Monday, April 25, 2011

Nothing Last Forever

I was feelin a lil stressed out lately... & as usual I turn to somthin that I know will "heal" the soul... So I've decided to listen to some music... bored with my playlist on my phone, I listened to my Mp3 player... Haha the last time I played it was last year... It kinda was my bestie in college...

Then I came across this song, Nothing Last Forever by Maroon 5... A lil confession, I used to hate this band coz I didn't really like the front man's voice... But then lama2 I kinda like their songs and lets face it, Adam Levine is HAWT! XD

ANYWAYZ, back to the song... When I first have it in my mp3, it was just a great song... didnt really care about the agenda behind the lyrics... Plus the chorus of this song was featured in Kanye West's Heard Em Say, which is another good song...

So I was listening to it, analyzing the every single words he sang, then I was like WHOA! Just like what I've been through.... Talking about the perfect song to describe it all... All the words described how I felt, perfectly... Then it got me thinking, why didnt I listened to this song before?

Hahaha... well, do enjoy the song... all the lyrics are there... & thats it from me...


Everyday, with every worthless words we got more far away...
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay...
But nothing last forever but be honest babe...
It hurts but it may be the only way.

~A song for "you"~

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bieber Fever... X__X


~Baby, Baby, Babi NOOOOOO~

Hahaha okok.... I made fun of the K-Pop Super Junior "phenomenon" in my previous post...

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't make fun of the "BIEBER FEVER" rite? Hahaha... hopefully I'll still be alive after posting this...

So The Biebs! The Beliebers! Why so damn gile about it? And for those who didn't know, He actually held a concert here in Malaysia yesterday in KL...

N bcoz of that last week, every single radio station is taking about him... then some fanatic crazy teenage girls with raging hormones asyik call these radio stations screaming with their high-pitched voice"I LOOVE JUSTIN BIEBER.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Gimme the tickets!!! AHHHHHH!!!"

ARRRRRRGGHHHHHHHH! Annoying sial! The worst part is they keep on playing his songs... Jelak leh!

So mari kita sama2 find out why people sooo crazy about Bieber...

So could it be his look?

Helmet hair... CHECK!

Girly face... CHECK!!

Un-Macho-ness... CHECK!!!

U smile~ I smile :)

XD Honestly, the first time I saw his video of his first single (One Time), I actually thought he was a SHE.

And I am very sure that most of y'all thought the same thing kan?

He got that feminine girly face... kurus keding pulak tu...

Macam tu pun org boleh gile kan... =.=

NEXT! Izit bcoz of that ridiculous hair flip?

I flip my hair back & forth, I flip my hair back & forth... XD

As a lady, I dont even flip my hair as much as he does... Gosh, wat a dweeb.

I honestly dont get it why people are SOOOO obsessed about him... His music xde lah bagus sgt pon... Dance moves OKOK saje...

So can somebody PLEASE tell me why?

Tell me why y'all are soo obsessed till like this... *scroll down*



I do notice that all his fans are teens though... I remembered when I was their age, I actually was crazy about the band Good Charlotte... XD Yeah... I have a thing for punk/rock/emo kinda guys...

I *HearT* Good Charlotte

They are waaay cooler than JB... And eventhough I was crazy about GC, I xdelah sampai OBSESSED dgn the group... ish...

So just like the previous post I'll recommend some other macho guys who are more worthy to be crazee/obsessed of.

If you are into the pop-ish & "boy next door" kinda guys, Jesse McCartney is kinda cute...

*I want you and your beautiful soul* :)

Then you are into the rock genre, Adam Levine is one fine thing to be crazy about... can u say sexay...

*You are making me harder & harder to breath*

Then not to forget the front man of one of my favourite bands... Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional...

*You have, stolen my... heart*

Then to have some soul in your life, there's alwayz Mr. John Legend to heat things up...

*I'll give you the "green light" anytime*

Of course there's more MEN in the music world that is worthy to be obsessed of. To me Justin Bieber is just waaaay to OVERATED. Dunno wats so great about him also... lebih je... :P

So melebih-lebih sampai nak buat movie... IN 3D pulak tu! WTH leh??? Xde makna nye nak tgk nonsense movie like that..... hish... bazir duit... I go watch Chinese movie lagi baik... noo noo, I lebih rela tgk cerita Hindustan!

Never Say Never... *rolls eyes* WHATEVER!

Hahaha ok lah... enough of Justin Bieber... Jelak aku dgr nama die... I'm sure that I'm not the only one too...

