Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 3 Songs: July 2013

Happy 31st people!!!

Did you get ur Baskin Robins? EHEHEHE~ Well I did... & its GOOOD~ XD

Since I'm so kind, I wont be posting any pics of it to sakitkan ur hati... EHEHEHE~

OKIE LOKI, its the end of the month... so macam biase, here are my top 3 songs of the month... :D

No. 3 ~ Back to Life by 3oh!3

I'll be honest and admit that I'm not a fan of 3oh!3... Coz i think their song a lil cray cray... XD sorry 3oh!3 fans out there... hahaha... & since I'm not a fan n all, I didnt know who sang this song the 1st time I heard it... Kinda surprised that its 3oh!3 coz it sounds different... but then I watched their video & yeap, they're still cray cray... Either, still a good song... I remember waking up one morning & the first thing that was in my head is this song... crazy huh? XD


No.2 ~ Play Hard by David Guetta ft Akon & Ne-Yo

"Work hard~ Play hard~ Keep partyin' like its your job"

Partyin like its your job... Wouldn't we all like that eh?

I love this song... I listen to this song every single this morning before I start my work... It kinda gives me the energy before I start my work... Ohsem song! ;D

*FYI: I'm not a party girl... :P

and finally, my numero uno song~

No.1 ~ Oblivion by Bastille



I want their album, but I cant seem to find it here & its saaaad... 
Haiz... oh btw... the song... listen to it... pakai ur earphones, close ur eyes, & just enjoy the song... :)

OKlah~ that's it from me... Lets welcome August with our arms wide open... NAK RAYA WEH!!!

I pun belum pegi shopping raya lagi... XD Sale every where leh~ Must go shopping... HAHA~

Klah, I should get some sleep... SHOULD... XD 

Nitey nite people~


Friday, July 26, 2013

Goodbye My Little Mischief

Hey people... How ya doin?
Me, not so fine... I have a post in mind that I wanted blog about since last week... & if that post was drafted yesterday, the title would be "My New Boy Toy"... 

Unfortunately today, I have to say goodbye to my boy toy...& change the title to "Goodbye My Little Mischief".

I woke up this morning n my mum told me Loki was found dead outside my house...

Just so u know, this is my Loki...


Not this Loki ya... 


 Eventhough I wish it was... :P 
*not the dying part of course*

A stranger left him in front of my house about a month ago...  He was still a lil kitten so i decided to take him in... Who knows maybe ade org mau adopt. 

 1st day at home...

But nobody did, so i ended up taking him as my own and named him after the God of Mischief, Loki... Haha... Its not bcoz I'm a Hiddlestoner ok... 

My mum actually chose tat name while watching Avengers last year... She said "If we were to have another cat, we shud name it Loki"... So yeah, tats how he got the name... 

And the name fits him purrfectly... Loki is hands down the naughtiest cat I've ever had! A mischief indeed... & super stubborn too... But thats what made me smile... Walaupun jahat nak mampus, he still manja gile... 

 He's with me for only a month plus but it still hurts loosing him. Maybe because its too shocking for me. I didn't expect it at all. Just yesterday he was all happy playing around and annoy everybody at home... Still cant believe it... Maybe I shouldn't have let him go out last night... Maybe... Haiz...

So now... Sadly I have no one to teman me watch TV,

 Watchin Top Chef tuu... (on top of me)

 No one to walk me to my car whenever i go out, no one to greet me when i come home & no one for me to be silly with whenever I'm down... :(
Haih... Miss that lil punk already... Oh well, life goes on I guess... Maybe its time for Loki to be a new person? That what my mum told me... Hmmm... Maybe...

Klah... I guess tats it from me... Just feel like wanna meluahkan perasaan... I've been keeping this "emosi" all day... & sorry if I was acting a lil bitchy today... Lets just say I wasn't in a happy place...

N that's it... bye people...

N to my little mischief... I'm gonna miss u naughty cat... ;)

R.I.P Loki... <3>

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Minion Madness!


The minion madness is heeerreeeeee~

Unless u have been living under a rock, u peeps probably know about the minion madness that has been going on for the past few weeks...

Of course, all thanks to McDonalds!

These cute lil minions are now "available" at all McD's in Malaysia... SORT OF...


For those yg really2 tinggal bawah batu, news flash: Crazy people are rushing to buy these lil toys, queuing for hours, then SIAP PECAHKAN PINTU just to get those lil buggers...

I was shocked when I found out that these minions were sold out on the very 1st day... Fortunately I wasnt one of the crazy people who collects the minions... X minat sangat lah... But my sister does... and I actually had to drive her to THREE McDs just to get those minions (things I do for people I love)...

