Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big Mouth Malim Jaya

Few weeks ago, I went yam cha with my cuzzins... Dunno where to go, so we decided to go to Big Mouth at the Malim area sana....

Oh btw, sorry 4 the low quality pics... lupa mau bawak camera :P

Inside Big Mouth

I had a good experience at Big Mouth (Melaka Raya branch) based on my previous post here. So i thought we wont be facing any problems yam cha-ing here... but unfortunately, i was dead wrong XD

So wat went wrong?

NUMBER 1: I ordered Apple Juice... The waitress says theres no Apple Juice. So maybe she thought i meant those air kotak kind of Apple Juice, so I requested FRESH Apple Juice. But she said "Its not on the menu"... So yes its true its not the menu, so I ordered their Cholesterol Buster. AND guess wats in it? Celery juice, lemon....and APPLE JUICE.... i know, WTF kan?

So I pun biar jeler, n try their ever so healthy Cholesterol Buster... "Healthy" le konon :P

Cholesterol Buster

Then NUMBER 2: My cuzzin & sis ordered their Mango Smoothies... It tasted waaay too sweet and see wat they found in the glass...

A whole chunk of ice... SEJIBIK! XD

Then NUMBER 3: Their blender went kapoot while making another cuzzin's drink.... HAHA~ made her no mood to drink, so she didnt order anythin... XD

And FINALLY, NUMBER 4: The tissue box on our table were empty. We had to curi from other tables TWICE coz the 2nd box we took left 1 helai oni... & yes we had 2 take ourselves coz the waiters there were minding their own biznezz~ =.=

SO in the end we were quite disappointed... I had such great service in the Melaka Raya Branch, but sini punye mcm ape je...

Hmmm... makes me think twice about going there again...

So tats it from me... just a short quickie update.... BYEEE~

Friday, May 27, 2011

Live Animal Key Chain.... SICK!

I was browsing through FB then the SPCA page posted this a link click here.

Read the story edi??? Sick kan???

For those yg didn't click the link, to cut the story short lah ye, it is now so called "POPULAR" trend these days to own a Live Animal Keyring... LIVE? yes, LIVE as in ALIVE!

Nothin extreme like a puppy with a keychain dangling on its ear or anythin but instead lil sea creatures like fishes & turtles gets caught & kept in a sealed bag with colourful liquids that KONON nye contains nutrients...

Scroll down for the pics...

Key Chain with a fish...

Key Chain with turtle.... OMG its gasping for air!!! T__T

And it has been reported that these poor creatures only can live a few months b4 they kappoot!

Seriously how can they not see how much suffering these animals are going through???

Obviously they are dumb, therefore they cant imagine how izit like to live in a sealed bag with limited air. Then in this bag, it is the place you sleep, eat n shit... The shit stays in bag pulak tu... no flush flush tau! Then everyday of your life is like a gempa bumi+roller coaster ride bcoz the sickos who actually buys these keychains tend to campak you here & there.

So where does this SICK "merchandise" comes from????



It seems that you can this at tepi jalan or at their subway station. & the worst part of all, IT IS LEGAL???? BRAINLESS CINAK!

EEeeee~ Geram....

According to the article, there one bastard bought it. He says it for "LUCK"... Which IDIOT tell u that??? Ur mother??? MAA DE! So its good to gain luck from killing innocent lives??? Dumb-A$$!

Hish! beh tahan... Fuh~ Fuh~ Perasaan marah semakin meluap-luap... I think I should now b4 all the bad words that I know come out XP

So all I have to say is: Dear people, u got brain... think a bit lah... damn menyeksakan weh... Try put urself in the animals position then you'll know how it feels. And PLEASE DON'T BUY this key chains!!! Bukan nye lawa pon! My lifeless Spongebob key chain lagi lawa... So just stop buying this k... Like they always say, "When the buying stops, the killing can too". So stop buying it, then they'll stop selling. If buy pun, please let the poor creature go before their life ends.

So that's all I wanna say... There's actually a petition for it but i think dah penuh kot... So tu saje yg I mau cakap and...

Protect Animal Rights!!!
They deserve to live just like you & me.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unwanted Baby

Hehe dont be fooled by the title k...

