Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Could it be End of the World?

End of the World

Something that we usually hear in movies, not real life... but yet some people do insist that the world is ending in 2012. Just 9 months more to go ek?

Is it for real? I dont really care much about this end of the world thingy. For me if it happens, then it happens lah... Theres nothing we can do about it right? I just hope that it will be painless. Hopefully theres no suffering involved. But I just dont get why it should happen?

People say it is karma... Like what recently happened in Japan... They say its because the Pearl Habour thingy... & based on my grandpa's stories during the war days, the Japanese people were really mean. But do they deserve a freaking tsunami??? I dont think so...

So they say the world is ending? Karma perhaps? After all the sins that we did... After basically destroying the earth with polution & global warming... maybe this is what we deserved? Only time will tell.

Well, no matter what happens we should live life to the max! But do go overboard like quiting ur job & go traveling like Eat, Pray, Love. XD But it sure does sounds nice right? Hehe...

Before I end this post, lets all have a moment of silence for the victims in Japan.


*May they all rest in peace*

~ Sayonara people~

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Pav said...

confirm wil end...jus x knw when...tp memang da semakin dekat...coz tanda2 dunia kiamat yg diramal dlm bible ada yg da berlaku...earthquakes,pergolakan antara negara...