So lets move our attention to this lil kid. Lil Greyson Chance... who i feel much more talented than JB (JamBan) Hahahaha....

Waiting outside the line....Such an inspirational song... unlike that Bieber singin about love pulak... kecik2 nak bercinta pulak... hish... so not a good role model...

So thats it from me... Beliebers dont kill me k.. or else it will be one less crazee girl... XD

*I close my eyes... I pray that Beliebers wont kill me*


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ekspedisi Gile: KL

1 Kembara

2 Gals (Me & Kim)

1 Lovey dovey couple... (CH & his GF)

1 Destination (KL XD)

and a whole load of things happened... XP

Ekspedisi Gile continues!

We went there last Friday. We actually planned to go rock climbing but due to some glitch, tak jadi loo.... so we went KL instead! with a mission to eat Subway! XD yeap... go KL just to makan Subway... u may say its stupid, u may say its crazy... i say its the way we enjoy life... U lame-oos can go sit in front of ur computers & play DOTA till u die... :P

ANYWAYZ... they came & fetch me around 4-ish... masuk2 kereta they say plan tukar & go Jogoya... XD I was like... ''OK!"... then my mind went on budget mode... yeap, cukup lah kot... XD

So we started the journey with "Kita ke KL!"

Badak Driving

KL bebeh!

The whole journey there was quiet... We didnt really talk much... Kim pun tido... I tried to sleep but x boleh XD. So just duduk diam2 loo & tried to draft this post in my head.... XD

Other than going 2 Jogoya, we also planned to find one of our buddies, Ms. Shaline! Known her since I was 5.... too bad she had 2 move 2 KL last year with her family... sedih... She lives somewhere in Sungai Buloh. So with CH's GPS, we thought we can sampai there safely.

Hahahaha... damn we were wrong. We reached there around 7 somthin... Tibe2 rase rindu pulak kat KL nie... Well I think I just miss shopping here... haha...

So CH got lost, then the GPS pun mcm x betul oni... we're stuck in the jam, and we're lost... ain't that GREAT? hahahaha apparently it gets BETTER!

The was a roadblock ahead... then the po-po asked us to pull over... XD turns out CH was driving at the emergency lane... oh it get BETTER! CH punye lesen dah expire! can I say FML???

Hahaahhaaha... all of us like cuak gile edi... bcoz the po-po said the saman is gonna cause RM900! Again my mind went on budget mode coz as frenz xkan nak bagi Ch bayar alone... so to cut things short, it was settled with a pricey price of course... and CH couldnt drive bcoz of his dead license.... So in the car theres his GF, yg I dunno ade lesen ke x... Kim yang ade lesen but dunno drive manual car... and me... with lesen, and pernah drive his Kembara.... X_X


I'll admit that I'm not really a pemandu yg berhemat... So can I survive KL ROAD??? Well I'm still updating my blog, so that means I'm still in 1 piece... & so is my other frenz.... So in the end our plan to find Shaline was canceled, and also the Jogoya thingy too due to budget...

Instead we went to Carls Jr. at Midvalley hahahaha....

I've been there before, but since Kim & CH's Gf x pernah pegi so we bring them there loo~ I remembered the place with big-ass burgers & the best French Fries I've ever tasted.

So we went there... we were lost a lil, but we managed to get there safely. Then go there n makan.

I wasnt really hungry, so I decided to share with Kim.

TOtal was RM 43.95... there goes my Great Escape for this month... =.=

No need 2 stand at the counter to wait for ur food, they will deliver to u.

Then taaadaaa! Food dah sampai...

Remember when I say their burgers are HUGE... It is actually as big as my face...


Dont believe me? See 4 urself lah...

U can' see me! XD

Haha that burger actually belongs to the couple... they went to the toilet so we curi some fries coz we know they gonna take some of ours anywayz.. XD

Best Fries EVER!

Then our order arrived!

Kim was kinda hungry so I didnt take much pics... XD Dont ever mess with a hungry lady... XD

A burger, 9 strips of chicken, and yummy fries... nyum nyum~ fried greasy goodness! XD

Habis makan mmg kenyang gile...

So we jalan2 around the place... Didnt have much time to shop coz sume kedai mcm dah nak tutup, so we went home... and also bcoz CH's GF have a cerfew... =.=

So thats it for our Ekspedisi Gile... XD

Nothing much lah... hahaha....

