Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ain't family the best!

Yup, my family is the best! Of course when i say family, i meant my dad, mom, n sister. N then there's the other family like grandpa, grandma, cousins, uncles, n of course.... annoying aunties.

Haha, annoying aunties.... i bet there's at least one superbly annoying aunt in your family. N when i say annoying, it means tat you dislike her soo much, u would watever it takes to avoid her. For example goin somewhere far to work, hmmm like Pahang? N like if she is SOOO annoying , u wont feel bad even when u describe her as "bi*chy". N the annoying aunt is the one who u n ur siblings would give a special name like example, "mulut *****". Yeap tats the annoying aunt!

Well, lemme tell u guys a lil story bout MY annoying aunt. I have no shame telling this story coz the only person who should feel ashame, is the bi*ch herself. N today, I Vriesia Ng Siok Fong shall let go all my grudge, anger n DENDAM towards those aunties.

So some of u might, think, "how bad can ur aunties be?" Hoho... prepared for the worst aunties EVER!!!

First! They shattered a 17 years old girl's (my sister) dream to be a psychologist. They brain washed my dad n forced my sister to take business.So then fine, my sis took bizzness. but when she wanted to quit half way, those people went mad. Marah2 n create such a disaster in my house. Such control freaks! Cant control their own anak, then wanna control us. Either way, now my sister is a successful journalist... no thanx to them of course. Eat ur shitlaa!

Then second story! this has haunted me for 8 years till now. Tat time I was only 8. N the annoying aunties keep on buggin me that i couldnt speak Cantonese (yes I'm Chinese but i cnt speak Chinese till now). Then those words came out of her mouth.... "Lei mou yongg, mou YONGG!! MOU YOUNG AA!!". (mou yong is useless in Cantonese. How i know? TVB drama loh) Shoot direct to my face sial! n even pointed her ugly manicured finger to me. Do u know how traumatic it is for an 8 year old girl? 8 years old... so innocent, so pure..... Seriously why the HELL are u blamin me for? If my dad x ajar me how the HELL i'm gonna learn?!!! Go marah ur adik la! UGHH!!

AND the worst part of this, her own bloody anak couldnt speak Cantonese!!!! Seriously WTF rite? Org tua x sedar diri!!!!

Anywayz heres how it was through my 8 year old view......

Drew this usin paint... yeah very ugly... but looks just like her!

Hohoho..... serupa siak. Ngeh ngeh.... anywayz did i mention tat they wanted to tentukan my future too? get this, they wanted me to be a NURSE..... I was like WTF???!!! They even tried to brain wash me... but too bad! u loose! Not on this tough cookie! N good thing tat my sis n mom was on my side. Muahaha padan muka.

Crazy control freaks..... kakaliki people..... Alwayz look down on us.... think tat they're SOO great... just bcoz my mum is a housewife makes Nyonya kuih, they have no right to look down on us! N my mom makes some damn good Nyonya kuih n tats the kuih tat u people stuff ur shitty mouth with! Then siap can mintak recipe lagi... then when try buat, jadi like shit! then paksa org makan pulak tu.

Ughhh... perasaan benci semakin meluap-luap.... i think i better stop.... I'll save my anger a lil bit just incase there will b a huge fight.... n my spidey sense sayz there will be one.... oh yeah! BRING IT ON BI*CHES!!!!

Oh lega nyer!!! Hohoho... yeap those are my annoying aunties..... please, do share your stories.... I'm sure u have tons of them. So till the next post, tata! n I love my family!


chris@dotagaki said...

Haha dam funny post. Can't stop laughing while reading. Nasib i dun have any b*tches bothering me n my family.

vee-sia said...

funny? org lepaskan geram die kata funny?? cis! anywayz lucky u.... huhu

pav said...

bersabar la vsia...then those annoying aunt got mengumpat bout your family to other ppl or not? if ada,memang mulut sial..

Elaine said...

ramai orang tak sedar diri dalam dunia nie. wanna kepoh2 bout ppl's life dunno for wat. Juz do wat u think is right k? hehe..

vee-sia said...

pav: mesti ade punye, coz die org nye mulut mmg mcm sial... n mmg tgh sabar giler sekrg

ee lin: hehe thanx ee lin!