Saturday, March 19, 2011

K-Pop Frenzy @__@

"Super Junior is coming to town... AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
Hahaha thats wat i heard when the radio announced Super Junior is gonna perform in KL... Thousands of over obsessed girls K-Pop fanatic girls & not to forget the mak cik-mak cik as well screaming "AAAAaaaahhhhhh Super Junior nak datang!!!!"
I bet some of them even cry... & celebrate doing the "Sorry Sorry" dance... (cuci tangan dance) XD

We are Super Junior! We are SUPER coz we got so many members in our group!
SO as u can see I'm not really a fan of the K-Pop phenomenon. Why? Coz I dont understand wat the hell they are singging & their music is just aint my thing... I'm more of a lyrics person compare to music, coz for me a good song with good lyrics is like a song that tells a beautiful story... ANYWAYZ let get back to this K-Pop thingy...

I'm still trying to figure out why people LOOVE K-Pop sooo much...

So izit the "slick" dance moves?

"Cuci, cuci, cuci, tangan" "Tangan, tangan, sangat busuk" XD

Izit the song?

"Sorry sorry la la la shorty shorty" XD The only words i understand in that song is Sorry & Shorty... XD

I bet people love K-Pop is because of the pretty looking dudes...

Kami Super Junior sebab kami Super hensem.... BARF XP

& from what I see, they are bunch of pretty people dancing around and sing... thats it. X yah ler nak giler/emo sangat...

A fan crying after they saw Super Junior... true story!

Yes I'll admit, they are good looking.... but a lil too feminine if you ask me... muka putih melepak like snow white... pretty sparkly eyes *blink* *blink* hish geli~

Super Junior got 13 members... how the hell do u differentiate them leh? All almost look the same leh.... oh except for the fat *cough* *cough* slightly plumped one.... hehe...

Nak gile kan laki pun pilih lah yg macho2 sket.... Mari2 I recommend some lelaki macho... but do back off coz they are all mine! XD

1. Chris Evans...
The future Captain America... Cant wait 4 the movie! Haiz August, why are u so far away? BTW, he's mine so back off bitches! Hahaha! XD


2. Wentworth Miller @ Micheal Scofield @ Prison Break Guy
I miss Prison Break... well coz I miss Wentworth Miller of course... XD He shouldnt have died at the finale. Dumb writers.

He is pointing at me! *faints*

3. Jensen Ackles
Supernatural dude... I got bored with supernatural coz the eye candy in the show got married XD... haha no lah coz I missed out most of the episodes edi... even he's married I dont mind being his mistress XD

Ya ya all the above are mat salleh, but let me proof to y'all that I do love my Asian flava ^__^

4. Daniel Henney
Doesnt mean u are asian, u need to be putih melepak. Have a lil glow on ur skin, then u wont look like a freaking Cullen. Daniel Henney is the prefect example. Macho Macho MAN! XD

5. Dennis Oh
Oh Dennis.... so cute! ^__^

6. John Abraham
Wont talk much about this hunk coz Pav claims that he belongs to her... I have 5 already, its OK lah Pav, I hadiah kan u yer... HAHAHA XD

" Sorry V, I belong to Pav" XD

So kesimpulan yg I nak sampai kan in this post is dont be SOOOO K-Pop crazee lah k.
It aint pretty.


Hahahaha.... Oh honey, didnt ur mama told u? Man who makes u cry, doesnt deserve u.
Hahahaha... damn I'm mean. Haha, truth is I have nothing against K-Pop. In fact I respect y'all for being sooo damn commited to ur "Superstars". Good Job! Keep up the good work! XD
Hehehe... before I end this post, mari kita dgr "Sorry Sorry" from the Fly Fm's Pagi Show... XD

Dear K-Pop fans... plz dont kill me... XD


Pav said...

ni eye candy nye post ni...tak baik ko kutuk itu super junior...marah peminat dia nanti...XD..tak sangka john abraham tetmasuk dlm ur list...wehehehe..bukan aku seorg jer ek,si kim tu pun tergila gila dgn dia...

vee-sia said...

hahahaha biar die org marah...

JA tu mmg hensem ma... tapi aku tau, dia tu ko punye... :P