Monday, June 6, 2011

1st year Anniversary to the NEW me XD

HAhaha wat crap post is this????

"NEW" me? How "NEW" are u???

Hahahaha did those questions go through ur head? Hehehhee... chill ler...

So, have u ever gone through a phase where u feel sooo down and all u wanna do is bitch-slap urself & say "Wake up BITCH, u deserve better than this!"...

Hehe, well I did... Exactly 1 year ago, I made a decision. A decision that was quite hard 4 me to accept but I know I had to do it. And since then, I promised myself to be a stronger, more independent and basically, happier. In other words, creating a new me... Not so new till I become someone else, but instead upgrading myself to be better. Like from iPad to iPad 2... XD (Craving for iPad rite now.. hehe)

So how NEW am I? Or how bad can the old Vriesia be?

Hahahahhahaha.... yes i'm the chick in black on the left XD This pic is when we were 15. XD My fren posted this "AWESOME" pic yesterday... Can help it but to selitkan in this post. XD I look like a dork! Hahahaha~

KK enough with the dorky picture. Now u know why I needed an upgrade. XD But of course I upgraded many times b4. I'm more like an iPhone. Now dah jadi iPhone 4 edi. Hehhee... & its not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. I'm less psychotic now... XD KIDDING! XD Hahaha.... lets just say that compared to last year, I'm definately not the same person anymore.

Thanx to the upgrade I'm more confident! Still improving, but still more than last year. And hands down, I'm definately more independent! I dont have to rely on anyone... Mau pegi mana pun drive sendiri... no need ppl 2 fetch :P

So yeah! I have improved! But how sure am I? Well, I decided to go through a test. A TEST to see if I've truly improved or not.

So wat is this test all about? Conduct 2 days of orientation. So basically I'm gonna talk for 8 hours... PUBLIC SPEAKING!!! I've done public speaking in college where u have to present ur BS assignments, but that was for like 10 minutes only. 15 MAX! This is 8 hours... T__T Can I do it??? HELLZ YEAH!!! Try asking me tat question 15 minutes b4 it starts... XD I'll probably say "Do I have to?" Hahahhaa....

So I'll keep u updated on wat will happen. But plz do wish me luck... I"M GONNA NEED IT! But I think I'll be fine... As Micheal Scofield would say "Just Have Little Faith" ^__^


So yeap! Thats it from the newly improved me. Wah ceh ceh.... Not tested yet, but I have a feeling I'm gonna ace it! weeeeee~

So again, Happy 1 year anniversary to the new, independent, awesome, single, forever crazee, no longer psychotic, Vriesia E. Ng!

Time to celebrate yo!



& remember to spread the LOOOVE~ XD

I'm better off without you~ :)


OBIT LIVRE said...

a year already? a year ++ sikit lagi then p carik bf !

vee-sia said...

hahaha xde calon lah cayang... hehe not tat i'm looking anywayz... :P

Elaine said...

vsia no need cari bf.. Bf yg nanti cari her.. hehehe..

vee-sia said...

EE LIN! U ARE SOOOO RIGHT!!! sungguh memahami... T__T terharu~ XD

Elaine said...

VSIA!!! TQ TQ..^^