Saturday, December 5, 2009

Riverine Coffeehouse.....

Last Thursday, 26 th November 2009, was the official opening ceremony for Riverine Coffeehouse Melaka. N unfortunately 4 me, it was also the date for a huge reunion planned by my frenz. Originally i wanted to ditch this place but somehow my mom brainwashed to come here n help out my uncle. Yeap this coffee house is owned by my uncle. Kalo x jangan harap dapat masuk my blog ler..... hohoho!

I must admit that its a really cool place. The shop it self is actually a house. The really2 antique old house. Well cakap saje x guna. Lemme bring y'all for a "tour".... hehehe. To do so, just scroll down.
"Mari- mari. Jemput masuk!"

This is how it looks on the inside. N just ignore the 2 bibiks.

Cashier Counter

Antiques Corner

"Then now let's go upstairs.... watchout ur steps ya...."

For upstairs, it is only reserved for functions n meetings. So sape2 yang nak buat meeting ke... birthday party, 21st birthday party ^.^, or even wedding reception, this is so the place 4 u!

People lepaking upstairs.
Oh ya lupa mau cakap. At the back of the shop is the ever so beautiful Melaka River. So whenever u dine here, u can enjoy some beautiful view as well.

Cantik kan?

Unfortunately, the "tour" ends here. Sorry ler kalo gambar x lawa.... so kalao nak tgk gambar yg lawa, datang lah tgk sendiri. Hehehe....

N now to explain more bout Riverine Coffeehouse. They specialize in Nyonya food... ORIGINAL Nyonya food ok. Kita suma ORIGINAL punye Nyonya, so we cook ORIGINAL punye Nyonya food loh. But they also serve some Western stuff. N they do serve beer, so kalau nak lepak2 minum2, this is the place to go! N as for the food nye taste, I'll let u be the judge. Coz if I say "freakin good", nanti u all x percaya. So i HIGHLY suggest that its better to go there n try it 4 urself.

Btw, they also have bicycles for rent. Hahahaha.... just 2 let y'all know loh.

So here are the contacts and address for RIVERINE COFFEEHOUSE:
  • Address: No 108, Lorong Hang Jebat (First Cross Street), 75200, Melaka.
  • Phone number: 017 7556767 or 0163743596
  • Join them on Facebook: Just type Riverine Malacca
Takut sesat? Here's a map. Kecik giler so if nak the real size just ask me ok.

I'll even give u people the flyers.... so that u all can help me distribute. HAHAHA!!!!

So thats it! Remember the name ok? RIVERINE COFFEEHOUSE! Hope 2 c u there!


Elaine said...

Nice place. One day we go serbu. hehe..

Pav said...

the house ur uncle house ek? the bicycle ur uncle yg kasi rent ke?blh dpt diskaun kalo g situ? xD...

vee-sia said...

Elaine: silalah serbu!

Pav: he sewa d rumah.... diskaun i x sure... coz aku makan pun xde diskaun... huhu

Anonymous said...

omg. yeah. i was there last week. damn good food. damn good service! Staff Zurah was so hospitable! Slurp ~Nyonya Laksa*
-gina wong, singapore-

蓝蓝的天空^.^ said...

boleh tak makan dinner sambil melihat river?