Saturday, August 1, 2009

My last few days in Club Med...

Yeap I'm no longer workin there.... since about more than 2 week ago. Hahaha yeah n it took me this long to post this post... wat can i say, i'm very lazy. hahaha anywayz... the last few days i spent in Club Med was AWESOME. My last day workin was on the 15th, but then i only went home to Melaka on the 18th coz had to wait for HR for some unfinished biznezz.
So anywayz these are how i spent my lst days in Club Med....huhu remembering these stuff are really sad.... damn i miss tat place.

16th- woke pretty late... hehe biase ler kan, ate lunch around noon then me and Beh went jalan2 at the main gate. We wanted to go to the turtle santuary to see penyu.
But when we arrived it was closed for lunch time. So while waiting we go jln2 at beach.... the beach is sooo..... hmm i have no words to describe it. Seriously, having nice, soft and warm sand under my sore blistered feet, then the nice cool breeze blowing through my hair, the calming sounds of the waves and last but not least the nice fresh poluted-free air.....
HUHUHU i miss the beach..... anywayz then we walked till 2pm when the turtle santuarty open. Just so u know the entry is free but there was a donation box there for all the kind people yg mau derma... of course i ade donate....5 bucks ok! anywayz, inside there was some stuff about penyu, and then masuk dlm lagi we saw a big kolam with penyu inside!! Aren't they pretty? N the small ones are SUPER CUTE!!!

Info bout penyu


And more TURTLES!!!

Awww..... cute little baby penyu!!!

Then after admiring the penyus, we went home. Hahaha then i continued watching Malcom in the Middle. Then at 5.30 i went to beach again, but this time with Lina my room mate.

Lina n me

Haha lemme tell u guys bout this girl... first of all shes crazy! good crazy! tat's y we go along very well. But she is also a bad influnce... y? coz everytime she opens her mouth... "F*ck!!", "Shi*t", but most of the time "F*ck". Hahaha yeap, she say the F word all the time sampai i pun berjangkit with F word. Anywayz some people says we're sisters coz we look a like but i personally think she looked like my another fren Pui San.

Anywayz then we went back n get ready to go out coz its Thursday nite!! Pasar Malam nite!!! Yay!!! Had my last taste of all of the junk food.... kebab, satay, ayam goreng, n more yummy goodies. Kenyang giler lah tat nite. N tats pretty much how the day ends.


The next day... again bangun lambat.... adat ler.. hehe didnt do much stuff in the afternoon. Actually the only thing i did was watch Malcom. Hahaha very funny la the show... anywayz then at 4, me, Beh, Ike, n Rizqy went to the beach... AGAIN!!! but tis time go bermandi-manda. SYOK seh!!! The waves are so strong but safe to mandi in.
Then thanx to Parja we get to go SAILING!!!! It was like the perfect day for sailing coz the wind was strong. Eventhough it was like a 10 minutes ride... it was superbly AWESOME!!! After sailing we go kacau Zaidul at the beach bar. Haha crazy zaidul even offered me vodka-cranberry. But i decided to stay sober n had cranberry juice only. He also gave me a whole bottle of Coke. After minum2 cite2, time to balik n rest for the next activity.

Lepaking at the beach bar.....

Next activity is really cool. Maybe its not for some of u but i dont care. wat activity u ask? Lepas penyu!!! yeap me, Ike n Lina went out to the main gate to go to the turtle santuary to lepaskan some baby penyu to the sea. there were some tourists as well but luckily we each get to hold a turtle n set them free to the sea. It was pitch dark so we can't take pics. n we cant even use flash coz we we're not allowed to.

It was really a moment to remember... then ngam2 just when we nak lepas the penyu, FIREWORKS!!!! Club med nye fireworks coz they was havin a white party tat nite. Such a perfect way to end the nite. n the perfect way to end my Club Med days...... Haiz really miss tat place.... but life goes on. time to move on to somewhere else... where? hehe dunno yet.

So till the next post.... PEACE OUT PEOPLE!!!!!

Hmmmm is tat a peace sign? (hohoho)


Elaine said...

syoknye. Can imagine all the fun u r having for the last few days there.

Anonymous said...

jealousnye aku...