Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ekspedisi Gile: KL

1 Kembara

2 Gals (Me & Kim)

1 Lovey dovey couple... (CH & his GF)

1 Destination (KL XD)

and a whole load of things happened... XP

Ekspedisi Gile continues!

We went there last Friday. We actually planned to go rock climbing but due to some glitch, tak jadi loo.... so we went KL instead! with a mission to eat Subway! XD yeap... go KL just to makan Subway... u may say its stupid, u may say its crazy... i say its the way we enjoy life... U lame-oos can go sit in front of ur computers & play DOTA till u die... :P

ANYWAYZ... they came & fetch me around 4-ish... masuk2 kereta they say plan tukar & go Jogoya... XD I was like... ''OK!"... then my mind went on budget mode... yeap, cukup lah kot... XD

So we started the journey with "Kita ke KL!"

Badak Driving

KL bebeh!

The whole journey there was quiet... We didnt really talk much... Kim pun tido... I tried to sleep but x boleh XD. So just duduk diam2 loo & tried to draft this post in my head.... XD

Other than going 2 Jogoya, we also planned to find one of our buddies, Ms. Shaline! Known her since I was 5.... too bad she had 2 move 2 KL last year with her family... sedih... She lives somewhere in Sungai Buloh. So with CH's GPS, we thought we can sampai there safely.

Hahahaha... damn we were wrong. We reached there around 7 somthin... Tibe2 rase rindu pulak kat KL nie... Well I think I just miss shopping here... haha...

So CH got lost, then the GPS pun mcm x betul oni... we're stuck in the jam, and we're lost... ain't that GREAT? hahahaha apparently it gets BETTER!

The was a roadblock ahead... then the po-po asked us to pull over... XD turns out CH was driving at the emergency lane... oh it get BETTER! CH punye lesen dah expire! can I say FML???

Hahaahhaaha... all of us like cuak gile edi... bcoz the po-po said the saman is gonna cause RM900! Again my mind went on budget mode coz as frenz xkan nak bagi Ch bayar alone... so to cut things short, it was settled with a pricey price of course... and CH couldnt drive bcoz of his dead license.... So in the car theres his GF, yg I dunno ade lesen ke x... Kim yang ade lesen but dunno drive manual car... and me... with lesen, and pernah drive his Kembara.... X_X


I'll admit that I'm not really a pemandu yg berhemat... So can I survive KL ROAD??? Well I'm still updating my blog, so that means I'm still in 1 piece... & so is my other frenz.... So in the end our plan to find Shaline was canceled, and also the Jogoya thingy too due to budget...

Instead we went to Carls Jr. at Midvalley hahahaha....

I've been there before, but since Kim & CH's Gf x pernah pegi so we bring them there loo~ I remembered the place with big-ass burgers & the best French Fries I've ever tasted.

So we went there... we were lost a lil, but we managed to get there safely. Then go there n makan.

I wasnt really hungry, so I decided to share with Kim.

TOtal was RM 43.95... there goes my Great Escape for this month... =.=

No need 2 stand at the counter to wait for ur food, they will deliver to u.

Then taaadaaa! Food dah sampai...

Remember when I say their burgers are HUGE... It is actually as big as my face...


Dont believe me? See 4 urself lah...

U can' see me! XD

Haha that burger actually belongs to the couple... they went to the toilet so we curi some fries coz we know they gonna take some of ours anywayz.. XD

Best Fries EVER!

Then our order arrived!

Kim was kinda hungry so I didnt take much pics... XD Dont ever mess with a hungry lady... XD

A burger, 9 strips of chicken, and yummy fries... nyum nyum~ fried greasy goodness! XD

Habis makan mmg kenyang gile...

So we jalan2 around the place... Didnt have much time to shop coz sume kedai mcm dah nak tutup, so we went home... and also bcoz CH's GF have a cerfew... =.=

So thats it for our Ekspedisi Gile... XD

Nothing much lah... hahaha....

So till the next expedition, BUH bYEEE!!!


Elaine said...

Wow!!! nice. ^^ Should come and find me. hehe.
Btw, Vsia!!! U Finally Drove In KL!!! Great!

vee-sia said...

hehe who knows, maybe next time