Monday, August 10, 2009

Pasar Malam in Kemaman...

One of the things i missed the when i was in Club Med is definately Pasar Malam. The only nite of the week (Thursday) where we can go out to c the world. PASAR MALAM!!! Some of u might think, "ceh! pasar malam oni, every where also same lah". Well, u might be right. But if nak compare pasar malam in Melaka is totally different from Kemaman punye. How different? It's TOTALLY packed with food..... the whole row just FOOD!!! FOOD!! FOOD!!!! Yummy-yummy food....

N most of the food are Malay food loh. Me like em! Malay food good! Haha yeah n most of the peniaga there are Malays. But if I'm not mistaken got only 1 Chinese gerai... tu pun jual handphone accessories... hahaha. The pasar malam is so packed with Malays, so when me n my frenz who are Chinese go there, we get "the look". But we just dont care ler, coz mmg jarang nampak Chinese there.

ANYWAYZ... here are some of my fav foodies yg i always buy....

First up is keropok lekor!!! When in Terenganu of course la must buy keropok lekor.. x beli, x sah la wei. And yg jual not just one stall, banyak giler! So how do we choose from which stall 2 buy? Well tis particular stall was recomended by my fren Bob. When we ask y u alwayz buy from here, his answer was pretty simple "Sebab awek yg jual tu lawa"..... Haiz.. biase ler men, so pathetic.

Freshly goreng keropok lekor

Next is the food tat I buy almost everytime I go to pasar malam. N its none other than the yummy kebab! Had to wait so freakin long but its worth it coz it taste SOO GOOD. This stall also sells burger n hamlet. Never buy the hamlet thingy b4 but it sure looks good.

Kebab in the making

Burger in the making

Hamlet.... with no ham. just hot dog with egg on top

See the price? Freakin cheap man. Burger oni 70 sen. Here the cheapest pon 1 ringgit.

Next food? Satay!!!! I love the satay here man! I personally think Kemaman satay is better than Melaka punye. Y? Coz the meat are so tender n no animal fat at all. All meat... yummy meat... N the price is 3 batang for RM 1. Cheap kan?

N the reason y i chose this stall? Coz the org yg jual is a cute old couple. Hehe.... plus old people sell, sure very clean one. If org muda sure they do cincai2 punye....

Mak Cik, satay ayam 5 ringgit!

Okok next food is not very healthy. So i jarang beli, but its so damn good. N it is fried chicken. This stall is like KFC in pasar malam. They sell some serious finger lickin good fried chicken. Any part of the chicken u wan mesti ade. Leher? Jantung? Kaki? They even have chicken a$$. Even kulit pun they jual... sedap seh kulit. but my ultimate favourite part is the bedal... yummy-yummy, gummy-gummy. But u must come early or else habis loo.

Saya mau bedal 3 ringgit!

Hmmm after all that oily yummy goodness, rasa haus pulak. Ape air mau minum?

The chocolate float is kinda good.... N as for the jagung float.... I x berani mau try. But wat i really like is the Coconut shake. Its basically air kelapa muda plus vanilla ice cream. Very refreshing! n oni 1 ringgit. N once Me n my frenz bought 5 cups n the dude gave us one free! Hohoho... lucky2!

Actually there loads more food at the pasar malam. but i didnt get to take all of the pics. But seriously all the food there really looks good sampai dunno which one to buy...Hehe.... but there is one stall tat i really benci tengok. N i just dont understand y people would sell these stuffs. Telur penyu..... Stupid people! Penyu sudah mau pupus leh, still wanna sell. N to those yg beli.... SHAME ON U!!! X berhati perut!!!

ANYWAYZ... then after sudah membeli-belah.... kita balik... n of course MAKAN!!!

Back with the foodies!!

X sabar nye mau makan....

Hasil pembelian.... banyak tuu


Lina membaham her kebab

Totemo oishii des ne!!!

Tengok ini budak kecik nye muka, u all tau lah the food mmg sedap. Damn I loved Thrusday nites. Mmg kenyang gila lah...

Oh well.... sedih nye terkenangkan pasar malam... huhu. Okieslah mau tido n mimpi some kebab... hoho gud nite y'all!!! Selamat Malam!!!


Elaine said...

The food there really damn cheap man. One of the best food in kemaman is the stuff crab. there's a chinese shop selling this, but it's halal. even the malays come & eat. Usually malays scared not halal rite? but this 1 memang halal. Really miss the stuff crab. T.T

Anonymous said...

makan mcm tak ingat dunia..

pav said...

sob sob...i wish i can go ther...

vee-sia said...

Yaya the stuffed crab mmg sedap!
Xpe pav satu hari nanti kita buat lawatan ramai2 pg sana.

Makanan sedap mestilah x ingat dunia... hahaha