Then a week ago I teman my friends pegi beli... then I tumpang beli sekali for my sis... & we went at midnight thinking that not many people would go lah... I WAS WROOONG! At about 11.20pm, people already start queuing... CRAZY! Nasib baik I didnt que... Coz I would be fucking pissed off & curse everyone if I did... I'm not the person who have that much patience... So yeah, while 2 of my frens was queueing, me and other frens was sitting at our table making fun of those people. XD I guess the worst part of all is when I see a GUYS/grown-ass BOYS were all happy & excited, POSING & TAKING PICTURES with their adorable minions... BLUERRRGHHHH!!! COMMON LAH! BE A MAN lah bro!

 *U peeps see why I'm still single? Coz guys these days are bunch of sissies!*

And then theres a bunch of chicks behind us... They bought like almost 10 happy meals siot! N then bouncing happily while carrying their trays, konon mcm act cute... BLUEK~

Oh and then, I guess people are so excited when they carry their trays of Happy Meals sampai air pun tumpah... Total spilled drinks I saw on that night: 3... Pool of cokes everywhere~ X senonoh!

I have to say... the scene on that day was pretty pathetic... Human eh? 

At first I just dont get it, how can it be sold out so fast... Then turns out people have been "borong-ing" the minions for selling purpose... Confession: When I first heard it, I thought it was freaking GENIUS! I oso wan go borong lah!... But then I pikir, seriously got idiot wanna buy meh? I saw on, people are selling 1 toy for RM 50... SIAO MEH??? Then on e-bay got people bid till 1000+??? WTF???

Sungguh tak berbaloi!

Lagi baik go and buy the original merchandise loh... If u look at the quality, its pretty bad... To be honest I was shocked when I saw how bad the quality was... Take a look at these pictures and tell me I'm wrong...



Horrible right???

I know McD toys dont have THE BEST quality, but this is quite terrible...

 So people, dont waste your money lah... Spend wisely... Do some charity...  

People have been saying that Happy Meal is for kids, and should be enjoyed by kids and not adults... Yeah, so thanks to U CRAZY MINION PEOPLE, people like me who enjoy buying Happy Meal toys look bad.

I grew up buying Happy Meal toys... From kecik sampai now at the age of 23++, I still do buy Happy Meal ok... but only with nice toys lah.... I dont buy those My Little Ponies stuff... I buy Spongebob ok...

My Spongebob Collection

So much better quality leh... ADORBS!

Hahaha... So yeah, Minion Madness... ITS CRAZY... 

Its 12.00am now... New minions are released now... Go to every McD and u will see crazy people every where... Feel like wanna drive there & scream at those people who are queuing sampai kat luar, "HAHA BODOOOHHHNYEEE... *points finger at them* EEE BODOHHHHH!" XD... LOL, it will be hilarious!

EHEHEHE~ Macam macam orang kat dunia nie eh?

Haha, Klah... OH... btw, since everyone are "infected' with the minion bug... I wonder if anyone would wanna buy this?

Yes, its mine... 

Bought it in Bangkok... WAAAY ahead before the minion madness started...

Its a popcorn bucket with cup...

The cup got the toy on top...

Detachable of course...

EHEHEHE... So lemme know if anyone is interested... 



Klah, enough with the minion madness... Am I the only one who thinks its overrated? I dont like minions anymore... I watched Despicable Me 2 edi... Not THAT funny loh... I was watching in the cinema and the people around me are laughing like mad and all I did was smile... Not funny enough to make me laugh... XD The first one is still the best! Kan? Kan? Kan?

HEHE~ Klah.. Aku mau tido... GOOD NITE PEEPS!

PS: I know sometimes buying a toy is kinda fun coz it brings back those childhood memories... But then agak2 ler... I totally support unleashing your inner child but then lets not look like a pathetic moron doing it ya... ;) 

Keep calm & love Loki... HAHAHA BYE! ~<3 i="">

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From Hollywood to Melaka


 (Yes I drafted this post a month ago)

So scratch that! JULY IS HERE!

Halo people~ Hope y'all are doin good...

Its the month of June! (My baby's birthday month! XD)

Anywayz just to share with u peeps about this "new" exhibition in Melaka...

I was driving back from work & I spotted this....

The exibition is held at the Bastion House Melaka.

Keluar kat newspaper leh... So yeah the geek/nerd/dork in me was kinda excited... Siap pikir nak amik gambar with Iron Man just to rub into my fren's face... LOL

Entrance tickets is Rm 10 for adults and RM 5 for lil brats :P

Good news is they dont charge for camera... In fact, the dude even said "Feel free to take some pictures"... Darn it, I shud have brought my camera... So here are the pics that I took usin my "trusty" HTC Desire V...

