Thursday, October 29, 2009

I will speak any language tat my mulut celupar wants to speak!

First of all, YES my mulut kinda celupar.

N secondly, there is nothing wrong about speaking in other language other than ur own.

But still some kolot people thinks otherwise. KOLOT!!! n bodoh too. Mostly bodoh laa...

So here's the incident tat kononnye "inspired" me to post this.

It happened last week when i was lepaking at MP nye McD with 2 other frenz, Kim n Jojo. Biaselah lepak2, gossip2... hehe... n mcm biase we speak our language, The*ROJAK language.

*ROJAK language = All different languages disumbatkan into one sentences.
Example: THIS BLOG

From Malay, to English, a lil bit of Mandrin n a dash of Japanese. Sume language kita cakap. Then muncul lah this 2 ekor sakai chinese dudes datang duduk belakang us. Both muka poyo, dating together- gether (Ok maybe they're not dating but tokok tambah sket ape salah nye). Then we all mcm biase oni ler borak2 in our own language. Then tiba2 i terdengar one of the dude said somthin in Mandrin "Aiya we are Chinese, so speak Chinese oni laa. So good meh speak Malay n English". Memang geram giler loh tat time coz first, they all pikir kolot nak mampus. N second, didnt thier mama teach them not to interupt other people's conversation?

Bodoh nye org.... we are humans ler, we can speak watever language we want to. Dont just stuck with ur cina language. Those guys really spoiled the mood so we decided to leave. Nak cari gadoh boleh, but we are orang bertamadun. Buat pekak je lor. But of course i had to do somthin rite? As we were about to leave, i pandang tat 2 muka poyo n bagi jelingan maut n say "FALU MAMA" out loud. Hehe i dunno if any of u knows the word but if x tau tu, x payah la tau. Just a word i learn from Club Med. Eventhough it doesnt involve bloody fights, i feel quite good after doing it.

Hehehe so tats the story. Kesimpulannye,

Hehehe kita sume mmg mulut celupar kan. Dont be shy to admit it. So keep the rojak language ALIVE. No matter what race or nationality u are. For example like ME! My dad is pure Chinese n mom is Nyonya keturunan Siam. We may look like a typical Chinese family, but we speak zer0 Chinese language. Wakakaka... how cool is tat?
So i guess tats all from me..... so till the next post,
N lastly, HASTA LA VISTA bebeh!!!


Pav said...

why u tak bls blk.."kanasai la u!..we r in malaysia k?"...xD...

vee-sia said...

waaa paparita mengganas!!!

haha biarkan die org sesat dlm dunia die org sendiri.

Pav said...

biasalah..da nama paparita the monster...

Elaine said...

we are 1Malaysia ma. good that we can converse in lots of language. rather than the Chinese ah bengs yg cakap melayu & English pelat. worse things is, satu benda pun yg they ckp ppl x faham. hahaha..