Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 - Year End Report

Well it is that time again.... END OF THE YEAR!!! Haha time really flies huh? 2011 is coming... OMG! OMG! hahahha....

So just like previous years i alwayz have a lil summary about the year & also to see if I have accomplished all my new year resolutions that I have made. Haha just for fun.... Besides in life, we must have a purpose... we must have our goals! If not life will be meaningless... x syok ler...

So 2010... it sure is quite an interesting year... its the year that I turn 21 ^__^... its the year that I found love XP.... its the year that i hate love XD... & it is also the year that i got a new job.... Yeap! Quite a big year for me.... it has been a crazee emotional rollercoaster ride but like all rollercoaster rides, it was FUN... Despite all those drama that i've gone through, at the end of the year I am a happy person... a lil grumpy sometimes, but still happy ^__^

ANYWAYZ lets just take a step back to last year.... when i posted this... XD cant believe i posted that last year... feels like it was just yesterday... haha.... so for 2010, I wished for
  1. Good health

  2. Happiness


  4. Better job

Haha I am quite pleased to say that I Vriesia E. Ng Siok Fong have succesfully accomplished all four of my new year resolutions! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Heres why:

1. Good Health: For this whole year, I proudly say that I have not seen any stinkin doctor at all... that shows that I am super healthy.... & I don't need a doctor... nyek nyek! Eventhough I may experience some gastric attacks these few days, but I am completely fine... all I need 2 do is actually eat breakfast then I'll be totally fine. ^__^

2. Happiness: Dont know why, but I'm feeling colourful on the inside... XD Seriously! No Joke! Hahahha... Maybe coz it is linked to No.3

3. More money: This one links to No.4

4. A better job: My new job brings me more money! MUAHAHAHAHA! In June I had a new job ^__^ & now I can see my future is brighter than ever... it is soo bright, I think I'm gonna need my future D&G Shades.... XP D&G.... someday....

So yeap! all are accomplished! So for 2011, what do I have for you? Ngeh ngeh... here's a new list...
  1. Have even more MONEY!

  2. Own my own business... ngeh ngeh... u ppl just wait n see ^__^

  3. Get my ears pierced.... XD

  4. Get my dream car... Suzuki Jimny... For those who knows where i can get this car PLEASE TELL ME... I want this baby more than any other shitty car in the world... BMW pun gua x mo leh....

  5. Have MORE watches! @__@ Me wan watch! Watch good! Watch pretty!

  6. Learn how 2 manage my anger in a positve way.... in other words, dont get pissed off too fast... XD

Hahaha... Yeap... nothin much really... cikit2 je... There's nothin much for me to hope for anywayz... life is all good now... Health is good, money & career both are stable, frenz & family are still by my side... well at least some of them are... and lastly LOOVE...

Haha my love life... lets just say that the scenery look pretty good to me... the sun is shinning brightly, & the birds are singging happily.... but for no reason here I am doing the "rain dance" so that the rain would come and the sun would go away n birds will hide & look for shelter... Why? Coz the sound of the birds chirping are annoying & the sun shine is hurting my eye.... that's why.... hahahaha... some crazee metaphor i have huh? hahaha.... lets just say that once in a while it is actually quite refreshing to just walk through the rain.... its fun... u people should try it sometimes.... ^__^

Hahaha so yeap! My last post for 2010... You have been great!... it is hard to say good-bye but who knows, if in the future there is a time machine invented, we'll totally see each other again... XD So good bye 2010... HELLLOOO 2011... I dare u 2 be better... or at least, please dont be cruel... haha...

So Happy New Year folks!

Hope we all have a great crazee year ahead!


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