Saturday, March 19, 2011

Born This Way

I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track,
baby I was born this way
~Lady Gaga~

Yeap those are the lyrics from Lady Gaga's born this way.

There's a reason why I post this. I was yam cha-ing with my frens at Pak Putra the other day...(oh btw, just to announce that I have officially eaten roti naan yesterday XD) The food came quite late so all of us were talking, then somehow we reached to a topic about gay people.

Before I proceed with what I want 2 say, I hope that nobody gets offended by this post k.

A friend of mine ask me & Kim "Have you ever worked with a gay before?" Both of us answered "Yes" & we both agreed that working with a gay person is actually better than a normie straight person.

I personally have worked with a gay dude before in Club Med. He was the friendliest among all, and just the first day we met, we became friends as if like we've known each other for years. He was definately a cool guy. Its like having a guy friend who u can count on if u ask wat hairstyle looks good on u or if your clothes doesnt match, they would tell the truth direct to ur face. Huhu... such a great friend & I truly miss him dearly :(

Haiz, sometime I wish that I have a gay best friend. I bet it will be nice... I want a bestie like Marc from Ugly Betty. Hahaha that would be so much fun XD

Be my bestie!

Or even Kurt from Glee...

So as u can see, theres nothing wrong being friends with gay. They are still human. Just like u & me. No difference.

So dont be sooo anti gay lah... N most importantly, dont even bully gay people... in fact, DONT BULLY people AT ALL... Accept people for who they are... If u dont like the person, just go & mind ur own bizness...
Dont know why I post this... Tibe2 ter-rajin wanna blog my heart out... Too many things in my mind...

So thats it from me.... tata!

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