Sunday, August 9, 2009

Small lepak session, but had tons of FUN!!!

Wazzup people!!! haha had a great time hanging out with my frenz last friday... oni 5 of us who came tat day n we lepaked at JJ. All of us (me, ee lin, kim, pav n chee han/badak (the only guy there but somehow he just fits in like the girls) met around noon n we had lunch at Secret Recipe. Finally we get to try somthin different other than McD or KFC. Haha....

MMmmmm Secret Recipe... food so good, i have NO complains. Eventhough the food are a lil expensive, but they're totally worth it! Better than other so called "cafe" yg ade kat Bukit Beruang tu (Pirates n Island Red cafe). Food sucks, n so freakin expensive. Here's a lil advise my people, DONT GO THERE!!!

ANYWAYZ.....I had the Prawn Macaroni with Cheese. Mmmm... awesome cheesy goodness... Lunch went really well, n we spent almost 3 hrs just sitting there talkin n laughing like crazy... hahaha... n of course we even sempat to take some pics!!

Chee han, Kim, ME, Pav, n Ee lin

Charlie's Angels??? Hahahaha

Chee Han "cam-whoring"

After dah kenyang makan & dah puas berchit-chat, where did we go? Where else if not the ARCADE!!!!!!

I really2 missed the gendang game. Bile sampai oni arcade we ronda2 kejap then terus tukar token n go serang the gendang game.

Gendang Game

Kim, Gendang Game promoter

Kim n Ee lin.... concentrate tuuu

After the Gendang Game, we move on with air hokey!!!

Then Kim n Chee Han tried the dancing thingy.....

*dance*.... *dance*.... GAME OVER!

A word from Kim "I'm not gonna try tat stupid game ever again!!

N then pav pulak naik kuda...

Cepat kuda!!! cepat!!!

Then tats all the games we played. Dont really know how long we spent our time there. But mmg penat giler loh. X sangka main game oni pun boleh penat, but most of the time penat ketawa oni ler...hahaha. So then we pun keluar.... but WAIT!!! Suddenly i spotted somthin cool.... It was a guitar game, kinda like Guitar Hero i guess. So I decided to give it a try n Kim tagged along... seriously how bad could it be rite...

Rock starz in the making.... hoho

So the normal procedure, put in the token, press start, choose a ROCKIN song n START!!!

Then x sampai 10 seconds....

NO words could describe my feelings.... but in my heart all i wanted 2 do is


Bloody hell, waste my token oni. Haiz... xpe ler. Make it satu pengajaran. Every rockstarz in the making have their bad moments rite.... So to cheer ourselves up, we take some crazy pics!!!


Haha budak kecik mana sesat nie?


Haha lemme explain d situation here:
Pav is Paparita the Monster
Kim n Ee Lin are part of the Ultraman family

Hahaha... after all those craziness, we went to the food court to rest kejap. then around 5 somthin BALIK!!!!! Really had a great time guys!!! Thanx fer coming!!! Lain kali kita pergi lagi yer... hehhe
Okies lah..... tats all from me. I got nthn else to say edi but BUH BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elaine said...

OMG!! I'm laughing like crazy here. hahahaha. Really day. Unfortunately, after the whole fun thingy, I'm sick the next day. huhu.

vee-sia said...

Hahaha... maybe u had too much fun sampai sakit. So now dh baik ke?

Elaine said...

Can consider dah la. although not yet 100%. still got pening2 lalat. haha..

pav said...

i pula..the next day tangan bukan main sakit,adui...paparita the monster,not bad huh the name...but the horse riding pic telah menconteng arang ke atas muka family of monster...