Masuk2 the pintu oni this is the first theng I saw...

And all I can think of is "WHY U NO CHRIS EVANS FACE???"

Lol... Kecewa... Btw it doesnt really make any sense kan? Why would the Red Skull wanna wear the red, white & blue? The dude is like HYDRA all the way... IMPOSIBRUUUU!

But eventhough muka Red Skull, I still took a pic with it lah... Ade the shield maa... 

If ade muka CE, I confirm use the pic as my FB profile pic... XD
Someone help me photoshop~ Haha~

Haha kk moving on... Mari lemme show u some of the pics that I took...

There are loads of artworks around hangin on the wall... XD duh...

From Marvel to DC Comics, macam2 ade...

Old skool comics... nice...

Other than artworks, they also have some other stuff...

Batman Stuff

Old Skool Iron Man Helmet

Thor punye hammer, Mjolnir...

Then there's also non comic related stuff...

Harry Porter stuff...

Star Wars!

A lot more to see lah but I'm too lazy to take pic of everything :P

So if u wanna see more, go check it out urself loh... The exhibition is till 17 July 2013... Still got 7 days more to check em out!

If u're lucky can go take pic with Iron Man... Sorry Pav, it aint RDJ tho... XD

As for me... all I get is a pic of Iron Man's butt... XD

I think that's Mark 2? I think... XD

Hahaha, yeah I didnt take any pic with him... too many people jakun-ing to take picture... So decided not to be one... HAHA~ Kalau Captain America or Loki boleh lah... Hiak~ Hiak~

OKIE LAH... Thats it from me... I promised to update more soon! I'm forcing myself to be more rajin... XD

Oh b4 I end this post, just wanna wish all the Muslim readers "Selamat Berpuasa"... Respect u peeps for puasa-ing coz I dont think I could last that long without food... and for the other races, LETS SERBU PASAR RAMADAN!!!! Hahaha... 

Okie Loki! That's from me... BYE PEEPS! & jgn ponteng puasa yo!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top 3 Songs: June 2013



 *still spell bounded by Loki/Tom*

So, I'll be posting my Top 3 songs of the month early because I am super rajin... EHEHEHE~

LOL, of course not lah! If I am rajin, then Chris Evans is REALLY my husband... LOLZ... ANYWAYZ, remember last month, when I posted that Daft Punk song... and I said it sounds like "We're up all night to get Loki'd"?

Look what I saw on Tumblr...


I'm not the only one... :P


Lets put Mr. Loki/Hiddleston aside for a while, (NEVER!) and let enjoy some music~ sort of...

Ehehehe~ So here are my top 3 songs in JUNE... (OMG sudah half year liao!)

No. 3 Clarity by Zedd

In my mind, I cant stop thinkin about the chorus"If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy, If our love's insanity why are you my clarity"... and the beat is pretty awesome... I noticed that recently I'm quite into those EDM stuff... Hmmmm... I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY... either way, I like this song :P


No. 2 I Love It by Icona Pop

I dont know whats the story about this song but I DONT CARE! I LOVE IT! XD

Makes u wanna jump around and trash a hotel room... LOL, no? ok... XD maybe just me... feel like wanna baling2 barang and scream "I DONT FUCKING CARE!"... LOL, yeap fun song :D A theme song to play in ur head when you wanna trash ur stupid ex's house/room... confirm will make that bastard wish that he was never born... LOL! went too far... lets move on shall we? XD


Treasure by Bruno Mars

ORITEE! LOVE THIS SONG! When I first heard it, I tot it was some retro song. Then I recognized Bruno Mars punye voice... Hahhaa lagu moden lah! Its impossible to hate a Bruno Mars nye song kan? MR. MARS, PUHLEEEEEZ COME TO MALAYSIA AGAIN! His live performance always look so awesome, I WAN GO!!! Huhuhuhhu~ Oh well, keepin my fingers crossed!


Oh btw, the reason I'm posting this early is because yours truly is going away for a while... I'm going to BANGKOK BAYBEH!!! & Pattaya as well... EHEHEHEHEHE~ So yeah, here I am posting this when I SHOULD be packing my luggage... Esok kena bangun awal pulak tu T.T xpe lah dalam flight can tido... Did I ever mention that I hate flying? Haha~ Klah, I shud get packin now~



Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top 3 Songs: May 2013

Date: 31 May 2013
Time: 11.44pm

I AM HUNGRY... & kinda SLEEPY... but I dont care... Must finish this post by 12!!! :P

Ehehehehehe~ Helloooo people~ Well u know the drill kan? 