So till the next expedition, BUH bYEEE!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cupcake Day! ^__^

Last Friday was Melaka Historical Day! Woohoo for Melaka. Which also means that its a Public Holiday for us Melakans... Woooooohoooo for Melaka!!! Hahahaha.... So dunno why all of a sudden feeling a little Martha Stewart-ish, so I decided to make CUPCAKES! Yum Yum...

Of course I didnt do them alone, I had my sis to help me out. Shes in Melaka for quite a while coz her kaki dah kerepot... XD (Kerepot; Definition: Messed up, rosak, Kappooot lah) She had operations for her leg, so she got 1 month MC... duduk rumah buat semak je... XP

Hahahaha... anywayz I got these recipes from The 1st recipe we made was Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Fillings.

Cupcakes in the oven

Our cupcakes!

Hahaha overload!

Chocolate+Cream Cheese fillings+Crushed Almond... YUMZZzzz...

It can be eaten just like that, but I decided to put a lil decor on it. ^__^


Topped with whipped cream & raspberry... XD

Hahahaha looks cacated... I know... but it tasted good! XD mestilah... tgk sape yg buat XD

Then the second recipe we tried was Molten Chocolate Cupcakes...

Look at how it turn out! Nice?

My sis decorated it...


Looks nice huh?

Hahahaha but the truth is, it actually looks like this...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It kinda tak jadi I guess... it also tasted kinda weird... XD

So thats it for cupcake day...

Hehehe buat apa lagi, makan loo!

Bon Appetite!


Family Day

A few Sundays back, I had Family Day at my workplace. Nothin much to talk about it, & theres nothin much to talk about anywayz, so I choose not to talk about it...


ANYWAYZ.... After work, we had our own plans. In the spirit of Family Day, kite pun keluar sama2. We actually went to Kubu Stadium to watch a football match.

The last time I went to Kubu Stadium was years ago... when I was still in skool... The place sure looks different from now. Looks kinda eerie if u ask me...


And based on the sign board, it shows that not much games we held here...

2010? =.="

So what match did we watch? Honestly... I dunno... XD All I know its a veterans game coz Mum says "Jom tengok orang pancit main bola"


So we arrived kinda late.... the game pun dah start loo....

View from the VIP seat

There were no spectators at all so we get to sit at the VIP seat.... weee~ ^__^

Mum & sis watchin....

Well theres a reason why Mum says that this game is played by orang yg pancit... Coz as u can see from the pics below, all of them are quite old... and buncit-ish (Buncit; Definition: BIG BELLY! So when they run, u can see it go Boing, BOING)


Dont believe me? see for urself lah...

Exibit 1

Exibit 2

Not just the players, Referee pun sama!

Exibit 3

Hahaha.... funny... anywayz the real reason we came to this match is for 1 special person.

noo... not Beckham...

Noo... not Torres...

Nooo... not Ronaldo... eventhough I wish it is... XD

Well its none other than Mr. Jersey No.8

Lucky no. 8 .... FATT ahhh! XD

Siapakan lelaki misteri sebalik jersi no. 8?

Lolz... its my Dad... hahaha...

History cut short, Dad used to play for Melaka... for many-many years ago... even when before I was born... even my mum too... I'll show u the newspaper cuttings when I have the time... But either way, I'm definately proud of my parents... too bad their anak doesnt follow their foot steps... malas sangat XD

So the match was OK lah... quite funny looking at them playing... Old edi... tapi still semangat nak main... then in the end of the match sume kaki sakit... haha...

Uncle injured liao...


So thats it for my Family Day... nthn much to say loh... Haha... byezzzz....

Oh btw thanx Ee Lin for reminding me! Hahaha in the end, the match score was 3-3... it was a draw... XD


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ekspedisi Gile: Port Dickson

2 guys (Chee Han & Kuhan)

2 girls (Me & Kim)

1 Kembara (CH's car)

1 Destination (PD!!!)

oh and 1 Pakistani/Indon (Ashok) hahahaha....

Hahahahhaa.... Out of the blue, crazee Kim ajak go PD... yes Port Dickson... Go there for wat? Lepak kat pantai.... hahahaha... How awesome is that???

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to take some pics. HUhuhu... N the best part of it all, I actually drove there! with Chee Han's baby Kembara! HAHAHAHA.... It feels different driving a Kembara... I basically mati enjin each time I stop for a stupid trafic light. I think almost ten times mcm tu.... Me no like 1st gear....

