Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - Year End Report


Are you ready for the count down???

I know I am.... Can't wait to kiss 2011 goodbye, and give a warm big welcome to 2012.

*Dont take this personally 2011, but u do suck a lil. So I dont think I will be missing you. :P*

So its end of the year, and just like every year I would do a "report" to remind myself what I've done for that year.

And without further delay (like I always do) here's Vriesia Evans Ng's 2011 Year End Report:

2011 has been quite a year for me. I spend most of the time cursing 2011 coz it literally kicked my ass a few times. There were definitely some down moments but yet I still survived.

For example I've lost 2 of my frenz this year.
Rest in peace Naquiah & Itsuki. Both of you will definately be missed.

Then things at work do get sucky a lil. U know, office politics stuff.

But lets just put the ugly moment in the past n let remember the GOOD thengs!

*shooo~ shoo~ super sucky thengs*

So 2011 started with a big bang for me. How so? Coz I literally BANGED into my house's front gates and got this.

And lucky for me that was the one and only trip to the doctor this year. :) Yes I am quite a healthy person. Sort of. I still feel like puking when i eat too much (again, NOT eating disorder) and my jaw rase mcm x betul sometimes. LOL... healthy lah tu :P

Anywayz speaking of TRIPS, I had my first ever overseas trip this year. Jakun naik kapal terbang sampai mabuk... haha... I really hate flights. So I don't know how I'm gonna survive a 15 hour flight to Paris next time (fingers crossed). Haha... So I actually went to Bali last month in November. It was Ok trip lah. I will blog about it soon, k. *Pinky promise*

Pretty Bali

Then earlier this year in May, I went to Manila, Philippines. It was a family vacation & birthday+anniversary present for my parents. I think I had more fun here than Bali. :P but Bali is a much nicer place of course.

Us in Manila.

Then in February (I think la) I bought a new car/baby. Viva oni... Beli apa yg mampu dulu. When dah kaya sket, beli lah watever car I want... besides its just a car... janji boleh drive laju jadi lah XD

My Baby :)

Viva Elite YO!

Then speaking of babies, I have a new member in our family!

Meet little Pablo... XD

Isnt he cute?

I already have 2 cats in the house. Itu pun Bapaks sudah bising. Add another 1, LAGI bising. But little Pablo was super sick when I first found him at the back of my house. He had an eye infection, flu and was really weak and he don't even wanna eat. Even my neighbour said "Ini kucing tak lama oooo" But slowly under good supervision and care :) it healed and became the naughtiest and paling manja cat i've ever had. He's also my sleeping buddy. I know its not healthy to sleep with ur pets but i dont care :P

Haha... so this year what else... Oh, I got fearless and unleash my inner beruk-ness!

Beruk! XD

Haha I went wall climbing. No biggie kan? Normal oni... NEXT!

Then this year there a re some memorable moments with my frenz.

Me & the gals had a few crazee Gals Nite Out.

~Ji muis~

~Crazee Ji Muis~

Then there's our 1st trip as a group to PD.

Then we also went to our skool concert where we get to meet our teachers & watch our juniors performing. :P

All dressed up for the concert

Other than those stuffs, I also had my "Great Escapes" this year. I was supposed to do it every month but I've failed miserably coz too busy loh. Haha... 2012! Make sure I go every month k...

Then finally of course there the New Year Resolution. Lets see what if I've accomplished my resolution in 2011:
  1. Have even more MONEY! (Ade lah tambah sikit thanx 2 my year end bonus)
  2. Own my own business... (FAILED: TOO DARN LAZY)
  3. Get my ears pierced.... (FAILED: Suddenly dont feel like piercing :P)
  4. Get my dream car... Suzuki Jimny... (FAILED: Got that Viva instead)
  5. Have MORE watches! (FAILED: Bali took it away from me)
  6. Learn how 2 manage my anger in a positive way.... in other words, dont get pissed off too fast... XD (Hmmmm I think I succeed in this... rite?)

Hahahaha... I failed most of them XD Its ok lah~ Just some silly resolution kan? So lets make a new one for year 2012!!! XD
  1. MORE MONEY! Hahaha yes saya gile duits $__$
  2. Change my stinkin phone! :P
  3. Buy a watch :P
  4. Just live life to the fullest and take the "leap of faith" if I have to. Especially when it comes to my career. :)

And thats it. Short & simple. Hehehehe~

So just few hours the clock strikes midnight and SAYONARA 2011 and ALOHA 2012.

Cant wait! I hope 2012 will be better. I think it will be better. January 2011 seems promising to me. With CNY and my gang will be back. Then Foster the People concert on the 13 January.... YES I AM GOING!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!

Save me a drumstick Ponsi! :)

Then in February, Dashboard Confessional!!!


Yeap, 2012 seems pretty cool to me. So I guest there's nothing left for me to say but

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.

May we all have a great year ahead!

Now I shall end my post with MY 2011 Song of the Year. Love this song. No matter how many times I listen 2 them, I wont feel jelak.

Enjoy the song & again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!