Dont worry, I'm not pregnant...

& I'm definitely not gettin an abortion wat so ever k....

Hahaha.... so hopefully we are all crystal clear & proceed with the actual topic: UNWANTED BABY

So if I'm not talking about baby babies wat really do I mean?

Well, since I dont real baby, I decided to call my precious things my babies XD

So which of my babies are labelled under UNWANTED???

IZIT my cat YY?


IZIT my LG KS360 that I've been usin for like a gazillion years????

Dah gune 2 tahun lebih je...

Or IZIT my old skool Sony camera?

ANTIQUE~ sort of XD

OR could it be? MY most precious baby of all?????



Hehehehe over dramatic much?

So the truth is the unwanted baby that I'm talking about is actually my car XD

I had my 1st car on.... U SEE! I dont even remember the date!!!

All I know is that I had to pay for it... XD And from the very bottom of my heart, I didnt really wanna drive XD

Kena paksa buy car & kena paksa amik lesen... hahaha yeah I'm tat lazy...

So my 1st car was a Kancil... I'm no rich kid who gets a TOYOTA or HONDA OR a FREAKIN LAMBORGHINI.... so I end up buyin a Kancil...

My baby Kancil...

This baby Kancil was an OK car lah... at first... slowly I got used to it.... & SLOWLY I killed it XD I'll admit that I'm not exactly a "Pemandu yg Berhemat"... Hehehe... So in the end the car kinda KAPOOTED and I had to choose between buying a shinny new car OR repair this piece of junk which would cost me about 1000++ @__@

Typical stuborn me didnt wanna do anything so basically everyday I drove "Sauna on Wheels" coz the aircond rosak... Then my personal Financial Advisor (Dad) BRAINWASHED me to get a new car... I've been eye-ing on the Suzuki Jimny but unfortunately budget xde.... I also had an eye for the new Ford Fiesta... Crazee bout it sampai I entered the competition at Watson... haiz NO LUCK....

So I got stuck with a VIVA....

Unwanted Baby no 2.

Haiz... New car... cam x best pulak... I still prefer my Kancil... got much more power... this VIVA tekan tekan x laju pon XD not got for racing...

Besides, driving a Kancil is like being an underdog on the road... Ppl tend to think tat u drive like a penyu XD... But when u potong a nice fancy car like a BMW, its like u can taste the SWEET victory after u over take them... XD ok maybe its just me... I'm kinda delusional... KINDA XD...

ANYWAYZ... I got the dark blue... originally wanted black but then people keep on sayin dark blue is nicer =.=... fine fine... OK lah jugak... suit my dark personality XD... but then I heard a fren of mine also bought a dark blue 1... (EE LIN SIBOK XD).... Haha.... So for now I guess I'll just settle with this lah... & since I'm paying for it, I might a s well sayang the shit out of this car kan?

But I must say 1 of the down side of this car is that its brand new, so each scratch is like a scratch to ur heart... sort of.... I scratch it recently.... A LONG FREAKING 1... but luckily its at the bottom... lucky huh? XD Oh well, biar lah... kereta yang calar mana power kan? XD

So to prevent myself to sound like a ungrateful bitch, I REALLY DO LOVE MY CAR!!! Eventually...Hehehe..... Saya sayang kereta saya... MUACXXX MUACCXX!

Oh btw, dont blame me if u're dirty.... blame the birds k... hehe...

The Art of BIRD POOP! XD

Hahahaha.... crazee me... honestly I dont even know wat I'm sayin... kinda blur actually... and also uninspired... XD

Klah, I think I'll better stop... hemo hemo hemo~




Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quickie - Update...


I'm back... just for a lil while....Sorry for not updating as often as I've used to be... Haiz, wat to do.... TOO BUSY... plus my baby laptop kinda cacated edi... dunno why cannot online... T__T So now I'm usin my sis nye laptop.... so still can on9 BUT not the same feel loh... I miss my baby!!!

ANYWAYZ... I Vriesia E. Ng berjanji akan update my blog A.S.A.P! I really do have LOADS to blog about but got no time.... XD BZ! BZ! BZ!

So do stay tune peeps! Confirm tak rugi ^__^