Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ekspedisi Gile: Port Dickson

2 guys (Chee Han & Kuhan)

2 girls (Me & Kim)

1 Kembara (CH's car)

1 Destination (PD!!!)

oh and 1 Pakistani/Indon (Ashok) hahahaha....

Hahahahhaa.... Out of the blue, crazee Kim ajak go PD... yes Port Dickson... Go there for wat? Lepak kat pantai.... hahahaha... How awesome is that???

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to take some pics. HUhuhu... N the best part of it all, I actually drove there! with Chee Han's baby Kembara! HAHAHAHA.... It feels different driving a Kembara... I basically mati enjin each time I stop for a stupid trafic light. I think almost ten times mcm tu.... Me no like 1st gear....

So we are suppose to bertolak at 8pm... but AS ALWAYZ & forever will be, the 'gang' were never punctual... around 8.45pm baru CH come 2 fetch me... then we go punggut the rest of the gang. Hehehe the not so guilty part of going out is that I did not even tell my parents where I'm going. XD & they dont even know that I'm drivin my fren's car. Yes, yes, I'm a horrible daughter. XD Dont wan my parents to be worried ma... Janji I tak masuk balai or get knocked up then OK lah...

So I drove there... I wasnt speeding... I think XD I wouldnt know coz the Kembara's metre dah rosak XD... but at this one dark and lonely road, I was driving, dgn sedapnye menekan minyak... all of a sudden, the cars started slowing down... tekan tekan pun no effect.... CUAK sial! I thought its gonna break down! but then tibe2 start to speed up again.... SPOOKY!!!! But then CH said is bcoz the previous owner got pasang somthing that whenever u drive to a certain limit, it stops. =.= ceh..... but then, sure or not? Hmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

ANYWAYZ, I forgot wat time we reached PD, but when we reached there we called Ashok. Then Kuhan took over the Kembara coz I got lazy XD.... Then Ashok brought us to his place (he tgh buat his internship in PD). Nice place I must say... N we are heading there for our gang's gathering in May... woot~ wooot~~~

Then we went to the beach and lepak, eating chips and Oreo ^__^ I LOOVE the beach! But somehow I still miss Cherating.... The beach there is soo much better.... I sat there quietly listening to the sound of the waves, enjoying the breeze yg sungguh tak best (Pantai Klebang better) while the rest talk about nonsense stuff. Then of course ade "people in LOOVE" conversation that I chose not 2 be apart of. Malas XD.

Then tibe2 the topic of me wanting to be a vegetarian comes up. =.= aku punye pasal ler, yg korang ni kecoh ape hal? I have my reasons which I'll explain more in future post. For now, all I can say is that its a moral belief that I chose, & I will be a vegetarian. For "those" who dont believe, I Vriesia Evans Ng, WILL PROOVE U WRONG! BLUEK!!!

ANYWAYZ.... we were there till 12.30-ish... We went on a Monday... N yes we are all working the next day XD We reached home about 1.40 almost 2AM... All of us were like a zombie the very next day XD

So thats it... Our first Ekspedisi Gile... XD Will there be more? YES.... We had another 1 yesterday... And I am in a Zombie mode right now... XD

So till the next Ekspedisi Gile, Au Revoir!!!!

Ps: Sorrylah xde gambar ye... lupa mau bawak camera lah... ^__^


Elaine said...

Dun forget to snap pictures of our gang's holiday. Snap byk2. i mau tgk. X dpt join, tgk gambar pun jd le.

vee-sia said...

T__T haiz... nvm! next trip make sure u go k... btw sorry bout tat day... sume org last minit x dpt dtg... sedeh...