Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Belle Of The Boulevard...

Good Morning peeps! How are u doing today? Fine I hope. Unlike me.

As we all know life can be a lil shitty sometimes. And me being me, I dont really like talking about it. So in order to comfort myself, I turn to music.

One of the songs that I really LOVE is DC's Belle of the Boulevard. Tak pernah dgr? Sila lah dengar from the video below. This is actually the accoustic version of it. Much better than the original in my opinion. So do enjoy.

Nice leh? Fell free to abuse the replay button. Thats wat I did XD

Such beautiful song that keeps me strong. Such beautiful words.... the chorus especially.

Don't turn away,

Dry your eyes, dry your eyes

Don't be afraid,

But keep it all inside, all inside

When you fall apart,

Dry your eyes, dry your eyes

Life is always hard

For the Belle of the Boulevard

I have always loved Dashboard Confessional's songs.... People call the emo band... Maybe lah... Coz I always listen 2 their song whenever I'm feeling emo-ish. But their song is just plain beautiful. Deep touching words that takes ur breath away... sort of XD

Just the perfect music that I need whenever I'm feeling down. Hehehe pardon me for the emo post. Feeling a lil emo-ish. Haiz....

So tats it from me...

& remember,

Life is always hard, for the belle of the boulevard....

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