Monday, July 13, 2009

Workin in Club Med

Loads of people ask me “Why did u come back?” or “Nape datang sini balik? Fail practical ker?” or even “Why the hell r u here?”. Well my answer is pretty simple... “experience ma...” then they will ask, “training not enough experience?” believe it or not... NO... nope, its not enough. During training I only spent 3 weeks in a department, mana ler cukup. Plus trainees always kena do the dirty job, but now i'm an employee so I can buli other trainees to do the dirty job.... muahahaha!!!

Coming here, i think i missed lots of things. One of it is my gathering with my frenz.... they had a tour around Melaka in the hot sun... Do u people know how freakin rare is tat? Its shitty coz i heard they had a blast... n i dont think there will ever be a next time. Oh well, MAYBE, MAYBE we will go n visit the zoo.... yeah n when tat happens, i'll make sure i go buy loteri. Other than that i've also missed my cousins 21st b'day party. Well on the good side is that i didnt have to buy present, BUT for the bad side, i didnt get to hang out with my big happy family. Its not always that all of us get to hang out with each other often.

Anywayz for the first month I worked in bar. Bar is cool, get to meet people, can curi tulang n talk 2 guests, n I get to drink any drink I wan, which includes alcohol but only after workin hours. But so far I oni pernah curi minum once ( I know, I very baik). I had Bailey's with milk. Damn it was good. But drinkin on a sort of empty stomach... not good. The alcohol attacked pretty fast. Balik kerja terus tumbang. Hohoho.... it was definitely worth it! Haha... I worked in morning shift from 8am to 5pm. But in morning I dont usually take my breakfast in the canteen coz, a) I always wake up late so no time to eat, b) canteen food suxx, n c) i'm not really a breakfast person. So every mornin go work, do the opening of the bar. After dah siap2, around 9-ish, I have my special breakfast. Its either banana milkshake, ice blended Milo, or chocolate banana milkshake. Haha damn its good... well of course lah, I buat punye. Then sometimes kalao ade connection dgn org, dapat lah makan croissant from the breakfast counter by the bar. Then around 11, I'll have my appetizer. Canapes with different topings everyday. Fresh tuna, mashed potato, mashed black olives, and my personal fav, crab meat! Mmmmmmm sedap.... bile training xde all this. Anywayz i've learnt a lot workin in d bar. Got to know more cocktails and alcohols too. N of course some words of wisdom from my sifus.... “Dont come back here, work some where else”. Hahaha... thanx guys, definately takin tat advice. for workin in the restaurant... it kinda suxx. Its not the same like last time edi.... last time ade ramai kawan, n ramai org yg kerja too. but now new people, n not much of them. So it means that have to do more work n to make it even worse, the occupancy is freakin high rite now. So its freakin busy.... but somehow dunno why they tarik me go to pantai restaurant. The pantai restaurant is kinda cool plus i even learnt some new stuff coz its a fine dining restaurant. It is much more high class compared to the main restaurant. Plus its ala carte not like main restaurant, buffet style. Asyik2 clear plate je.... boring. Then at pantai can curi makan pulak tu... ngeh ngeh... had a lil bit of lobster yesterday.... hoho... n then every nite i'll have a glass of beer + sprite.... hohoho yeap, its good. but the only thing yg x OK is this particular colleague. Freakin annoyin.... sikit2 marah... salah cikit marah, x salah pun marah..... aiyoyo....nehi.. nehi... if tis particular person xde, kerja mmg relax giler loh. haha.... haiz... but still bar is still the best.... i miss workin at the bar!!! huhu... lousy new mgmt.

Anywayz... workin here is fun. for those who are interested, feel free to apply. but beware, the gaji is not so good, but its really fun. So i guess thats it from me. Got nthn else to say... so byezz!!!


Anonymous said...

nehi nehi? hindi words eh?..ko ni kat mana2 pun mesti ada curi makan n minum punye...gaji bape kat situ?..pav..keh keh keh...

vee-sia said...

hindi le kot... haha biase ler.. makan free, rezeki x patut ditolak