoh nyerrr!

So in jail, he shared a cell with Max (the cool old dude from Las Vegas TV series). Then dunggu Henry decided to rob the bank... XD why? Coz he said "I've done the time, I might as well do the crime"... =.="""""

Dunggu-ish Henry

Hahahaha... SO i'm not gonna tell u wat happens next, BUT all I can say is that the movie is kinda bad... its ended soooo bad... hands down one of the worst endings in movie history... XD

ANd most importantly, WAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO KEANU????

Where is tat super cool Keanu from Matrix????? or Speed? or Street Kings? or Constantine????? In Constantine he actually made smoking looked cool... & I actually hate smokers! XD

I am Keanu Reeves... I am HAWTTT...

But in this movie, all his hawtt-ness is GOOONE!!! T__T So sad... Maybe hes just old... & saggy... XD or maybe its just for the role lah...

Critics have been saying that Keanu is a bad actor... I dont really think he is TAT BAD lah... but in this movie, I tend to agree with them. The way he talks is as if like he's dead & also very kayu... Maybe its the characteristic of Henry the Dunggu... MAYBE lah... But the storyline is kinda dunggu-ish too... It doesnt really make any sense... but oh well, I need a movie to release tension... XD

So overall I'll give it only 1.5 stars... not worth watching...

So after the oh so disappointing movie, I went to NADEJE!!! Lazy wanna eat there, so I tapau-ed instead.

Yummy Yummy Yummy, there are cakes in my tummy!


Cakes that are yummy = happiness to my tummy

Then of course, wat is De-Stress Thursday without ICE CREAM???

I wanted Baskin Robins but budget xde XD... So I take the usual, Oreo McFlurry!

An Oreo McFlurry a day, melts my problems away....

The perfect way 2 end my De-Stress Thursday...

Oh btw the cakes I bought was Mango Yogurt, Gula Melaka & my ultimate fav, Rum & Raisin

Mango Yogurt on the left, Rum & Raisin on the right.

Gula Melaka... Somthin I've never tried b4...

Hahaha I bought 3 cakes in total... XD of course not for me alone lah... I'm not that stress sampai nak cekik 3 slices of cakes... I bought for my family too... They loove the cakes from Nadeje... Yes its a lil pricey from Secret Recipe but sekali sekala xpe ma... well, things I do for people I love ^__^

So thats it for my De-Stress Thursday (DT)!!! Felt awesome after that... probably wont be having this every week, but probably just whenever I needed it. Hopefully I wont be needing DT anymore but some how my cat's instinct says that I will be having more DT in the future....

So screw the future... I shall now end this post with a simple GOOD-BYE!!! ^_^


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