Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Mouth Cafe ~ Another Great Escape

YEap it's tat time again! Time for an0ther great escape! ^__^ & i made it at the end of March... NAsib baik sempat.... So which place did I chose to reward myself with good food this time?

Ahhhh... BIG MOUTH!!!

Hahahaa... yeap, I decided to go to Big Mouth Cafe in Melaka Raya. The place looks kinda cool, so I decided to drop by loo~

Hehehe, this pic is taken from where I sat... I didnt take a proper picture coz my bum is too lazy to stand XD

This time my Great Escape is a lil bit different. I came here with my frenz. Haha... coz after that we are planning 2 watch a movie.

So I came along with other 4 buddies, Kim, Meng (Ikan), Chee Han (Badak), & his gf, Yan Yee.

The couple....

The other couple? HAhAH JK JK... kidding! not couple... hehe...

We reached there arnd 8-ish... terkejut to see the cafe is quite empty.... but then after we sat, a few customers started rolling in...

So here are some of the foodies & drinks that we ordered...

Cholesterol Buster

Tis was ordered by Kim... A mixed juice combo that includes apple, orange, lemon, & celery... According to Kim, it is nice... & also heathy. ^__^

Iced Banana Monkey Mocha (nt so sure bout the name though XD)

Ordered by the couple... share share... aawwww so sweet XP I didnt borther askin CH how does it taste coz to him everything also nice ler....

Then along came our appetizers...

Mushroom soup & garlic bread


Ordered by Kim & Meng... They said it is a lil salty... But they say its nice.. sooo in conclusion, Mushroom Soup: Salty but Nice XD

Instead of the classic Mushroom Soup, I decided to try their Seafood Chowder.

Seafood Chowder

For me this soup is kinda sour for me... I like sour stuff but not sour soup though. The sourness of the soup kinda over power the whole seafood taste. And the worst part of all, I could feel the sand in the clams that was in my soup. And as for the garlic bread, it doesnt really have the aroma of the garlic but the bread in nice....

Then after we had our appetizers, datang pulak our main courses.

Most of them sudah makan, so only me & the couple yang ordered main course.

First was the couple's Sub Sandwich.

According to Badak, the sandwich is nice but unfortunately Subway is better XD. And the bread and the wedges is nice... I do agree that the wedges is nice. It is so nice that Kim ordered a plate of CHEESY Wedges.

CHEESY Wedges... Ooo la~ la~

WE even requested some mayonaisse & we got a generous serving of mayo... AWESOME!

Crazee Dude

Then I had my Black Pepper Chicken Chop.

As u can see the plate is HUGEE! Hahaha... Then chicken chop looks really chopped XD As for taste wise, the chicken by itself is well seasoned. Then the black pepper sauce is really good. Spicy but GOOD. Betul betul KOW punye black pepper sauce. But I didnt take much due to my condition. Dont wanna get any nose bleed anymore. XD

Chopped Chicken XD

Chopped Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce XD

Then it is time for my favourite part of the meal! DESSERT!

Chocolate Volcano

Kim & I shared this... then the couple pun join sama XD Its really good... Nice warm chocolate cake eaten together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.... MMmmmmm.... YUMMZZZ!!!

So thats wat we had a Big Mouth Cafe.... Honestly, I actually expected more from this place. But I must admit that their service is GREAT! Very fast & efficient and most importantly POLITE. Great job for ur service team!

So.... will I come again?




Hahaha... coz their dessert looks nice! & I wanna try their Smoked Salmon Platter... & coz they have good service ^__^

So I guess I'll be seeing u soon Big Mouth Cafe.



Pav said...

big mouth...reminds me of someone...

vee-sia said...

sape? big head aku tau lah....

Pav said...

nak juga aku sebut nama dia...adalah...adoi...mcm mana mau ckp ni...yg nyanyi penuh smagat

vee-sia said...

XD alah cakap je lah si badak... die bukannye ade baca pon blog aku nie... XD