So we are suppose to bertolak at 8pm... but AS ALWAYZ & forever will be, the 'gang' were never punctual... around 8.45pm baru CH come 2 fetch me... then we go punggut the rest of the gang. Hehehe the not so guilty part of going out is that I did not even tell my parents where I'm going. XD & they dont even know that I'm drivin my fren's car. Yes, yes, I'm a horrible daughter. XD Dont wan my parents to be worried ma... Janji I tak masuk balai or get knocked up then OK lah...

So I drove there... I wasnt speeding... I think XD I wouldnt know coz the Kembara's metre dah rosak XD... but at this one dark and lonely road, I was driving, dgn sedapnye menekan minyak... all of a sudden, the cars started slowing down... tekan tekan pun no effect.... CUAK sial! I thought its gonna break down! but then tibe2 start to speed up again.... SPOOKY!!!! But then CH said is bcoz the previous owner got pasang somthing that whenever u drive to a certain limit, it stops. =.= ceh..... but then, sure or not? Hmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

ANYWAYZ, I forgot wat time we reached PD, but when we reached there we called Ashok. Then Kuhan took over the Kembara coz I got lazy XD.... Then Ashok brought us to his place (he tgh buat his internship in PD). Nice place I must say... N we are heading there for our gang's gathering in May... woot~ wooot~~~

Then we went to the beach and lepak, eating chips and Oreo ^__^ I LOOVE the beach! But somehow I still miss Cherating.... The beach there is soo much better.... I sat there quietly listening to the sound of the waves, enjoying the breeze yg sungguh tak best (Pantai Klebang better) while the rest talk about nonsense stuff. Then of course ade "people in LOOVE" conversation that I chose not 2 be apart of. Malas XD.

Then tibe2 the topic of me wanting to be a vegetarian comes up. =.= aku punye pasal ler, yg korang ni kecoh ape hal? I have my reasons which I'll explain more in future post. For now, all I can say is that its a moral belief that I chose, & I will be a vegetarian. For "those" who dont believe, I Vriesia Evans Ng, WILL PROOVE U WRONG! BLUEK!!!

ANYWAYZ.... we were there till 12.30-ish... We went on a Monday... N yes we are all working the next day XD We reached home about 1.40 almost 2AM... All of us were like a zombie the very next day XD

So thats it... Our first Ekspedisi Gile... XD Will there be more? YES.... We had another 1 yesterday... And I am in a Zombie mode right now... XD

So till the next Ekspedisi Gile, Au Revoir!!!!

Ps: Sorrylah xde gambar ye... lupa mau bawak camera lah... ^__^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Don't go breaking my heart...

I could'nt even I try...

Hehehe... not the song lah... the movie... This is the movie that we watch after we went to Big Mouth Cafe. Why this movie? Coz got no other movie to watch... Hahaha... & the reason why we watch this movie? COz got Daniel Wu & Louis Khoo in it... Hahahaha....

Yes its a Chinese movie. We thought its gonna be Cantonese but turns out it is mixed with Mandrin as well.

The thing is, my frens are actually surprised that I would watch Cantonese show. In my defense, all I wanna say is that:

  • I do watch Cantonese show. I am half Cantonese... duh... =.=

  • I dont normally watch Chinese movies in theatres coz for me Hollywood movies are more worth it.

  • And finally I watched some Chinese movies before IN CINEMA ok! Wong Fei Hong tau....

  • And I even watched Confucious in the Cinema! N yes I fell asleep. :P

Hahahaha... enough bout me... Daniel Wu!

I mean the movie!

Is it just me, or Daniel Wu looks old in the poster? XD

XD Its actually kinda funny... N I hate the fact that the girl is SOOOOO damn lucky.

Lucky *toot*

Dunno wats her name... dont care pon... XD the story is basically about her falling in love with Louis and also Daniel... Forget Team Jacob or Team Edward, here comes Team Louis & Team Daniel...

If you had to choose between them, its tough rite? (Team Daniel all the way!!!) So we tgk based on personality.

Louis Khoo's character is the rich player kinda guy. Knows how to treat a lady, but not so faithfull. And he actualy bought her an apartment with nice view and a freaking MASERATI!!!

Then Daniel's character is basically THE PERFECT guy! Inside & out. In the movie, he is known as the Martian... Guy from Mars.... perfect!!!

So who did she choose? The story is actually quite meng-kancheong-kan. Us viewers keep on guessing who she chooses, and as the story moves on, we keep on changing our guesses.

I'm not gonna tell u who she chose, but the ending was a pleasant surprise. A lil too pleasant actually. Its unbelievable!