End of the month means LAGU LAGU time!!!

Lets do a quick one shall we.... lets gooooo~

No. 3 ~ Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharell

"We're up all night to get lucky

Asyik ulang the same thing, no wonder its stuck in my head eh? But I love it... Nice song to dance to and go crazy... The song basically about getting lucky... u know... the dude wanna get some... somthin~ somthin~ XD

Oh btw, at some parts, I did hear "We're up all night to get Loki'd".... I dont mind that XD


No. 2 ~ Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke ft Pharell & T.I

This song is sexaaaayyyy~ Robin is hot... Pharell is hot... T.I is hot... Weather is hot too... :P Again, another nice song to dance to.... XD

And finally~ 

No 1 ~ Love Somebody by Maroon 5

I find this song had some similarity to Daylight... Dont know why... Macam ade the same vibe to it... Anywayz I LOVE this song... Cant stop singing the chorus in my head... Its nice if someone can take me all the way eh? :P HIAK~ HIAK~ DREAM lahhhh~ Oh btw... the video is kinda hot tooo~ ADAM!!!!

Those are some hot music for a very hot month eh? Global warming... tsk tsk~ Poor mother earth...

Ok... obviously I way too sleepy to be blogging.... So pardon me for the crappy stuff I just wrote... Just enjoy the songs people.... May music heal ur wounded, blistered and lonely soul...

Vriesia, OUT!

Or as Mr Chow would say, "TOODALOO, ^%@&$**&^&#*@!!!"

Friday, May 31, 2013

De-Stress Thurday!!! Hangover 3 :3


How u doing???

I'm good here... Me very happy girl... hiak hiak~ why? 


The last time I had De-stress Thursday was in 2011... LOL so long time ago! I've been busy I guess... Haha~

Anywayz, I've stressing for the last few days... Why? Its THAT time of the month loh.... PAYROLL! XD bukan itu~ itu~ lei... 

Hahaha yeah, almost end of the month, kena prepare payroll. WinCom System SUCKS! But wat to do... terpaksa loh... 

KK, forget bout those stressful stuff! Get back to our De-Stress Thursday!

So NGAM, HANGOVER 3 sudah keluar! Hiak~ Hiak~

I did hesitate going out for a movie alone... Dunno why (Takut jumpe orang yg x sepatutnye)... But I decided to be stubborn and just go anywayz... And I'm glad I did coz it was worth it!

Ticket for one... U GOT PROBLEM? *shows fist*

Why did I go alone? The reason is quite simple... nobody wan go with me... XD I think lah... I did announce on Twitter but no one respond maa (LOL mcm lah aku ade byk follower)... makna nye xde org mau ikot loh... hahahaha~ Plus... I CANNOT WAIT!

ANYHOW, pegi seorang ade kebaikan nye... I sat right in the middle... and my jiran, are both cuties XD... HAHAHAHA~ Ok it means nothing... XD


 The final Hangover movie... I am sad... Although the movie is F*CKING FUNNY, but I feel like the ending is not epic enough... Its the final Hangover movie! And the ending is like so~ so~ oni... Hmmmm... Oh well, at least I had fun... The formula is definitely different from the first 2 movies, which good but somehow I think I miss the whole hangover thing. Well the movie is called The Hangover. XD And I notice that this 3rd one is slightly darker and there are some quite disturbing moments... poor giraffe... Either way, I enjoyed the movie... Just what I needed to de-stress, a fun, crazy, raunchy movie... Izit the best one so far? Nope... The first one is still the best... and Bradley Cooper looked hotter back then... Hahahahaha... dah tua liao... KK I think I wont talk much bout the movie. Nanti terlepas spoiler pulak...XD

Oh n if I had to rate it,  I'll give it a 3 stars... Go watch it people... :D

So after the movie, I planned to get a big slice of chocolate cake! But then I was too kenyang from drinking a whole cup of Coke... I usually wont finish my drink, but dunno why 1st time siot I habis kan my drink XD

I was craving for something salty, so I decided on PRETZEL!!! Konon nak yg original but then I saw the Caramel Almond flavour... CARAMEL... MANA CAN SAY NO???


After I buying pretzel, I decided to head home... And in the car, I drove and ate my pretzel at the same time while blasting Macklemore on the radio... N yes I did put my hands up like the ceiling cant hold us... XD

And just like that... I am stress free... hahahaha~ Senang saje nak release stress kan?

Hehehehe~ Klah, just a short post... Meh meh tido...


Its the end of May!

Baskin Robins 31 anybody? Hahaha~