Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big Mouth Malim Jaya

Few weeks ago, I went yam cha with my cuzzins... Dunno where to go, so we decided to go to Big Mouth at the Malim area sana....

Oh btw, sorry 4 the low quality pics... lupa mau bawak camera :P

Inside Big Mouth

I had a good experience at Big Mouth (Melaka Raya branch) based on my previous post here. So i thought we wont be facing any problems yam cha-ing here... but unfortunately, i was dead wrong XD

So wat went wrong?

NUMBER 1: I ordered Apple Juice... The waitress says theres no Apple Juice. So maybe she thought i meant those air kotak kind of Apple Juice, so I requested FRESH Apple Juice. But she said "Its not on the menu"... So yes its true its not the menu, so I ordered their Cholesterol Buster. AND guess wats in it? Celery juice, lemon....and APPLE JUICE.... i know, WTF kan?

So I pun biar jeler, n try their ever so healthy Cholesterol Buster... "Healthy" le konon :P

Cholesterol Buster

Then NUMBER 2: My cuzzin & sis ordered their Mango Smoothies... It tasted waaay too sweet and see wat they found in the glass...

A whole chunk of ice... SEJIBIK! XD

Then NUMBER 3: Their blender went kapoot while making another cuzzin's drink.... HAHA~ made her no mood to drink, so she didnt order anythin... XD

And FINALLY, NUMBER 4: The tissue box on our table were empty. We had to curi from other tables TWICE coz the 2nd box we took left 1 helai oni... & yes we had 2 take ourselves coz the waiters there were minding their own biznezz~ =.=

SO in the end we were quite disappointed... I had such great service in the Melaka Raya Branch, but sini punye mcm ape je...

Hmmm... makes me think twice about going there again...

So tats it from me... just a short quickie update.... BYEEE~

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