Go watch it! Not bad lah... 3 stars! I had a good laugh... and a few "aaaaawwwww" moments too. XD

Pretty good for a romantic comedy.... makes u jealous of the girl... & makes u have high hopes for men... but all those high hopes just shatters when u wake up to reality... hahaha...

Hahaha... Kk tats it from me...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Belle Of The Boulevard...

Good Morning peeps! How are u doing today? Fine I hope. Unlike me.

As we all know life can be a lil shitty sometimes. And me being me, I dont really like talking about it. So in order to comfort myself, I turn to music.

One of the songs that I really LOVE is DC's Belle of the Boulevard. Tak pernah dgr? Sila lah dengar from the video below. This is actually the accoustic version of it. Much better than the original in my opinion. So do enjoy.

Nice leh? Fell free to abuse the replay button. Thats wat I did XD

Such beautiful song that keeps me strong. Such beautiful words.... the chorus especially.

Don't turn away,

Dry your eyes, dry your eyes

Don't be afraid,

But keep it all inside, all inside

When you fall apart,

Dry your eyes, dry your eyes

Life is always hard

For the Belle of the Boulevard

I have always loved Dashboard Confessional's songs.... People call the emo band... Maybe lah... Coz I always listen 2 their song whenever I'm feeling emo-ish. But their song is just plain beautiful. Deep touching words that takes ur breath away... sort of XD

Just the perfect music that I need whenever I'm feeling down. Hehehe pardon me for the emo post. Feeling a lil emo-ish. Haiz....

So tats it from me...

& remember,

Life is always hard, for the belle of the boulevard....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Life full of DRAMA

Drama~ Drama~ So many drama....

Hahaha... no worries people... thankfully all this drama that I'm gonna tell you is not happening to me... It is safe to say that my life is not that dramatic like the stories that I'm gonna tell you... So get your popcorns ready, have a comfty seat and just relax.... coz its gonna be a complicated one...

I was lepaking at the beach last Friday with few frenz of mine... Who would've thought that the beach could bring the emo-ness to people... I only like going there coz it is mind relaxing but going there with my frenz got me mind blogging... XD

So theres actually 3 stories that I'm gonna tell you... All true stories... Kisah Benar ye...

So lets start with the first story which is the Hokkien drama. XD I call this the Hokkien drama coz this fren's situation actually lasted for 3 years... XD THREE YEARS! For those yg tak tau, Hokkien drama usually takes years for it to finish. ANYWAYZ, the summary: Boy likes girl. Boy dont have the guts to tell the girl. Other boy confessed to the girl. Boy lost the girl. BUT thats not over! Girl with new boy have problems. New boy apperently is a "machine"... (Machine as in robotic dumb heartless dude) So girl always look for Boy for comfort, always crying, always make Boy diffcult to let her go (Coz Boy beh tahan whenever a girl cries)... Boy tried forgetting her, but this attention seeking girl keep on finding him... HMMmmm.... all this in 3 years...

So Boy comes to his friends for advise... What can I do as a friend? Bitch slap him, & let him face the reality of course. But u people tau-tau je lah... People in LOOVE.... No matter how many times u bitch-slap em, NO EFFECT... Been there done that. But luckily Mr.Ego stepped in and bitch-slapped me in the face.... XD Hahaha....

All I can say is: Man up! Shes playing u like a lil puppet. Knowing u, u kan ego giler... tak payah lah nak layan pompuan mcm ni lagi... she's not worth it... so just throw tat "poison" away...

Story Number 2! This one is kinda like those America drama series. Why? Coz it has a few series in it. Seasons to be exact. KK lets go through together-gether k.

Season 1. Boy breaks up with ex-gf. Then Found new GF in just 1 week! Power leh? no... Then they have been going strong ever since. Load of cutesy, cheesy omgbarf! happy-happy moments lah.

Then I lost track of the seasons though. XD too many.... But from what I heard is that the PERFECT couple is now on the rocks. They broke up, they made up. But is their relationship is stronger as before? Well accroding to the dude, he said "Our relationship is going nowhere... & she knows it. " I've forgotten what else he said coz my mind wondered of somewhere else when he said their relationship is going no where. If its not going anywhere, why the hell u ppl are continuing the journey??? Buang masa dan emosi saje.... =.=""""" From wat I see both of them continue bcoz they need a bf/gf je...desperado... as if u dont have a partner, u can't live.... so tak independant... tsk... tsk... tsk...

