Friday, May 27, 2011

Live Animal Key Chain.... SICK!

I was browsing through FB then the SPCA page posted this a link click here.

Read the story edi??? Sick kan???

For those yg didn't click the link, to cut the story short lah ye, it is now so called "POPULAR" trend these days to own a Live Animal Keyring... LIVE? yes, LIVE as in ALIVE!

Nothin extreme like a puppy with a keychain dangling on its ear or anythin but instead lil sea creatures like fishes & turtles gets caught & kept in a sealed bag with colourful liquids that KONON nye contains nutrients...

Scroll down for the pics...

Key Chain with a fish...

Key Chain with turtle.... OMG its gasping for air!!! T__T

And it has been reported that these poor creatures only can live a few months b4 they kappoot!

Seriously how can they not see how much suffering these animals are going through???

Obviously they are dumb, therefore they cant imagine how izit like to live in a sealed bag with limited air. Then in this bag, it is the place you sleep, eat n shit... The shit stays in bag pulak tu... no flush flush tau! Then everyday of your life is like a gempa bumi+roller coaster ride bcoz the sickos who actually buys these keychains tend to campak you here & there.

So where does this SICK "merchandise" comes from????



It seems that you can this at tepi jalan or at their subway station. & the worst part of all, IT IS LEGAL???? BRAINLESS CINAK!

EEeeee~ Geram....

According to the article, there one bastard bought it. He says it for "LUCK"... Which IDIOT tell u that??? Ur mother??? MAA DE! So its good to gain luck from killing innocent lives??? Dumb-A$$!

Hish! beh tahan... Fuh~ Fuh~ Perasaan marah semakin meluap-luap... I think I should now b4 all the bad words that I know come out XP

So all I have to say is: Dear people, u got brain... think a bit lah... damn menyeksakan weh... Try put urself in the animals position then you'll know how it feels. And PLEASE DON'T BUY this key chains!!! Bukan nye lawa pon! My lifeless Spongebob key chain lagi lawa... So just stop buying this k... Like they always say, "When the buying stops, the killing can too". So stop buying it, then they'll stop selling. If buy pun, please let the poor creature go before their life ends.

So that's all I wanna say... There's actually a petition for it but i think dah penuh kot... So tu saje yg I mau cakap and...

Protect Animal Rights!!!
They deserve to live just like you & me.



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for highlighting this issue.

vee-sia said...

Thank You anonymous for visiting my blog. :)

animal lover said...

sick is right! Thanks for publicizing this!