All I can say is: Kahwin je lah cepat... senang cite... then next year CNY I can get ang pau ^__^

Then story number 3! This story will make u go Awwwwww.... ;) Hehehehe.... I dont wanna jinx this story coz it is not official yet. But it's kinda like one of the chick-lit movies, romantic, gooey, with a happy ending. But this friend of mind actually said that he will belanja us makan when it is official.

So All I can say is : Mr. Sensitive, cepat lah bertindak... I'm waiting for my free makan voucher ni.... hehehehe....

Haha... Lepaking at the beach... didnt know it could be soo informative... Makes people blurt out things that was meant to be a secret. I found out a few secrets that night. A MAJOR one... but luckily I managed to keep mine... Nobody knows, so lets just keep it that way :)

So thats it from me... Just telling u peeps some story... & also getting these stories out of my head. Hehehe...

Hopefully your life aint so complicated. But when it comes to LOOVE I'm sure it will be. Hehehee... So just cheer up & hope for the best k...


Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Mouth Cafe ~ Another Great Escape

YEap it's tat time again! Time for an0ther great escape! ^__^ & i made it at the end of March... NAsib baik sempat.... So which place did I chose to reward myself with good food this time?

Ahhhh... BIG MOUTH!!!

Hahahaa... yeap, I decided to go to Big Mouth Cafe in Melaka Raya. The place looks kinda cool, so I decided to drop by loo~

Hehehe, this pic is taken from where I sat... I didnt take a proper picture coz my bum is too lazy to stand XD

This time my Great Escape is a lil bit different. I came here with my frenz. Haha... coz after that we are planning 2 watch a movie.

So I came along with other 4 buddies, Kim, Meng (Ikan), Chee Han (Badak), & his gf, Yan Yee.

The couple....

The other couple? HAhAH JK JK... kidding! not couple... hehe...

We reached there arnd 8-ish... terkejut to see the cafe is quite empty.... but then after we sat, a few customers started rolling in...

So here are some of the foodies & drinks that we ordered...

Cholesterol Buster

Tis was ordered by Kim... A mixed juice combo that includes apple, orange, lemon, & celery... According to Kim, it is nice... & also heathy. ^__^

Iced Banana Monkey Mocha (nt so sure bout the name though XD)

Ordered by the couple... share share... aawwww so sweet XP I didnt borther askin CH how does it taste coz to him everything also nice ler....

Then along came our appetizers...

Mushroom soup & garlic bread


Ordered by Kim & Meng... They said it is a lil salty... But they say its nice.. sooo in conclusion, Mushroom Soup: Salty but Nice XD

Instead of the classic Mushroom Soup, I decided to try their Seafood Chowder.

Seafood Chowder

For me this soup is kinda sour for me... I like sour stuff but not sour soup though. The sourness of the soup kinda over power the whole seafood taste. And the worst part of all, I could feel the sand in the clams that was in my soup. And as for the garlic bread, it doesnt really have the aroma of the garlic but the bread in nice....

Then after we had our appetizers, datang pulak our main courses.

Most of them sudah makan, so only me & the couple yang ordered main course.

First was the couple's Sub Sandwich.

According to Badak, the sandwich is nice but unfortunately Subway is better XD. And the bread and the wedges is nice... I do agree that the wedges is nice. It is so nice that Kim ordered a plate of CHEESY Wedges.

CHEESY Wedges... Ooo la~ la~

WE even requested some mayonaisse & we got a generous serving of mayo... AWESOME!

Crazee Dude

Then I had my Black Pepper Chicken Chop.

As u can see the plate is HUGEE! Hahaha... Then chicken chop looks really chopped XD As for taste wise, the chicken by itself is well seasoned. Then the black pepper sauce is really good. Spicy but GOOD. Betul betul KOW punye black pepper sauce. But I didnt take much due to my condition. Dont wanna get any nose bleed anymore. XD

Chopped Chicken XD

Chopped Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce XD

Then it is time for my favourite part of the meal! DESSERT!

Chocolate Volcano

Kim & I shared this... then the couple pun join sama XD Its really good... Nice warm chocolate cake eaten together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.... MMmmmmm.... YUMMZZZ!!!

So thats wat we had a Big Mouth Cafe.... Honestly, I actually expected more from this place. But I must admit that their service is GREAT! Very fast & efficient and most importantly POLITE. Great job for ur service team!

So.... will I come again?




Hahaha... coz their dessert looks nice! & I wanna try their Smoked Salmon Platter... & coz they have good service ^__^

So I guess I'll be seeing u soon Big Mouth Cafe.